D A V I D  W Y M A C K .

“‘I can take care of myself,’ Neil said.
Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore. It’s your job to play, and mine and Abby’s to look after you. Get your priorities straight.’”

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B (Body part)- When asked, Ushijima wouldn’t exactly give you a direct response. He’s fond of his entire body, he has every reason to be, and asking him to pick out a specific part he liked most would be confusing to him. He’d call it out as teaching insecurity, and tell whomever had asked to stop pondering such ridiculous things. He likes all of him, and same goes for his s/o. He just likes… them. He thinks it would be confusing to have a favorite physical attribute, since he’s with them for all of them, not just their arms or butt. Although, if he’s being fairly honest, he does have a soft spot for his s/o’s neck and collarbones.

C (Cum)- When he’s having sex, he’s almost always last to finish. His s/o finds him very hard to please, and since he refuses to submit no matter what, his s/o is thrown into the role of being a brutal power bottom. When he does cum, though, it’s incredible. He shoots a lot, a lot more than average, and will sum everywhere. Personally, he has a thing for creampies, cumming anywhere else is too much of a mess. Although, if him and his s/o are in the shower or plan to shower later on, he doesn’t mind cumming all over their face and chest.

D (Dirty secret)- Although it isn’t as much of a secret as it is a regret, before Ushijima and his current s/o were dating, they exchanged nudes a lot. He kept them in a private folder on his phone and valued her respect and privacy above all else, although he still couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a douchebag.

K (Kink)- He definitely has a thing for domination. Although it may not be full blown BDSM, Ushijima likes to tie his s/o up, deny them of orgasms until they’re crying, and is totally a spanker. Although, Ushijima underestimates his own strength sometimes and accidentally smacks his s/o so hard they’re bleeding. He feels terrible about it, but his s/o reassures him it’s all apart of the kink. He still can’t help but feel a bit bad though, curse his Ace arms.

V (Volume)- Sometimes, his s/o isn’t even sure he’s alive up there. He’s dead silent, and it often leads to a bit of uneasiness on his s/o’s side. They’re not sure they’re doing well enough, or pleasuring him at all, until he reaches his climax. It isn’t then until he’s vocal, groaning his s/o’s name through raspy pants until it’s all over.

W (Wild Card)- (((This isn’t sexual at all but I feel like it’s a headcanon I need to get out there))) Ushijima’s got tons of stretch marks and scars all over. He grew way too fast in his first year of highschool and built up so much muscle in the span of two years his body couldn’t quite catch up. All down his thighs and abdomen he has them, and sometimes, just a little bit, they make him feel a bit insecure, but not enough that it’s serious. On top of that, he has a bunch of scratches and bumps that refuse to heal. When he was a child he fell trying to receive a ball, which left him skidding across the gravel. His entire back is still scarred up with white streaks, and those were only the first he’s ever received. He’s not as uneasy about the scars as he is about the stretch marks, since scars show strength and like hell Ushijima wants the world to know he’s anything but a warrior.

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hiii bruhhh the mafia au is utterly amazing and i just. victor. v i c t o r. we k n o w how whipped you are you're sO obvious omgg. aaaaanyways i just wanted to ask how long the au was? idk if you've said it before but i'm just asking again haha sorry to be a bother,, and not to rush you but do you have an update schedule? bc i don't go on tumblr regularly these days but i don't want to miss your next update hehehh,, so yaaaa keep being amazing love ya x

Thanks very much!! ouo
Makes me super happy that you like the Mafia AU ;w;
and yeah, he’s totally whipped, Yuri has him under his little finger XP
Not that Victor minds at all ^^
Oh, and I have an ending and several events in mind, but, I am unsure of exactly how long it is :D
Definitely going to be quite a few months until I’m finished though?
And, sorry, due to school and work I don’t have a set update schedule, I just get it done when I find the time ^^;;

Shadowhunters Cooking Show Au

Co-created with @deliriumkitsune (peep the crossover, blink and you’ll miss it.)

Based on this video.

  • Valentine is the mean judge. Not even critical, just mean read: tramatizing.
  • Luke is the nice judge, and will try to make the contestants feel as comfortable as possible.
  • “This dish is absolutely fucking horrendous, which piece of shit made this hellhole?”
  • “Don’t listen to him, I happen to think the, er, texture is not that mushy, so 8/10 :)”
  • Yes he somehow conveys smilies in his speech sorry I don’t make the rules.
  • Jocelyn was the neutral judge but she just kinda disappeared one day and nobody knows where she went
  • Legend says, the person who makes the worst dish that season will face her wrath, whatever that is
  • However, Jocelyn who? Lydia is in town now motherfuckers
  • She is the most honest out of them all, and tells it how it is, however she also writes 15 page essays on why you should have used x spice instead of y spice
  • “You know, the texture is a bit mushy, but the flavor of the sauce is to die for. It’s so succulent and rich, I can tell it has a savory taste, did you use oyster sauce” five years later, “and thats why using basil was such a smart choice.”
  • The fourth panel is for guest specialty judges, Like Raphael and Meliorn.
  • Raphael doesn’t say anything, he just tells them his score, which is probably a .00000283748384/10
  • He’s fucking scary. End of story.
  • Meliorn on the other hand is a bit brutally honest, but not purposely mean.
  • “I can’t lie to you, honestly this is one of the driest steaks I’ve ever had in my life. However, these potatoes are actually good, wow, color me surprised.”
  • Sometimes the judges argue about who has the best dish
  • When that happens the show reverses, and the judges compete against each other with the contestants being their judges
  • Whoever wins holds the overall judgement.

