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Harry Styles: Ever Since New York (HD)

If choosing to be in sex work is so great why aren’t men “choosing” that employment even remotely as often as women have to? If being on the receiving end of violence and degradation for a living is totally okay, why aren’t men being abused and violated even remotely as much as women are in porn? Even if you act like a good liberal and claim you care about the woman’s choice to be degraded, you still know that the demand is for WOMEN to be degraded and the vast majority of men are completely unwilling to even consider doing what they so regularly watch and pay women to do, even in a monogamous or private. What does this say about the relationship between men and women?

Liberal normalization of porn and sex work allows the demand from men for violence and use of women’s bodies to remain unchallenged and without criticism. So long as we can convince women it’s empowering to choose to give men what they want, men don’t have to reflect on what it is they want or how awful it is.

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Nct reaction to nips being pierced?! 👀👀👅

A/N: Finding these gifs slayed my ass, why are they so fcking good looking- what on god’s greeen earth are these beings, they’re unreal


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He’d be a bit flustered. He’d be curious about them, but keep his questions to himself [probably Googling them later by himself].


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*not-so-discreet glances at your chest*
He wouldn’t really give much of a reaction after his surprise fades. Similarly to Taeil, he wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of them since you didn’t see it as a big deal…


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He’d be cute, smiling to himself as you told him. He’d really be into though and use excuses to see them walking in on you in the shower later bc he ‘forgot’ his socks.
“Just don’t show them to anyone but me.”


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We all know Johnny would be sly as hell.
He’d play innocent and curious though, really just using it as an excuse to 1. have sex, or 2. fondle your breasts.
“Can I see them?”


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*slightly shook*
He probably wouldn’t believe you at first. It’d probably be the most exciting part of his day to be honest. He’d ask a million questions, wanting to see them.
“If we have kids together could you still breastfeed them?”


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Introducing shy Doyoung
The information would probably take him off guard and he may become a bit bashful.
He’d be kind of reserved about voicing his thoughts, but he’d definitely be curious to see them.


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gtg dig my grave

His astonishment would quickly fade and I think he’d giggle a bit [possibly from finding out such an intimate detail so casually].
He may tease you a bit.
“So do I.”
He’d actually be very curious beneath the surface about the reason why you decided to do it, if it hurt, etc…


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“What are ‘nips’?”
He’s pure, let him live, he couldn’t handle the truth.


McHanzo Week 2016, Day 3 - Alternate Universe
Who doesn’t love the good old Hogwarts AU?
Today there’s a bonus one because I really love this AU <:3c tbh I made the second one like a month ago but shh ((ALSO THEY SWAP SCARVES ISNT’T IT CUTE i mean can they do it if they’re in other houses? eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯))


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

friendly reminder that I still think that the breeding of spider morphs & other animals with neurological issues is animal abuse and should never be done


The Ignition fic that no one asked for but that I needed to write because damn. That video has ended me. Enjoy!
@strongenoughfoundation sorry, I had to tag you again, that video has done things to both of us XD

It was too hot, too loud, and the traffic was too AWFUL.

You’d been sitting in this car for God knew how long now, on a packed highway in the summer heat. Every window was rolled down in an attempt to fight off a heatstroke and honestly, you’d started counting the minutes until your sure death if you didn’t get off this road soon. Groaning in despair, you snatched the hair tie from your wrist and tied your hair back in sharp motions.

At the sound of your voice, your best friend glanced at you from the driver’s seat, eyebrows raised. “You all right over there?”

“I’m dying, Lin,” you deadpanned. “I am actually dying.”

“That’s a little dramatic,” he remarked, a teasing smile tugging at his lips.

“This damn highway is doing dangerous things to my head.”


“I imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory.”

At that, he burst out laughing. With a hand resting on the steering wheel, he leaned back against his seat and sent you a warm glance. “I feel like I can’t argue with you because you just did that.”

Flopping back against your seat with a loud sigh, you pointed at him. “That line is the one I relate to the most, honestly,” you told him wryly.

“Why am I not surprised?” he asked.

You lifted your head and arched a brow at him. “Are you saying I’m a negative person?”

“You said it, not me.”

“I feel the need to remind you that you’re stuck in this car with me for at least an hour.”

“I feel the need to remind YOU that this is my car and I can kick you out at anytime.”

Grumbling, you shifted around in your seat to get to a more comfortable position and brought your feet up onto the edge of it. “Asshole,” you muttered simply and he snickered. You wondered if walking was a better choice than this traffic-induced hell after all.

Sighing in resignation, you settled for dozing in the searing sun and sneaking a couple glances over at Lin as you did. Hey, you couldn’t help it if your best friend also happened to be kinda (really) attractive, could you? It wasn’t bad just to look, right? You idly studied him through half-closed eyes, admiring the way his hair got all tousled as he ran a hand through it. He was wearing a dark blue tee because of the heat and you tried to steal a few guilty glances at his arms. You bet it’d be nice to be wrapped up in his arms, heat or no heat.

“…you done staring at me yet?”

“Shit!” you hissed, blushing furiously at having been caught. Lin cast you a sideways glance that was wayyyy too knowing and was that jerk SMIRKING? Growling something unintelligible, you reached forward to the dashboard. “I’m putting the radio on!” you announced.

“Hey, I don’t mind, you can look all you want—”

“I’M PUTTING THE RADIO ON.” You jabbed at the power button and cranked up the volume.

The first few notes of a song blared out and you recognized it at the same time Lin did.

You groaned out a frustrated “NOOO,” while Lin practically cheered like a two-year-old.

“I’m turning it off!” you said at once, and you reached for the button again.

“No you aren’t!” he shot back, batting your hand away. He ignored your squeak of protest and flashed you a wide grin. “You turned it on, so you’re stuck with the consequences!”

Sinking down in your seat, you brought your fingers up to your temples. The lyrics to the “Ignition” remix pumped out of the speakers and brought back a ton of memories. “Lin-Manuel Miranda,” you stated, “if you start rapping, I swear to God—”

“No, I’m not tryin’ to be rude, but hey pretty girl, I’m feelin’ you, the way you do the things you do, remind of my Lexus coup—”

“AAAGHHH!” You threw your hands up as he started freaking dancing in his damn seat, one hand still on the wheel and other in the air, and dear lord, it was like PTSD. Hands over your ears now, you glowered at him from your hunched over position. Lin just smiled back like the stupid, hot person he was and pointed at you as he went on with the song:

“So baby, give me that!”


“Let me give you that!”

“HELL NO. Lin, I swear, I will never speak to you again.”

Cheerfully ignoring you, he kept going, letting that edge of a growl into his voice and you internally swooned. Why did these things happen to you? “It’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen, Mama rollin’ that body, got every man in here wishin'—”

He cut off, making you glance over in confusion; just in time for him to lean across and steal a kiss, lips pressed to yours fleetingly. Your eyes shot open wide, body going rigid as he grinned into your mouth and then pulled away a second later.

“Lin!” you spluttered out, as he just laughed and went back to rapping out the lyrics. “What—You—What the hell!?”

The lyrics became a little shaky as he tried not to laugh, a stupid smile on his face. When he glanced at you, his eyes softened and…was he blushing?

Against your will, your mouth quirked up too and you looked down at your feet.

As the two of you sat, with the speakers blasting around you, you brought your fingers up to touch your lips in wonder.