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Human AU where English teacher Derek’s overbearing sisters make him a Tinder profile and he matches with Deputy Stiles Stilinski.

The first date is definitely as awkward as expected.

The second goes a lot better because Stiles tells Derek about his partner (he’s in the K9 unit) and Derek talks to Stiles about his favorite book (To Kill a Mockingbird which was also Stiles’ mom’s favorite)

On the third date they have to leave dinner early to go to Derek’s apartment, they don’t even make it to the bed for round one. 

The 7th date is a double date with Stiles’ best friend.  When he asks how they met they tell him it was at Starbucks because neither wants to admit they found each other on Tinder. (Years later they admit it because it’s a funny story and Scott get’s mad because he talked about their coffee shop meet-cute in his best man’s speech at the wedding).

Date 22 wasn’t really a date so much as Stiles meeting the Hale family for the first time.  After dinner they decided that Cora and Stiles’ friend Lydia can never meet or else they might take over the world.

The 29th date starts with Derek scared for his life because Stiles’ dad had his gun on the table the entire meal and ends with John and Derek making plans to go fishing.

Number 86-101 happen on an epic road trip from Beacon Hills to New York City while Derek is on summer break.  He made Stiles take a vacation because by then he’d been on the force for 5 years and only used 3 total vacation days and by then they’d been dating for 2 years, it was about time they took a trip.

On the 102 date Stiles propose in Central Park.  Derek pretended he hated how cliche it is was but Stiles knows he not so secretly loves big romantic gestures. 

After that Stiles mostly stops counting the dates, except for the big ones, like their wedding, their fifth anniversary, the day their daughter was born, the day their son was born, their tenth anniversary, and well, you get the picture

Partners of the Four-Legged Variety
By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | NC-17 | 18.000

Romance | Domestic | Fluff | Humour | Post-Hogwarts

The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.



“As soon as he reached them he dropped to his knees, getting his jeans soggy in the mud, and the puppies all lost their composure. They yipped, squirmed and leapt excitedly up into Potter’s waiting arms. His warm, full laugh echoed out into the crisp morning air. Draco opened his mouth to tell him off for not waiting for permission, but the sight of the puppies happily wiggling their way through Potter’s arms to lick any part of him they could reach made warmth spread through his stomach.”


““…and that is why, to this day, they remain the number one choice for trainable companions of wizards and witches,” Malfoy finished, sounding every bit as proud and haughty as he had at school.

Harry nodded, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that he hadn’t listened to most of what Malfoy had said”

Same Harry. When there’s a puppy, all attention goes to puppy. It’s a rule.

Okay tbh this review will only be of me screaming about how much I love puppies, but if puppies haven’t convinced you yet, you’re weird and cruel. This is an absolute masterpiece, Harry is super hot and totally got the hots for Draco and it’s super cute and fluffy. And there are puppies.

There was talk about Harry’s childhood with the Dursleys, which is always something I love, praise kink (HNG), Draco has like a million and one jumpers and Harry and Draco’s banter. Just. Love it.

Megan Leavey dir. Gabriela Cowperthwaite (2017)

The true story of Leavey, a marine corporal who as part of a K9 bomb sniffing unit was paired with an aggressive combat dog named Rex. 

After they were both wounded in a 2006 explosion, Leavey received a purple heart and was discharged after her recovery, while Rex was kept on active duty. Leavey spent the next five years fighting to adopt Rex even as he was scheduled to be put to sleep after developing a palsy. Ultimately succeeding, Leavey was able to care for Rex until his death at age 11 in 2012.

Conscripted soldier.

@theannoyingmusicfan​: Can you do one where Reid is drafted into the war and he’s unexpectedly has to make a decision where he has to choose his life or the reader life. Can he be in the k9 unit.

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“You know how sometimes you tell yourself you have a choice, but really you don’t have a choice? Just because there are alternatives doesn’t mean they apply to you.
-Rick Yancey, The 5th wave.
The choice may be significant but I promise you’ll be okay without it.”

Spencer frowned at the creased letter, shaking fingers tracing the folds of Y/N’s letter. The quote circulated in his populous mind, painting every surface as he tried to understand the meaning.

“Reid, there’s a camp nearby, take the hounds to sniff out any hidden people or destructive devices. Ackley will follow shortly.” His sergeant assigned sternly, eyes narrow but wide with dominance. Spencer evidently gulped, in attempt to keep his nerves from spilling out due to his first assignment alone.

“Yes, sir.” Spencer croaked, walking to retrieve the hounds but his legs threatened to collapse beneath him.

The dogs pulled harshly against the strong leashes, Spencer anxiously following their lead. Mud capsulated his black boots as he approached the small camp, his jaw clenched at the thick, impure, grotty scent that possessed his nose.

The trained hounds began to growl through sharp teeth as they advanced towards a large, grey, concrete building. Warily, Spencer freed the dogs from their leashes, allowing them to track whatever they may be detecting. The dogs instantly leaped into the building through the moss-covered, eroded doorway.

