Q&A: Sony Ericsson K850i?

by John.Karakatsanis

Question by Desi_Godfather: Sony Ericsson K850i?
Does the new Sony Ericsson K850i accept Sand disc Memory Sticks?

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Answer by Big T
The Sony Ericsson K850 is a forthcoming mobile phone, expected to be released in October 2007. It was announced in June 2007 as the flagship product in Sony Ericsson’s K (“Kamera”) series, with a 5 megapixel camera sensor. The K850…

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SM North Edsa - The Annex 2008-12-20

The Annex is open! (well, sort of.) The building itself is open, but its sparsely occupied. Better to see the design of the place though, I think. Over all, pretty nice. Methinks the newer SMs have been coming out better and better, starting with MOA and the block, to SM Marikina, and now the Annex.

What does the place have?
- Accessible parking on all levels,
- Lots of floors to shop (when the shops do start getting occupied)
- A cdrking all to itself in its extension of the cyberzone
- WHITE HAT FRO YO. (NB: Cheescake is the best topping on yogurt - ever)
- A commanding view of the North-Edsa-West Intersection

For now atleast, the corridors are clean and spacious, the atmosphere feels intimate, and the structure really lends itself to be photographed (even by camera phones.) Personally, me likey.

(shots taken with k850i)
2008-12-29 Arki Holidinner @ Northpark / The Coffee Bean, Trinoma

Its sad that a lot of people couldn’t make it, being abroad, or sick, or out of town and all.

Notes from the night -
* Rias new hair, and mystery possible new boyfriend na si eNJ din lang pala.
* Julie’s new guylet Gian swinging by
* Den’s nice long lashes
* Loz’s cookies
* Jik’s emo-hair
*and Jas, kahit wala ka dito, mataba ka parin.

20090411 - Bonifacio High Street - Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross

Part 1 of T-day
Presented by Church Simplified, Walkway presented the Stations of the Cross in an interactive, interesting and involving way.
In retrospect, I really should have brought a camera, and not just have relied on the k850i.
Its a really a shame if you missed this, going out of town during the holy week.