4Minute - 싫어(Hate) Inspired Member Designs

We have some reeeally cool new designs in our Redbubble shop. Since we can’t stop listening to 4Minute’s comeback “Hate” we decided we had to make some designs inspired by their concept! Hopefully you will enjoy these as they look great on everything from stickers to sweatshirts!

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Maybe we should give me a new name, like Lu, so that you will know who is writing to you. So I'm Lu who found Tae's drawing in that vlog, who was writing damn exams and fangirling during them over BTS, okay? :))) I hope your sister will help you! K-pop merch is the best merch ever!! Did you cry when you were watching prologue?I cry everytime when I see it. As for me I started ARMY life in November 2014 when I was starting listening to K-pop, I don't remember in which day :((

Lu!! My little brother used to call me LuLu ahha . YEP! I hope so too ): I really want to buy their albums and a beanie <3 maybe even a shirt. 

I did cry when I watched the prologue :P I mean who wouldn’t? It was emotional. I can’t wait to see more!! I’m with you on that, I tear up every time I watch it xc their acting skills are so good!! I hope to see a K-Drama in the future (^:

Aww November is my birthday month (^^^: heheh. I have 5 days left. I know the date because I was watching a Ryan Higa video and he mentioned BTS or “Bangtan Sauce” xD So I looked them up and I thought they were so cool and I commented on a BTS video. I believe it was Boy in Luv. (it isn’t the official day I became an ARMY, but since it’s the date I found them. It’s my anniversary now) (I don’t know the official date I became an ARMY so I consider January 26th as my anniversary) !

SHINHWA |  Lee Minwoo Vol. 4 - M Rizing [OOP/RARE]

Condition: Mint. Comes with plastic protective cover sleeve.

Price: $30 (includes tracked usps domestic shipping)

Please contact me through any of these methods:

  • email: mir.dominance@gmail.com
  • line: the sixthstation
  • pm here on tumbl

Payment Method: Paypal Only.

Shipping: USPS Domestic Only. I do not ship internationally. I am not responsible for lost shipping, so if you’d like a method that includes insurance, I can add that on to the total. :)

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I would go there too! Just imagine how many pictures I would took. Especially with those little monsters, Tae is too precious for my life, my heart is dying every time when I see his photos </3 MY HEART IS DYING EVERY TIME WHEN I SEE OT7 PHOTOS, LET'S BE HONEST. Oh and why aren't you allowed to buy k-pop merch or albums? :(

We should just all visit that place <3 Reenact the BTS prologue ;D his little monster in the pool is so cuteeee (he’s much cuter though huehueheuhe). 


I’m not allowed to buy merch because my parents are strict on online shopping, but my sister may help me with it. (^: I must wait though.