“Peygamberlerin gönderilmesi, kitapların indirilmesi ve dinin emrettiği yükümlülüklerden maksat, kötülüğü emreden nefsin yönelişlerini ortadan kaldırmaktır. Nefsin arzularını kırmak da dinin hükümlerini yerine getirmeye bağlıdır.”

Mektubât-ı Rabbânî

“Nurse” - Paul Nickerson 

It was a game we all played as a child
Then some of us made it a dream worthwhile
More to learn, not as much time to share
Because in our hearts we really cared
We have worked the late night hours
While others slept away
Handles a doctor’s many moods
Then found time to pray
Critical moments that remain as memories
Some sad - then some are good
Then there are the tragedies
That will never be understood
We see a newborn baby smile
As we watch another slip away
And that completes the circle
The price for life’s that paid
Sometimes not appreciated
When just a hug will do
We are proud of our profession
A gift from me to you 


I need to stop looking for proof that you love me.

I need to stop comparing myself to galaxies,

because I will never be so out of reach.

Even if the wind catches me, I’ll never fly so high,

that you couldn’t pull me down.


I was made to love you;

Your crooked teeth and hollow chest,

the sharp words that stab me when said aloud.


I need to stop melting when I hear your sound.

I need to stop saying your name,

because it knocks me into the ground.


These remnants of our past are,

The very things that,

have me forever looking,

for proof you love me.


Looking to be your perfect star,

that doesn’t explode but stays strong,

in-between crooked teeth and hollow beats,

while listening to you tell me over and over,

again in your own tone,

goodbye; as I hit the ground



I’ve been told that wishing at 11:11 makes your wish come true

It’s 11:11 and the only thing I’m wishing for is you

i wish I wish you’d let me know if you’re alright

And if you’re not that’s fine
just say the word
I’ll try as hard as I can to make it right

It’s 11:11 and I’m drowning in my hopes
My dreams
My “wishes”

Thoughts of loosing all my air to you
and your pressure all against my whole body Your Warmth

It’s 11:11 and it feels like years since you first said hey

The words that made me open my mind to thoughts and dreams i’ve never experienced until now

It’s 11:11 and I can’t stop thinking of you
And how whenever I say my truths you replace the words
You cover the blades of words I use
Words designed to hit home and hurt the most
You cover them with kisses and love and the whisper “you’re perfect”

It’s 11:11 and all the walls start to crumble
It’s 11:11 and I’m falling and for the first time your not here to catch me
It’s 11:11 and I think I’m dying I think I’m drowning because I think I’m loosing you

It’s 11:11 
Please come back to me


Smoke and Mirrors

Do you look at her

            As more beautiful

While I stare

            At myself desperate

In the mirror downstairs

Trust I put in your hands

            I reached out

And I can’t find your palms

                        Doubt and blame took

                                    The center ring

                        On whose left finger will it be

                                    Mine or hers

                        The lover, smoke or your mirror

Can she love you better

            With her heroic actions

                        Over my poetic words

Stuck, I can’t move

            You’ve heard it before

But again I reach

            Through the large pane of glass

Will I see you looking back

                        My fear is there

                                    Waiting for you

                                                In my bare skin

                                                            Completely open

                                                           The next Monday morning

By:Kelley Stephens



It’s a big swing,

across a salty ocean.

It’s the push and pull that,

keeps us moving.

Back and forth,

I keep coming and you,

keep going;

running to and from,

and every time it’s,

pleasure with pain,


Is it a sign?

We shouldn’t deny,

the sway of our minds.

Even if they dizzy us,

even if we seem to be,

circling round and round.

It stings every time,

but only when we,

say goodbye.

So, why not try,

to make this work,

flying straight,

giving it a shot,

so our hearts,

wont forever be sick,

at sea,

me searching for you,

and you searching for me.

-Kelley Stephens

Bir Soru Bir Cevap:

“Radıyallahu anh” ne demektir, kimler için kullanılır? (c.c.), (s.a.v.), (r.a.), ( k.s.), (a.s.), (r.h.), (Hz.) kısaltmalarının anlamı ve kimler için söylendiği hakkında bilgi verir misiniz?

Değerli kardeşimiz;


(c.c.): Celle celeluhu: Cenab-ı Allah'ı ila etmek ve yüceltmek için kullanılır; O'na mahsustur.

(s.a.v.): Sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem: Peygamber Efendimize salat ve selam olsun demektir; peygamberimize mahsus bir duadır.

(r.a.): Radiyallahu anh: Allah ondan razı olsun demektir; sahabeler ve bazı büyük zatlar için söylenir.

(k.s.): Kuddise sirruhu: Allah onun sırrını mukaddes etsin demektir; veliler için kullanılır.

(a.s.): Aleyhis selam: Selam onun üzerine olsun demektir; peygamberler için kullanılır. Bunun yanında Cebrail, Mikail, İsrafil ve Azrail olmak üzere 4 büyük melek için de kullanılagelmiştir.

(r.h.): Rahmetullahi aleyh: Allah ona rahmet etsin demektir; mümin ölülere denir.

(Hz.): Hazreti..: Hazret kelimesi yüceltme manasında kullanılır. Bu sebeble saygı duyulan herkes için kullanılabilir. Peygamberler, sahabeler, melekler, veli insanlar için kullanılmasında bir sakınca yoktur.

E você diz que o longe não é o bastante pra viver
E eu te digo, então, me de a mão, concordo com você
Com você, viajar o mundo
Com você, só mais um segundo
—  Scracho