powderseal  asked:

my current wish for season 3 is for oliver to find out from one of the k5 about how connor was so obsessed with him after they broke up, moping and stalking oliver online and stuff. getting drunk and talking about oliver all night at that bar!! that kind of stuff. or possibly for one of them to mention to oliver that connor talks to them about how much he needs and cares for oliver. but also if you wanted to write about that, i'd die a little. <3

“He was not!” Oliver said. 

“Oh my god! He totally was!” From across the table, Asher leaned in. “Olls, dude was mad obsessed with you post-breakup. Ask anyone. Couldn’t get over it.” 

Picking up his beer bottle, Oliver pointed the neck at Asher. “You’re lying.” 

“Scout’s honor.” Asher held up a hand. “Total truth. He moped for weeks.” 

“Connor moped?” Oliver asked, eyebrow raised. “My Connor.” 

Asher nodded. “He did. He totally did.” 

As he lifted the bottle to his lips, Oliver eyed Asher. “Bullshit,” he muttered, taking a swig. 

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Piano Piano por Jonas Ginter
Por Flickr:
Marodes Klavier more: www.jonasginter.de/urbex-piano-marodes-klavier/








◤ ✕ ° ›› Under the cut are #112 gif icons of SOFIA CARSON in the style K5. Requested by me. Not all of the gifs were made by me so the credit goes to the original creators, but I did resize and edit them. If any of the gifs used belong to you, let me know and I’ll take it down !! If you plan on using these, give it a like or reblog !! ( gif hunts used: x, x )

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derfallschirmjaeger  asked:

Were railway guns really ever that useful? I mean no doubt they are amazing and will strike the fear of God into the opposing side.

Their usefulness came mostly during WWI, when the stalemate of the Western Front coupled with the infancy of early aviation mean they were impervious to everything and could fire at their heart’s content.

In WWII they quickly fell out of favor, as the rise of aviation meant they were a sitting duck for any pilot; however, this didn’t mean they became completely useless, as the german K5 series proved when they shelled the allied beachheads in Italy with total impunity for a few weeks, in one instance managing to blow to kingdom come an allied ammo depot.