k. shimotsu

Meet Adeline.  I did so about a year and a half ago.  For twenty one years, she has been serving the Rotary group that meets at the Minikahda Club, and has just become an honorary member.  I remember when I first started working at Minikahda and I’d go to get coffee; Adeline would gently beckon me to sit a while and chat with her.  As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve come to realize what a special woman she is.  Someone once told me that there is a time in your life when God stops giving you things and instead, starts taking them away.  Adeline’s life is in the later part. She lost her husband several years back.  He got up in the middle of the night to get a snack in the kitchen; she found him on the floor in the morning with the uneaten snack still held by his stone-cold fingers.  This past year, she lost her son.  When I look at her in the eyes, sometimes it looks like she is in physical pain, though I know her body is well.  It’s all of those losses that pile up in your brain and weigh you down until it pours out of you.  Though some say it’s a blessing to grow old, I think there are always two sides to a coin.  But I am grateful that Adeline is still here, and that every Thursday morning, she gently beckons me to sit and stay a while.

I woke up with Mumford and Sons ‘After the Storm’ in my head.  It’s the day that I was born… 26 years ago.  Birthdays have always seemed an awkward, funny thing to me.  It’s the day that my mom did a heckuf lot of work and I was born.  So, thank you, mom, for taking a chance on me, and for being willing to put up with so much pain, and that pain not just being during my birth.  (And now Scott has to deal with me!)  I thank God for the life He’s given, and whether 26 will be my last year, or if I still have time, I pray the years won’t be wasted.

The moon was ominous and over-sized last night.  Scott and I were driving and I didn’t have my tripod, so I couldn’t take a picture of it, which made me so sad.  This morning, I pulled out from dropping Scott off at the lightrail, and when I looked east, I saw the flaming sun in the sky, huge and bright, and as I turned west, there it was.  That crazy over-sized moon, still showing off it’s grandeur in broad daylight.  So I was able to get a shot of it!

Today looked deceptively nice out.  But don’t believe the crap you see out your window when you live in Minneapolis in January.  You know it’s cold when any type of moisture on your body freezes as soon as you walk out your front door.  These are the days you see “people” walking down the sidewalks.  But they don’t look like people; they look like walking bundles of cloth.  You can’t even see their eyes!  I don’t even know how people walk without bumping into anything!  Why the heck am I living in this insane place!

I had a dream last night.
The wind came rushing in;
pushing away the cheery sunshine of summer and bringing with it the bitter cold.
As I was walking along,
I saw the scenery around me change.
All of the beautiful flowers withered and bowed their majestic heads to the ground.
Like they were weeping.
Sadness overcame me as I realized that there was no turning back.

Then I woke up and found that all of this was true.

The hourglass of time is too heavy to turn.
Can you catch every harvest colored leaf and glue it back in it’s proper place?
Time is not on our side.
It drags us down to the dirt and makes us plead for mercy when we are brought to our end.
Yet time cannot answer us,
our cries fall on deaf ears.
We must just keep walking,
stumbling along.
Praying to the Keeper of All Time,
that our short life might not be wasted.

‘Confessions of Time’ - Revisiting some old thoughts from 2006.  I was a happy child. :)

My boss brought in this Feng Shui “machine” that’s supposed to read the energy level and “feeling” in a room, into our office.  The whole office read at a very low level for energy, and different worker’s areas had different “feelings”.  My area was low energy, but had a cheerful and happy aspect to it.  So I decided to bring in an orchid, to help my energy flow. :)  Meet my new office mate!

Now, I’m not a huge Feng Shui guru, but I do think that there can be different energy and feelings from rooms and people.  So, I’m hoping this little guy can bring some good vibes to my work life!