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this is entirely @haljrdn‘s fault. 

leo: Frank would let marc tag along with a hit but marc is outside in that bird outfit and frank would slow down, roll down the window, give marc a one over, roll the window back up and keeps driving
coyote: haHAAHAHAHAH
coyote: IM CRYING
coyote: the window rolling back up SO SLOWLY
coyote: neither of em says a thing
coyote: im crying

fromthefirebelow  asked:

Kota comes back to NJPW with a new bae, someone sweet and tender looking and actually a performative bottom. How does Kenny deal?

Listen friend, IF this happens, and that’s a big if because in my mind they have been secretly married since like 2011 and just quietly living in Tokyo with their cat, trolling the entire world… it’s because They Have An Agreement. 

Kenny’s into it. Not in the ‘seeing my man with someone else’ kinda way, but my dude Kenny LOVES drama. He loves to be praised and be good, but he also likes to earn it, and he is extremely extra. But so is Kota, so it works. Nothing is too elaborate for them. He gets to do some subtweeting about it and then have Michael Nakazawa translate his subtweet into Japanese so he can be ABSOLUTELY SURE that Kota sees it. 

He cuts a promo where he is all like “listen, Dalton Castle, you might have a Golden Star, but you know what I got, my sweet beautiful boy? Six of ‘em. *anime villain laugh* And you might have boys, you might be the peacock of the walk but I? Oh yeah, Kenny Omega? I have the MEN of the Bullet Club. That’s right. And I’m. The King! In this ring!” Or something extremely over the top. And Dalton (that’s the first person who came to mind, and now I love it) is just like really bored, looking at his fingernails. Kota is all anime-huge-teary-eyes-smile-fists-clenched-in-excitement-under-chin at ringside. 

In the end, everyone goes back to Kenny and Kota’s place and plays DDR. Kenny wins and feels cool and manly. Dalton goes back to his hotel and Kenny and Kota go to bed at 10:30 because they’re old and their cat meows at them until they go to bed because it’s warmer when they’re there. 

JK, I’m sure there’s some extremely over the top kinky stuff that happens and everyone around them is just like rolling their eyes, like god why are you so goddamn dramatic just fuck like normal people jesus. 

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June Book Photo Challenge
Day 20: Colours
“We read to know that we are not alone.”
  – C. S. Lewis