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just wanna clarify that i do think finn is great and wonderful and seems like a very good person, but i’m so uncomfortable seeing young celebrities hailed as “woke” and whatever for doing the right thing, and i never really understood that feeling of discomfort until now. i just realized i don’t like it bc i feel like putting celebrities, and children especially, on a pedestal for every decent human thing they do or even for personal decisions that probably have more to do with personal safety than making a political statement (i.e. finn leaving his agency) is a precursor to the really toxic habit people on here have of completely shunning any celebrity that makes any tiny mistake. y'all put these teenage kids so high on a pedestal and then give them absolutely zero wiggle room to make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s honestly one of the most annoying, insidious things imaginable. anyway sorry i keep talking abt this, this situation has just made me think about how much i hate dumbass insular politics which refuse to let anyone do anything without it being abt politics/social justice.

Jughead: I’m a loner, a weirdo who doesn’t fit in, also, sardonic humor is my only way of relating to the world.

Betty: Hi, I’m Betty Cooper, the sweet girl next door.

Jughead: *breathes heavily*

If choosing to be in sex work is so great why aren’t men “choosing” that employment even remotely as often as women have to? If being on the receiving end of violence and degradation for a living is totally okay, why aren’t men being abused and violated even remotely as much as women are in porn? Even if you act like a good liberal and claim you care about the woman’s choice to be degraded, you still know that the demand is for WOMEN to be degraded and the vast majority of men are completely unwilling to even consider doing what they so regularly watch and pay women to do, even in a monogamous or private. What does this say about the relationship between men and women?

Liberal normalization of porn and sex work allows the demand from men for violence and use of women’s bodies to remain unchallenged and without criticism. So long as we can convince women it’s empowering to choose to give men what they want, men don’t have to reflect on what it is they want or how awful it is.


  • ❝ I’m gonna turn her into a bloomin’ onion ❞ 
  • ❝ I’m worried because your PC thought that was NASTY 
  • ❝ Have you noticed something approaching DAWNING HORROR on the husband’s face? 
  • ❝ She looks like a human goldfish cracker 
  • ❝ NO, DON’T SMILE 
  • ❝ I’m gonna yartz ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no reason to have a rough face and seven different types of forehead blemishes 
  • ❝ Fucking look AT her 
  • ❝ I want the middle of his face to just be sort of a ruined wasteland; a blighted hellscape 
  • ❝ Look at that just, like, beef steak ❞ 
  • ❝ I can’t interact with objects yet, honey, I haven’t completed the tutorial 
  • ❝ Baby enjoy toy; mommy buy for you 
  • ❝ I will take a hammer and FIX the baby 
  • ❝ Baby is broken; it’s too SMALL 
  • ❝ Superglue baby back to his BIG SIZE 
  • ❝ Baby need snack; I give baby snack of cleaner 
  • ❝ Clean baby’s tumtum; SCRUBBIESCRINKLEWINKLE 
  • ❝ He’s caught in the atoms of the linoleum 
  • ❝ Come to me, my Shaunster 
  • ❝ Nobody move, I’ve lost both a contact lens and a husband 
  • ❝ God forgive me 
  • ❝ He cool… He cool, he cool 
  • ❝ I DO THIS 
  • ❝ Pretty good, IT DOESN’T SEEM 
  • ❝ I tell little joke 
  • ❝ Next time, you INVITE Pam 
  • ❝ Did the dialogue just support your slash fiction? 
  • ❝ Uh, Final Pam forget keys; BRB 
  • ❝ Okay, I got them, WE COOL 
  • ❝ I bet you did not OVERSEE that coming 
  • ❝ Hey everybody, it’s me, ROACHIE, your favourite guy 
  • ❝ Drink up, Roachie 
  • ❝ I have a son; he’s a can of peas 
  • ❝ Ask him something only Roachie would know 
  • ❝ Guns are just so last year 
  • ❝ Roachie, I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a long time now and I just want you to know that you’re the most special bug in the world to me and I can’t imagine exploring the wasteland without you; will you marry me? 
  • ❝ He said YES 
  • ❝ Nothing, you leave me NOTHING? 
  • ❝ I’m gonna be in a deep depression for the next few minutes 
  • ❝ It didn’t get noodley though 

I think you’re putting me on a pedestal, and putting yourself way too down– That’s why you’d call me the sun. But I know you, dude. I know you’re actually awesomely talented. And I know that you’re actually a super fun, super sunny kid!

So, to put it using your words you’re even more amazing than any sun. The sun’d get outshone by you, man!! Guess what I’m trying to say is… Just be confident, Tamaki!!

Your name is… Suneater.

EXO as Classmates


  • the only one who actually studies and turns everything in on time
  • lines his pencils up at the top of his desk before every class
  • super healthy lunches and refuses to trade food with anyone (except Chen)
  • tbh a teacher’s pet but he’s so cute n nice that you can’t even hate him
  • senior who everybody thinks is a freshman


  • the class clown but like the super lowkey one
  • laughs at his own jokes which then makes the teacher laugh which then makes everybody else laugh
  • always asking to borrow pieces of paper
  • wears snapbacks to school but then has to take them off anyway bc dresscode


  • not even a class clown just straight up obnoxious
  • really attractive though so most people just deal with it (excluding Xiumin)
  • flirts with basically everybody because he thinks its rly funny 
  • once streaked across the school football field on a dare
  • “are you gonna eat that?”


  • overreacts to everything the teacher says because he literally can’t help himself
  • has 61 different colored pens and like 4 pencils
  • probably still doesn’t know how babies are actually made
  • friends with everybody in the school


  • exotic foreign exchange student that’s super sweet
  • sincerely cares about what the teacher is teaching about/talking about
  • always shushes students when they’re being too noisy in class
  • somehow became the class president without even campaigning
  • gives half his food away at lunch because he feels bad for people that forgot to pack/dont have money to buy lunch


  • super quiet mysterious boy who actually is just really shy
  • stares out the window a lot (and at Chanyeol a lot)
  • always asking for more assignments for extra credit
  • gets asked to homecoming by like 10 people but declines all of them (except Chanyeol)


  • “miss teacher, may i just say you look wonderful today”
  • he’s that kid
  • thinks he’s hilarious but honestly just kind of annoying because nobody likes puns
  • gets voted as “most likely to become president”


  • super childish but so cute that nobody can even act annoyed
  • likes hanging out with shy or new students because he wants them to feel welcomed
  • doesn’t study and still aces tests
  • his notebooks have dogs all over them


  • fancy rich freshman who has a really dorky personality 
  • wears super fashionable clothing to school and acts like its normal
  • packs actual silverware with his lunches
  • hangs out with seniors because “nobody else is as mature as me”
  • only uses mechanical pencils

Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue