Our lips come into contact with each other;
hesitant at first and all at once.
Consumed by the idealistic view that we are together.
Wholesome togetherness- where you can touch my soul
and I, yours.

Love bared, mine and yours to a dunce
None knows the other.
Other than a name, nationality, ethnicity
Other than each history.

We came into contact with each other;
hesitant at first and all at once.
Consumed by the idealistic view that we are growing.
Intended growth- where time waits for no man.
Neither for me
Nor you

Our deepened kiss became one of urgency
As if our signal to fulfil and contribute to the cycle of society
As if there is something greater than our being awaiting us
We dare not oppose morality.

From haste to hesitancy
Sobriety kindly reminds us:
Our kiss isn’t our togetherness,
nor pain & fear masked by history.
Neither is it our growth.

Two locked lips
Only but a superficial key,
To my being
and Yours.



We haven’t talked in awhile, but some friendships don’t need the usual. My favorite kind are the ones that remain the same even after months of silence. Maybe even years. Wait, most definitely years. I think a true friendship can withstand the test of time, we’re the the skeletons of old poets. I can’t tell if I have changed or not, but I would like to think that I have. The effort here is trying, I’m trying every day to improve, even if it’s small. If I can look past a smart remark, I will. If I can replace a blown fuse, I’ve tried it. We haven’t talked in awhile and I miss you, the delicate conversations we have shared, I’ll never forget them. I don’t know if you’re okay or not, I don’t… But if it means anything to you, I think about you and I pray that no matter how hard things get… Somehow… Maybe things will finally tip over in your favor. Maybe you won’t get the short end of the stick this time… Maybe you’re smiling. Yeah, I like this version of the story better. Maybe you are.
—  imissyou.

“Nurse” - Paul Nickerson 

It was a game we all played as a child
Then some of us made it a dream worthwhile
More to learn, not as much time to share
Because in our hearts we really cared
We have worked the late night hours
While others slept away
Handles a doctor’s many moods
Then found time to pray
Critical moments that remain as memories
Some sad - then some are good
Then there are the tragedies
That will never be understood
We see a newborn baby smile
As we watch another slip away
And that completes the circle
The price for life’s that paid
Sometimes not appreciated
When just a hug will do
We are proud of our profession
A gift from me to you 


I need to stop looking for proof that you love me.

I need to stop comparing myself to galaxies,

because I will never be so out of reach.

Even if the wind catches me, I’ll never fly so high,

that you couldn’t pull me down.


I was made to love you;

Your crooked teeth and hollow chest,

the sharp words that stab me when said aloud.


I need to stop melting when I hear your sound.

I need to stop saying your name,

because it knocks me into the ground.


These remnants of our past are,

The very things that,

have me forever looking,

for proof you love me.


Looking to be your perfect star,

that doesn’t explode but stays strong,

in-between crooked teeth and hollow beats,

while listening to you tell me over and over,

again in your own tone,

goodbye; as I hit the ground