k2 snow

The Second Mission: Cold and Codependent by angel_deux

Everyone thinks the Rogue One crew is codependent, and it’s starting to bother Jyn, especially since she thinks they might be right. Leia sending them to freeze on Hoth as a trial run for a more permanent base isn’t helping.

This is part four of the amazing series Won’t You Let Us Wander, which you should totally read from the start! (Here’s a link to this part of the story as well.)


“I’ll protect you from now on. I’ll make it so that nobody will ever be able to touch you again.”


I simply can’t get enough of this AFTERGLOW Lightsuit segment! This is amazing! Watch the entire video here: https://vimeo.com/108679594 

Skiers: Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, Daron Rahlves, and Chris Benchetler.