Joseph Gilgun :: Respect +1

I just watched the last 5 minutes of Misfits, season 4 episode 4, again for probably the 10th time. I have to say, as much as Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) has entertained me in the past, I found a new respect for him as his typically crude and shallow character finds depth and sincerity, even while joking in the face of dispair.

I’m sad to see the last of the original characters move on, but I’m glad to see some new facets to the new faces.

The Mind of a Pirate

Last week in our Pathfinder game, we rescued two members of our pirate crew who had been captured and tortured.

Cog had both of his legs torn apart and Jape had his tongue cut out.

Once we were safely away, we used magic to heal them both. Cog’s legs were restored completely, but Jape’s tongue was lost.

It was only logical, then, that we give Jape the nickname of “Peg-leg” Jape. He didn’t have any peg legs, but he also couldn’t argue.