okay i really REALLY REALLY need a plot where a drug dealer and a stripper fall in “love”. like they’ll a be bad ass couple and always have sex and get high and do everything that’s illegal.  but also angsty bc they’re both alphas and it’s all very complicated as fuck bc they don’t wanna talk about feelings but they have to. and he’ll get jealous at times bc she’s stripping for other men so as soon as she’s done with her show he’ll fuck her somewhere in the back and makes her scream she’s his. and he’ll be on the streets all night to sell his drugs and she’ll be like where the fuck have you been, your not seeing other girls right? so basically just very toxic and smutty and much more omg plsss!

voice // eisuke x mc

“Hmm~” Mc’s hums filled throughout the kitchen. She appeared to be humming a song unfamiliar to him. While he has done research on singing groups for profit before, he wasn’t that familiar with newer songs. Not that mattered to him, however. What he cared about most was hearing her and only her.

While she wasn’t particularly loud, there wasn’t anything else that was loud in the room. There were the occasional sounds of the pan, the spoon hitting the bowl as she mixed, and her placing plates down, her voice was most the most dominant out of all them.

Eisuke may have been in the same room as her, but he had no intentions of speaking. All he wanted to do was listen to the sweet sound of her voice. It was surprisingly pleasant for him, being able to just sit there and watch her. Everyone knew he loved the sound of his own voice, so to anyone else, this must’ve seemed unreal.

“Eisuke~” Mc called out, glancing back. “Is there anything you want on your pancakes specifically? Or should I just go with syrup?”

“I want fruit and whipped cream.” Eisuke responded quickly, confident in his answer. Mc let out a small giggle in response to his choice, quickly going back to her cooking.

Eisuke went back to gazing at her. He couldn’t help but wonder how a few sounds could make him this happy. Had her voice always made him feel this way? Eisuke couldn’t help but react to every little thing she would say.

Though, if he had to pick a favorite, he especially enjoyed it when she called out his name. Something about it made him feel safe, at home.

“Here, Eisuke.” Mc walked over to where Eisuke was sitting, bringing their plates . She quickly put hers over to her side before walking over to Eisuke.
As Mc put down his plate in front of him, Eisuke pressed a quick kiss against her cheek.

“Eisuke?” Mc smiled happily, a faint blush forming on her cheeks.
Mhm. It was definitely his favorite.