July 11th ♥ 加藤シゲアキ (Kato Shigeaki)

Shige joined the agency in April 1999. As a junior he was part of units like B.B.B., B.A.D,  and J-Support. He was in the unit K.K.Kity before he was selected to debut as a member of NEWS.

He is often recognized as the smartest member of NEWS and also the one with the least self-confidence. Kato is an avid writer and writes his blog from the perspective of a fictional cat named Wagahai. He attended Aoyama Gakuin University where he majored in law on March 2010.

On January 28th, 2012, he released his first novel, “Pink to Gray”. This was the first time for any member of JE to publish a novel. He also announced that his name would be changed to “Kato Shigeaki” (加藤成亮 to 加藤シゲアキ converted from Kanji to Katakana). Because he had become a new Shige. A few weeks ago it was announced that his debut novel will get a manga adaptation. He and NEWS will release next week their comeback single, after two consecutive hiatus. They’ll also begin touring in September.

Happy 25th Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!〜

Shigeaki-kun’s love letter ♫