k2 design

“Well, hello,” Kenny said, winking. “You come here often?”

Kyle frowned. “To…my locker?”

“Yeah,” Kenny said, waggling his eyebrows. “‘Cause if you hang out more in another hallway, I gotta change my route.”

Kyle blinked. “…What?”

I just finished reading @ikiiceland‘s fic, Gold Digger and i decided to sketch up a little bit of what i think kenny and kyle look like

this is one of the best fics i have read in a really long time, its so cute and charming and you should really read it ♥ ♥ ♥


♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <



Saw this Bushmaster AR-10 build on auction and the thumbnail made it look somewhat mundane, but a closer look has some odd choices. The biggest glaring issue is that the seller mentions it has a custom rear monopod mount  for the “U.S Scope Monopod”. That’s actually a CAA Folding Vertical Grip, which the seller thinks makes for a stable monopod. The use of a Magpul K2 grip, which is designed for shorter lengths of pull, is another strange choice for this .308 set-up with a long range scope and RMR. (GRH)


With Ruthie Ann Miles’ win at the Tonys, a grand total of SIX Asian people have won a Tony Award.

  • Willa Kim, 1981 and 1991, Best Costume Design (Sophisticated Ladies and The Will Rogers Follies)
  • Ming Cho Lee, 1983, Best Scenic Design (K2)
  • David Henry Hwang, 1988, Best Play (M. Butterfly) [I couldn’t find a picture of him with his award, I’m sorry DHH, you’re still bae]
  • B.D. Wong, 1988, Best Featured Actor in a Play (M. Butterfly
  • Lea Salonga, 1991, Best Leading Actress in a Musical (Miss Saigon)
  • Ruthie Ann Miles, 2015, Best Featured Actress in a Musical (The King and I)