kadın, adamın ardından göz yaşı dökmedi. adam anlam veremedi ve dayanamayıp sordu,

“Neden ağlamadın hiç?” kadın histerik bir gülümsemeyle ona baktı,

“Yaşamayan biri nasıl ağlar?”


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Inspiration can be found anywhere and K1K Shorty, a women’s streetwear brand takes its inspiration from the basketball court. The line takes its inspiration from other places, such as dancing and the hip hop lifestyle. Its colorful, edgy, sporty and still feminine enough to be considered sexy. 

Incorporating function and fashion, the garments are easy to move in, comfortable, and feature pop colors and unique design. You can check out K1K Shorty’s Spring/Summer lookbook and corresponding video below. You can order clothes online through their website.

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