Spencer swiftly pulled a pistol from his figure-hugging jacket, grip firm as he extended it in front of his stern form. He attempted to keep up with the hounds as they prowled in the deep shadows of the long, damp corridors, fur stood on end. Although, the hounds raced forward, out of Spencer’s sight as they followed their instinct.

Suddenly, as the hounds turned a sharp corner, piercing yelps echoed through the empty building. Spencer’s eyes widened in fear, knuckles white as his grip tightened while he hurried to the agonising cries.

As Spencer turned around the dark corner, his eyes clenched at the bloody mess of the hounds in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he cast his worried gaze up from the dogs, met by the haunting scene.

“Y/N…” He whispered, gun falling from his bony, limp hands without thought. Y/N jolted, tightly restrained to a chair in the middle of the isolated room. She mumbled and screamed in panic against the duct tape pulling at her chapped lips. Before Spencer could conclude the reasoning for her sudden outburst, a sharp pain thrashed  against the back of his head, Y/N’s whimper’s slowly fading as the pain intensified.

“Finally, you’re awake! Doctor…Soldier? I’m not sure what to call you anymore.” A rough voice muffled, the sound filtered by a large gas mask oppressing his filthy face. As Spencer lifted his heavy eyelids, Y/N’s tear stained face looked towards him, a large man towered over her. His eyes flickered around, looking for his gun but eventually saw his bullet-proof vest discarded with it, far from arms reach. But his weakened body held him down.

“Looking for something?” The masked man chuckled, his hands placed in leather gloves, fingers dancing across Y/N’s trembling cheek.

“T-they will come and find me.” Spencer declared, encouraging himself rather than the mysterious man. In response, the man’s expression lit up in excitement, strutting towards Spencer and pulling him to his shaky feet.

“Well, we better start the game early then!” The man snickered, forcing Spencer to look him in the eyes by gripping his clenched jaw.

“Any objections and the girl dies,” he whispered before raising his voice, “Hell, depending on which way the game goes, either of you could.” Spencer glanced over at Y/N, who struggled to breathe against the punishing duct tape.

“Sh-she can’t breathe.” Spencer stuttered, concern growing as he stared at the masked man with pleading eyes. The man looked over at Y/N, fighting against her restraints. Glancing back at Spencer, a large, evil smirk breaking out beneath the mask.

“I could spare you a few last words.” The man responded, tearing the duct tape from her mouth, drawing blood from the light grazes. As soon as her mouth was free to speak, two simple words spilled from her sore lips.

“Rick…Yancey.” She whispered, causing Spencer’s eyebrows to furrow. Suddenly, a hard, metal object thrust into Spencer’s open hand.

“What?” Spencer quivered, hand shaking around the barrel.

“The game.” The man announced, a chuckle escaping from his throat.

“There are two choices, in the game. You or her.” The man informed, standing behind Spencer’s beaten body.

“W-what? What do I need to do?” Spencer stuttered, tears prickling his eyes.

“You shoot. Yourself or Y/N. You don’t choose any? I kill you both.” The masked man ordered, pulling a gun from his jacket and aiming it at Y/N.

“You shoot me? Well, lets just say that your ‘friend’ will shoot you both.” The man continued as Ackley entered the room, gun aimed at Y/N.

“A-Ackley? I-I don’t understand.” Spencer cried, his whole body trembling in fear.

“I’m the alternative, the one you’ll be okay without.” Y/N whispered to Spencer, recalling the quote in her letter. Spencer closed his eyes, sobs escaping his throat as he lifted his trembling hand.

“Spence,” Y/N began, fear flowing through her veins. His saddened eyes met her pleading ones, shaking his head slightly as he returned his gaze to the men who had murderous weapons aimed at her.

“I’m sorry.” Spencer whispered before his limp body flew to the floor, blood drenching his lifeless body.



Alternatively, Laura Barton isn’t a field agent for SHIELD.  She’s a staff veterinarian, whose main job is treating the animals in their K9 units, but occasionally, she gets some weirder cases, like that time SHIELD stopped a wildcat trafficking ring.

But then, there was this one guy. 

The first time, he showed up with a snake. 

“We had a run-in with this weird crime ring that all uses snake names for their call signs,” he explained.  “One of them was, uh, wearing a snake.  I didn’t think that was okay, so after I subdued him…okay.  Uh.  Do you know what to do with a snake?  I think, uh, I don’t know how to gender a snake, so I think they’re underfed?”

Laura put the snake in a terrarium and nursed it back to health, and was quite tickled by this person who, in the middle of a combat situation, was concerned for the health of a reptile.

The next time it was a litter of kittens he found in a burned-out building.  “I didn’t want to take them to a shelter,” Clint– his name was Clint– explained.  “I read about the kill rates, and I know these are kittens and they have a high chance of getting adopted, but…I didn’t want to risk them, so, uh…kittens?” 

He started bringing in other animals, strays he picked up in his neighborhood, an injured bird he found in a bush,  seeming somewhat lost about what to do with all the animals he found, and he’d scratch the back of his head and look very concerned as she worked, like she was treating his own child.  Every time.

