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Kiibo: Ah! Saihara! I’ve finally found you!
Saihara: A-Ah! Hello Kiibo..

Kiibo: Ah my apologies for frightening you I am just very excited to show you what I found!
Saihara: It’s alright.. But, what did you find?..

Kiibo: It’s something that Ouma told me about!
Saihara: Then are you sure about this? Last time you did something that ouma told you about–
Kiibo: Yes! Absolutely!
Saihara: Alright..

Kiibo: I did my own research on it this time and it seemed completely fine!
Saihara: Alright..
Saihara, thinking: I guess I should trust him with this..

Kiibo: Okay! Here I go!

Kiibo: How was that Saihara–
Saihara: I have to go speak to ouma.

Danganronpa V3 Plot twist

Everyone is in Ouma’s organization but they Don’t know it/they forgot it.

anonymous asked:

Ohh that's cool! In general what were they saying? Or what comments stood out for you? It's nice to see that the jp fanbase seem to really like it!

about K1-B0′s new name…? nothing seem to stand out that much but hmm.. oh yea they seem to like the Chinese version too (Keebo’s Chinese version name is 機望, pretty cool). bunch of ppl think the Japanese name is the least ‘cool’ out of the three. 

K1-B0 → very robot-y and cool. numbers being 1 and 0…..hnnnngggg 
機望 → pretty clever way to translate. 機is pronounced ji1 in Chinese but in Japanese we pronounce it Ki. and the character literally means ‘machine’. (second one 望 is the second half of 希望(hope) and by itself it means ‘to desire/want/wish for’, ‘to look afar’)

I’m just curious how NIS America plans to translate キー坊(pronounced ki-bou), a nickname Ouma made for K1-B0(he and only he calls him that hngggggggg Kiibouma!!!) 坊 means ‘little boy’ in modern language…so maybe like Ki-boi? Ki-boy? Ki-bou?