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The grand piano has stood in the corner of their salon next to the large windows for as long as Eren can remember. His mother had often played for him when he’d been younger, and on a few occasions had even allowed Eren to run his fingers over the keys as he sat on her lap. The ebony ones had produced more discordant sounds which he’d been particularly fond of, slamming his hands down on them with much more force than necessary and creating a cacophony that in no way resembled his mother’s beautiful playing.

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RMW Day 2 - The Gift

SummaryMikasa will always remember that day as a reminder of how much Levi loved her. The rest of the squad will always remember it as the reason why they hate Levi so much.

Rating: K+ to T, probably

Notes: Rushed to keep up with the schedule so probably typos galore. I am now officially only one day late. Aw crap, past 12 already? Fine, two days late. Enjoy reading! I’ll go collapse on my bed now. VIVA RIVAMIKA!

“It’s just one month, at the most. That’s what Kirstein said during the meeting,” he reasons while distractedly packing an impossible number of clean shirts and cravats, with some personal hygiene kits on the side.

“But I don’t want you gone for a month,” she argues, standing there with her arms folded underneath her breasts and above an already noticeable bump in her midsection.

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