AKG K81DJ Review

So I have had these for a while now … I know enough about them to give a nice review.

Rating: 8.5/10


Cost effective

Great isolation

Excellent hz response

Quality construction



Not easy to stash away (over the ear design problem with all in my opinion)


So these are fantastic headphones. I picked up a pair for $65 … you can expect to pay around $80 for them off sale. These headphones pack a punch in and out of the studio. I have had many moments listening to old favorites and thinking “Wow, never heard that before.” The driver on these things pumps everything from 16-24khz, so expect to hear some things you’ve never heard. I will say that this becomes a problem in the studio. I have mastered tracks to these headphones that sound flat and sparse when played on monitors … the hz response can trick you into a lot of bad EQ and composition choices. Not that you should be putting a final mastering on a song while under headphones anyway. Casual listeners and pros alike can get behind these. They perform in the club, on the sidewalk, and in the studio. Fantastic construction means no bleeding on the subway. Grab a pair already!