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♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <

“Well, hello,” Kenny said, winking. “You come here often?”

Kyle frowned. “To…my locker?”

“Yeah,” Kenny said, waggling his eyebrows. “‘Cause if you hang out more in another hallway, I gotta change my route.”

Kyle blinked. “…What?”

I just finished reading @ikiiceland‘s fic, Gold Digger and i decided to sketch up a little bit of what i think kenny and kyle look like

this is one of the best fics i have read in a really long time, its so cute and charming and you should really read it ♥ ♥ ♥

Rest in peace, Giles Gilbert Scott.  An architect from a family a architects, Sir Giles was particularly known for his blending of functionality with enduring design–case in point, the red telephone booth (introduced in 1924), one of the most British icons on the planet.  After a successful career designing or improving buildings up and down the British Isles, Scott died on this date in 1960 at the age of 79.

Stamp details:
Issued on: January 13, 2009
From: London, England
MC #2698


With Ruthie Ann Miles’ win at the Tonys, a grand total of SIX Asian people have won a Tony Award.

  • Willa Kim, 1981 and 1991, Best Costume Design (Sophisticated Ladies and The Will Rogers Follies)
  • Ming Cho Lee, 1983, Best Scenic Design (K2)
  • David Henry Hwang, 1988, Best Play (M. Butterfly) [I couldn’t find a picture of him with his award, I’m sorry DHH, you’re still bae]
  • B.D. Wong, 1988, Best Featured Actor in a Play (M. Butterfly
  • Lea Salonga, 1991, Best Leading Actress in a Musical (Miss Saigon)
  • Ruthie Ann Miles, 2015, Best Featured Actress in a Musical (The King and I)