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hi hello! do you know any fics where one of them has any kind of trauma/phobia? thank you!

i’ll be dividing this into two then ^^



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Stages of My Sexuality

1. Girls are pretty. But that’s just an observation. That’s me stating a fact. Totally platonic.

2. Okay so maybe I have a girl crush. No biggie, every straight girl gets them from time to time. It’s appreciation of beauty… Right??

3. Guys and girls. I like guys AND girls. Romantically. Sexually. But it’s a phase.

4. Abort! Abort! It is not a phase. This girl right here is bisexual. As hell. But bisexuality is really close to straight.

5. So I suppose I’m like asexual when it comes to guys. I want to kiss PEOPLE and I guess a relationship with a guy wouldn’t be the worst. S-E-X however, well, that only really appeals to me with females. Biromantic Homosexual seems like a good enough label. Still just bi though.

6. Gay is me; I is the gay.