And then, sometimes, they’d talk.  He told her about growing up on a farm in Iowa; she told him about growing up Jewish in the suburbs.  Sometimes he’d bring coffee with him; one time he brought a box of cookies from a bakery in Moscow.  They were delicious.  He showed up with Turkish delight, with chocolates from France, with bean cakes from Korea.  Occasionally he stopped by with treats and no animals.   

“Our support staff,” he explained sheepishly, “is criminally underappreciated.”  

Laura wondered if he brought gifts to the rest of the support staff, but she didn’t wonder out loud. 

But then one day he showed up with a dog.  A stupid, affectionate dog that had lost an eye, and she could tell he was really attached to the dog, moreso than the other animals.  

“I thought about keeping him,” Clint admitted. “But I really– I travel too much.  So if you, uh, know a good home for him…he really likes pizza.”  

He turned to go, which was something he never did, he always stayed and chatted while she inspected the animals he brought in, and that was the moment when she knew he was definitely too attached to let go of this one easily.

And maybe that she was, too.

“Clint, wait,” she said.  “I have a suggestion.” 

“Yeah?” he asked, frowning, as he turned around, slouching, hands in his pockets. 

“Why don’t we adopt him?” 

Clint squinted, rolled back on his heels. “We as in…who?” 

“You and me,” said Laura.  “We adopt him.”  

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Are there any newish fics where Harry and Draco are auror partners or at least work together on a case? Thank you! :)

“Newish” ~ last year or so? These-ish? They involve at least one being an Auror, and working together on something.

Partners of the Four-Legged Variety - carpemermaid

“Training starts in the home, Potter, so your new Crup and I will need to stay with you for a few weeks while I show you how to properly train and bond with him.”

The Auror Department is instating a K9 Crup Unit, and Harry is the first to sign up. Turns out the professional trainer is Draco Malfoy, and he has to live with Harry as part of the Crup training programme.

Slithering - astolat

Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

Higher and Higher (Temptation) - birdsofshore

Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint… and Draco’s no saint.

He’s got fire for a heart, and I’m scared of burning - Samcgrath

Harry returns to England to help solve a particularly tricky case but nobody bothered to mention that he’d be working with Malfoy, who seems just as happy about it as Harry. In his absence, the wizarding world has changed in ways Harry’s having some trouble adjusting to while Malfoy struts around in his elegant robes and effortlessly charms everyone he lays eyes on. Months of grappling with his own feelings, trying to understand Draco’s, pining day in and day out - it can get a little tiring especially when Draco Malfoy is as infuriating as ever.


Prompt: Hey! Hey! Hey!~ may I request a minho/newt x reader policeAU and reader works in the K9 unit, her partner is a german shepherd named after either of them (choose?) thank you!~
Warnings: None
Note: Argh, I’m so sorry for taking ages, I was working on my Wattpad story and completely forgot! Also, I was a little confused by the request, but here it is anyway, and I hope you like it!


You sighed and opened the door to your office, closing it behind you and going to sit in your chair. Trouble was, someone was already sitting in it. Your flask of coffee slipped out of your fingers in surprise, but you made no move to pick it up.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, trying to supress your shock. Minho looked up at you, a grin on his face. “I’ve been asked to work on a case with you - we’re due at the crime scene.”

He stood up and briefly embraced you. “It’s good to see you, Y/N. I know it’s been a while.” You still didn’t understand. “But - but you were transferred. Why are you here?” You asked.

Minho shrugged. “It was only a temporary change. I was always going to come back. Now, get your doggie and let’s go.”

You promised to meet him by the car and went to pick up your German Shepherd, Minho. “Damn.” You muttered. You had named your dog after your closest friend when he had been transferred. That was going to go down well.


“That it one cute dog.” Minho complimented as you walked out of the building, dog Minho following closely. You nodded. “Yeah, he’s a lovely boy.” Minho knelt down and patted his namesake on the head. “What’s his name?”

You avoided his eyes. “Minho.” You answered, and the man looked up at you. “Seriously? You named him after me?” You scoffed. “Of course not, Minho is an extremely common name.”

Minho didn’t even hesitate. “Name one person other than me who is called Minho.” You didn’t have a good reply, and instead walked over to the car and unlocked it. “Come on, Minho.” You said, but although your dog bounded into the car, your friend only smiled. “Which one? Him or me?” Again, you ignored him, but eventually he moved over to you.

“It’s cute, don’t worry about it. I can see you’ve got a better partner than me already.”


The Twitter 60 minute One Draw for Akashi had the prompts “Police officer” and “Lick lips” and I can’t think of anything better than police office Akashi with K9 unit and just dogs licking his face… 

I’m not active in Twitter so I’m just gonna upload it here. Please give me Akashi with pets.

I want dogs to show Akashi unsolicited love while Akashi’s thinking “why does no one listen to me” when he tries to train them or when he saves one and he goes “no need to thank me” but the dog just glomps him…

I keep imagining what roles otherkin might play in society if we could really physically shift into our other selves.

I think the best one I’ve come up with is a pack of wolf/dog therians forming a K9 unit, tracking down a criminal, then changing back to human to arrest the criminal. That would be awesome to watch.

Somebody write this please?