    Now what we have all been waiting for: THE CONTESTANTS

  • Clary cries

    A lot.

    Honestly she came on this show to have fun but keeps getting attacked by this Valentine guy?!?!

    “Who is this guy and why does he hate me,” she probably says while sobbing

  • It’s okay though because Luke has got her back.
  • She is actually a decent cook, and specializes in mac and cheese, who knew?
  • “…the special ingredient was lobster, and you made lobster mac and cheese?”

    “Yes, is that a problem?”

    “No.. we were just expecting a little more pizazz.”

    “You don’t know pizazz until you taste the oven baked goodness of five cheeses mixed beautifully with the smooth elbow pasta, and soft, juicy lobster.” She says with passion, fire burning in her eyes, and her fist clenched at her chest.

  • Clary accidentally gave Valentine food poisoning, but when they cut the camera to her in a one-on-one shot all you could see was the chair and wall, and hysterical laughter in the background, and the occasional foot coming from the bottom of the screen.
  • Alec rolls his eyes anytime she speaks, and this time he rolled them so hard that his eyes almost got stuck.
  • That’s not the only thing he rolls, surprise, it seems that Alec loves baking after all.
  • But he’s still not your bitch.
  • He makes cinnamon rolls because he says they remind him of his boyfriend.

    Actually no, of you said that he’d make cutthroat kitchen a reality, but we all know it’s true.

  • “Why is the little girl touching my cinnamon ?”

    “Alec, bro chill, the ingredients are for everyone.”

    *Alec looks into the camera like the office*

  • Speaking of Jace, the shows eye candy
  • He takes any and all opportunities to flirt with the entire cast.
  • Even that one camera guy Raj, the fans think he’s talking to them, but no.
  • “Hey Raj ;)))” “Wow Clary, you’re hair looks as amazing as this carrot.” “Simon, is it hot in this kitchen or is it just you?” “Magnus, you’re like a full on meal today wow.”
  • Jace no, you’re embarrassing yourself. Not to mention every flirt has to be a pun.
  • He?? Put?? A?? Egg?? In?? The?? Microwave??
  • “At least I won’t be in last place.”
  • Yeah, no, that spot is saved for Isabelle.
  • S H E W R E A K S H A V O C
  • when she walks in the kitchen they all walk out.
  • “Ohh, uhh, spaghetti with vanilla pudding, lemon, and alfredo sauce. Creative.”- Luke smiles painfully, in between bites with his thumb up.
  • “I made it in honor of my mom, seemingly sweet, but bitter on the inside.”
  • She gossips about everything and knows everyone’s secrets.
  • The only reason she is still here is because of Luke and Lydia, who are two of the only three who will eat her food.
  • Speaking of the third lets meet Simon.
  • Vegan everything, if you hate tofu, you’d love it after eating his food.
  • “I get my inspiration from nerdy nummies, she has taught me everything in life.”- You heard it yourself, everything he makes is some nerd shit.
  • “You recreated the Millennium Falcon out of s'mores??” A very shocked Raphael utters his first words.

    “Ummm it’s not food if you can’t play with it.” He says while looking at Alec’s uniform plate.

    “Alexander’s plate is just fine,”

  • Magnus is a food god.
  • It’s like he uses magic or something ;)))
  • He once made Valentine cry.
  • His dishes are top A++, he had Lydia writing up 50,000 page essays on them
  • He is also really nice to the other contestants, giving them advice and tips.
  • He especially likes helping his biscuits Clary and Simon bc he just can’t help it okay, they are his mini apprentices.
  • He is not allowed to go near Alec for the fear of a monopoly forming.
  • One day an episode got cancelled because Magnus’ cats started to burst in and eat at the dishes
  • The whole room was full of his 16 cats and the judges fell out of their seats and the contestants are trying to shoo them off their food BUT GET THIS they don’t touch Magnus’ food he basically called them to sabotage the contest

    And get this

  • They constantly start food fights with each other, and flour, rice, and other crap gets ALL over the place.
  • Once, Izzy messed up so badly, but nobody wanted her to leave so they all jacked up their dishes and tied for last place
  • The show runners were forced to make the show a team v team v team and had to get more teams of people last minute.
  • Their captain’s name was peter, or percan, or whatever. He loved cooking fish.
  • Then another team lead by a woman who is strangely good at cooking and likes drawing with sauce
  • Well her team wins and surprise it was Madzie in a glamour all along
  • Glamours were banned from that point on.
  • But Magnus and Alec were both proud and taken by surprise that their kid beat them

    Wow this was really long my sleep deprived brain went on overload, please feel free to add on to this