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Working as a revisionist on OK K.O.!: Let’s be Heroes has been a really interesting experience, and I wanted to take a bit of time to explain what my role has been since it feels somewhat unique even among other CN productions. 

The role of a revisionist is typically a final layer of polish to the finished storyboards by addressing situational changes like making sure characters are on model, correcting staging/screen direction, drawing in backgrounds, adding additional breakdown poses and doing whatever we can to translate the boards in the clearest way for next stage of the pipeline (animation & design). The storyboard supervisor, Jeremy Polgar (http://jpolgar1.tumblr.com/), will usually go through each episode adding pink notes that Anna Craig (http://killapede.tumblr.com/) and myself will divide between ourselves and spend the next week addressing. Because the board artists are so talented, and because Ian and Toby embrace the rough edges and inconsistencies of animation, the demand for meticulous revision work isn’t as high and occasionally leaves us opportunities to push the action/animation in the show.