The opening skit from the Christmas Eve K5th performance in 2009, created by Meetan.

Pretty much what you’ll see in this vid is the reason why Team K is awesome, they have a variety of talented girls. 

You have Yuttan the Utahime sing a bit of RIVER with a little twist in the lyrics, Umechan and Natsumi the dancers dance the running man, Yuko the all round entertainer do one of her hilarious weird faces, Mocchi demonstrating her favorite wrestler’s signature move, a little manzai with the comedy queen duo Nachinon, Tomomi blowing the audience away with her cutesy character, and a surprise guest in the form of Meetan’s manager Kin-san dressed as Santa Claus.

Yep. This team is just awesome.


AKB48 K5th Stage Revival 2011 - Opening Skit

Trip down memory lane. As most Team K fans know already, back when Team K did their 5th stage, they always start the stage with a skit that’s different for each day. The skits have the girls act as classmates at school setting.

Like they’ve done in the past, they start this 5th Stage revival with a skit once again. The plot is that all the girls have gathered for a class reunion taking place about 7 or so years after their graduation.

All of them talk about what each girl has been doing since they ‘graduated’ (I love the fact that they even took time to talk about members that have already graduated from AKB):

(I’m not 100% accurate in Japanese, so forgive me if I make mistakes here and there!)

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I was watching some K5th skits again and this Sae x Asuka drama is just so good lol. Briefly for those who might not know about it:

Asuka heard a rumour about Sae being pregnant and she asked Yuka + couple of other girls if it was true. The girls laughed “Sae?! It can’t be!” Then Asuka: “Yeah, there’s no way Sae would do such a thing with a guy!” (Followed by lot of laughter from the audience lol.) Actually, Asuka likes Sae and Yuka reveals that they were seen kissing at the school. Then Sae appears and says it’s true; both the pregnancy and the kiss. Asuka asks if Sae likes the guy and Sae apologizes, but gets slapped (and it’s a REAL slap!). Later it’s found out that the person who’s pregnant is actually Yuko and Sae was just pretending so that the attention wouldn’t gather on her friend.

Asuka gets a call from her ex-girlfriend Moeno (lol) and tells her to stop calling ‘cos she has a new person she likes now. Just then Sae appears and says she wanna break up because “I don’t have the qualification to love you.” Asuka says love doesn’t have "qualifications”, and for her it’s enough that she likes Sae and Sae likes her back. But Sae’s feeling confused… and then Asuka tells Sae to think of things more simply and kisses her fufufu~ Sae: “This is simple?” Asuka: “Well, I don’t think it’s difficult.”