Iruka's Top 30 Favorite Moments from LoK Book 2 Masterpost

After working on this for something like half a year–from shortly after the Book 2 finale until early yesterday–I feel like celebrating its completion with a masterpost. (Hey, at least I’ve finished this one before the beginning of Book 3! ^_^)

If you’d prefer something equally enthusiastic but less wordy (…a lot less wordy, now that I look at it again ^^;;), try my Top 20 Favorite Moments from LoK Book 1.

#30: Mako and the Triple Threats (K206, “The Sting”)

#29: Korra’s Recap (K209, “The Guide”)

#28: Saving Unalaq (K203, “Civil Wars, Part 1”)

#27: Wan Steals Fire (K207, “Beginnings, Part 1”)

#26: Breaking the Blockade (K204, “Civil Wars, Part 2”)

#25: Spirits vs. Humans (K208, “Beginnings, Part 2”)

#24: Speedboat Chase (K206, “The Sting”)

#23: “Nuktuk” Finale (K211, “Night of a Thousand Stars”)

#22: Battling the Dark Spirit (K201, “Rebel Spirit”)

#21: At the Library (K210, “A New Spiritual Age”)

#20: Bumi vs. the Northern Army (K212, “Harmonic Convergence”)

#19: “Idea Storm!” (K205, “Peacekeepers”)

#18: Opening the Southern Portal (K202, “The Southern Lights”)

#17: The Trial (K204, “Civil Wars, Part 2”)

#16: “We Tried” (K212, “Harmonic Convergence”)

#15: “Of Course I Still Need You!” (K203, “Civil Wars, Part 1”)

#14: Amnesiac Avatar (K206, “The Sting”/K207, “Beginnings, Part 1”/K208, “Beginnings, Part 2”)

#13: Iroh’s Tea Party (K210, “A New Spiritual Age”)

#12: Protecting Korra (K214, “Light in the Dark”)

#11: Asami Sato—Sky Warrior!  (K212, “Harmonic Convergence”)

#10: “We Will Never Give Up” (K208, “Beginnings, Part 2”)

#9: The Fog of Lost Souls (K213, “Darkness Falls”)

#8: Korra vs. Vaatu (K213, “Darkness Falls”)

#7: Opening the Northern Portal (K210, “A New Spiritual Age”)

#6: The Tree of Time (K214, “Light in the Dark”)

#5: Bonded Forever (K208, “Beginnings, Part 2”)

#4: The Last Avatar (K213, “Darkness Falls”)

#3: Duel of the Avatars (K213, “Darkness Falls”)

#2: Re-Bonding with Raava (K214, “Light in the Dark”)

#1: Cosmic Korra (K214, “Light in the Dark”)