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Spent several weeks on this one. I’m not typically one for a lot of details, but that’s how it unfolded. It started off on the thought: How does the Doctor deal with self-image? I wonder what goes through the Doctor’s mind when he/she sees a reflection. It can’t be the same psychological experience of self-awareness that humans feel when they see their reflection. Does (s)he recognize past selves in the same way I always see my 10 year old self in the mirror, even though I am clearly much older and rough around the edges?

These are rhetorical of course. I’m not looking for debate. It’s just a thought that started this digital painting.


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Eleven)

Excerpt from the commentary with David Tennant and Julie Gardner

[ discussing various scenes that were cut from the episode ]
David: There was a lot of ‘us getting there’, wasn’t there?

Julie: Yes

David: Us arriving outside the building and Catherine having a wee cry about it - all that was cut.

Julie: Yeah, and there was a lot of you getting out of there later to H.C.Clemons. Remember you were in a smart car?

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  

Julie:  Which got cut.  Well, actually got re-shot then cut.  

David: [Laughs] Yeah!  We’ll come to that bit in a minute, I guess, but that also featured the appearance of my mother and father, my sister-in-law, and my two nieces.

Julie: Who were marvelous.

David: Who were marvelous. They were visiting the set and got strong-armed into being supporting artists.

Julie: …and then got cut

David: Extra supporting artists.  As a union man I’d like to point out that we did not infringe on our supporting artist budget by using them.

Julie: Quite right!

David: They were purely additional to requirements.  They were hiding in the back of shot but now that’s got cut too.

[ later during the scene that was ultimately cut down ]
Julie: Have you broken the news to your parents that they’re not going to make it into Christmas?

David: Yes, they do know they’re not going to be on on Christmas day. The two that I’m a bit more worried about are Maisie and Hannah, my nieces

Julie: How old?

David: Eight and five

Julie: Oh gosh. Who’s going to tell them?

David: Well…

Julie: Are you going to make me phone them up?

David: Yeah, I think you should. As executive producer of Doctor Who, I think, really, it’s your responsibility.  Who cut it?  Who decided to cut it?

Julie: It was a collective decision.  We all stand as one for the blame.  Russell, Phil, and I.

David: Well you can collectively phone, and mop up the children’s tears.  They’ve told all their friends at school.

Julie: Oh no

David: I don’t know.  They need to be bought off with Cyberman heads and remote controlled K-9s.

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