EXO as YouTubers

Suho: Interviewer

He would manage to bring most of his youtber friends to his channel. Has Q&A’s very often. Tries every single challenge. Has a defined schedule of what to post on a specific day. Fridays are joke days. He thinks he’s popular but in reality he has only 10 subscribers.

Chanyeol: Mashups

He creates the most amazing remixes ever. Makes vlogs every now and then. “Oh shit”. Likes all the comments. Has over 100,000+ subscribers.

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Chen: Pranks

He pranks every single youtuber and posts it to his channel. His intro is basically him yelling.

Baekhyun: Gamer

Gameplays with him saying stupid shit. Has no chill. Becomes the most viewed gamer channel after Pewdiepie. “Kkaebsong” shirts available in store only for $15. Is invited to Kcon for a pannel.

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Xiumin: Cooking

While he teaches you how to make a recipe he tells a story. Eats what he taught you to make. Was contacted to start his own show on TV as soon as he hit 900,000+ subscribers.

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D.O: Song covers

Sings pretty much a lot of english songs. Chanyeol always asks him to do a collab with him but he blocks him. Has comments and likes disabled. Watches Xiumin’s channel all the time. “Video not available in your country”.

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Kai: Dance Tutorials

He is the best teacher for kpop dance tutorials. Posts dance covers every week. Goes to Kcon every now and then to teach K-poppers to dance. Has a lot of fanboys.

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Lay: Guitar covers

Teaches how to play the guitar. Posts his own composed songs. Makes collabs with D.O all the time. Chanyeol always gets together with him for livestreams. Is one of Suho’s loyal subscribers. Replies to every single comment on his videos.

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Sehun: K-Popper

Major k-pop fanboy. Reactions to MV’s. Unboxing K-pop merch. Vlogs K-pop concerts. Reviews K-Dramas and movies. His fandom is called bubbles. The logo is a Bubble Tea cup. Goes to Kcon and livestreams. Has over 2,000,000+ subscribers. Learns dances from Kai’s channel.

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I wrote this before my first class omfg 



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I think I'm too fat to be a k-pop fan

I’ve been a k-pop fan since 2008 & I am now 22. I used to say I didn’t want to by k-pop merch because I didn’t wanna look like a total koreaboo, but really it’s because I have a chronic illness that makes it hard to lose weight & to work out. I’m a US size 12/14 and I don’t think I’m very pretty, so I think my biases would be embarrassed to have chubby fans like me.

I keep wanting to by these really cute shirts with logos for my favorite groups, but I can’t help but think the boys would make faces like Doojoon
did when he was supposed to carry the French fan, or that the girls wouldn’t want to be seen with such an average looking girl like myself.

I still really want to buy those cute shirts. I want to support my favorite artists and maybe meet other fans in my area, but I don’t want to look stupid. So I just don’t buy anything other than their albums.


I’d fallen asleep talking to my friends on the chat site, not really aware that I was tired. But after the day I’d had, I could totally see why I was. I was mentally fucked. I was convinced that I was crazy. I couldn’t have seen the things that my brain thought were real. They weren’t. I was losing it. I just didn’t know exactly where it all came from. I hadn’t really thought about them in a long time. Not really, anyway. I’d have tiny flashes of them in my mind & sure, I listened to their music still, but I vividly felt like I’d run into them in person. That was not possible. They were nowhere near me. I’d see something online about them being in a totally different country. Different. Country. It wasn’t them. I was convinced. Not to mention the obvious thing that my brain seemed to have forgotten which was that they didn’t know where I lived. That was a kind of important detail… 

I opened my window, feeling suddenly very overheated, & my dad nearly gave me heart attack when he walked by. He looked at me with an expression that was a mixture of “bitch crazy” & “WTF” because I jumped so bad. I wasn’t expecting him but at the same time it really shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. I was till shaken up over the whole… you know, bumping into Exo members on the street while I was running away from a guy that I almost wanted to sleep with, situation. Yeah. So I had the right to be a little bit jumpy. I hand to stand still for like ten minutes to calm myself down. I was such a mess that I couldn’t believe myself. When did this happen? I’d been relatively normal up until recently. Okay, not really normal but I’d been pretty decently sane. Now I was just this big confusing ball of… confusion. 

I didn’t really know if it was obvious or not, but I was feeling very on edge. I went out to talk to my mom & she kind of looked at me like she could see something in my eyes. She didn’t say anything about it but I could tell from the way she squinted at me. I was really unsure of myself. I felt like I wasn’t even human anymore. Just a being floating around on the planet like a bum. Actually that sounded kind of cool. If I wasn’t an actual person, I could go where I wanted & do I whatever I felt like. No one could stop me. I could commit crimes! Which I’d never do, but thinking about it was cool. I just hadn’t been able to really have my thoughts to myself in a long time & getting carried away felt nice. I was able to be in my head again after months of trying not to think about anything at all. I’d been so busy with work & other things that I’d forgotten to have moments where I could just dream…

I had another realization. I hadn’t remembered a single dream in over 2 months. I didn’t know if I’d blocked them out or if I just wasn’t having any but the thought made me sad. I liked dreaming, it was one of my favorite things to do. Awake or asleep. It was kind of always what I was known for. My family would catch me daydreaming constantly. No matter what was going on. It wasn’t an attention problem, I just liked dazing off & thinking about things. I would do it even when I was being talked to. I’d have to have someone repeat what they said at least 3 times before I was able to fully register what they’d said. I’m sure it would annoy most people but it’s kind of hard to stop once you’ve been doing it your whole life. I’ve always had big dreams but never had the drive to make them happen until now. I was working at a job I liked & talking to people I liked. But then I was also neglecting myself. I wasn’t being the me that people knew me as. I was being the me that I thought they wanted.

After a week, not seeing or hearing from anyone special. Like three idiots who chose to make me feel crazy, I figured I was just imagining it. There was no news of the boys being in my country & especially no gossip around town about it. Because in a town like this, there would definitely be gossip. Nothing cool ever happened here. Ever. So things like international K-Pop stars walking around would one hundred percent be the topic of discussion. Even for people who didn’t know who they were. They were famous & that’s all that mattered to a lot of citizens here. They just wanted to be able to say that our town was blessed with the presence of fame. It was sad but most of the people here didn’t even know what K-Pop was in general. That was never easy for me, but it was made easier with the K-Pop merch store that had opened up a few years ago. I basically lived there for a long time. Before I became busy with things.

I’d been getting ready for work when my mom came in my room & handed me a piece of paper. It was a note from my friend saying he wouldn’t be able to make it & that I’d have to go through today alone. Which made me sad since I didn’t know anyone else at this job. I was kind of scared but I’d gotten used to being around new people. I just wasn’t good at talking to them yet. I crumpled the note & stuck it in my pocket, just because. My mom walked off, leaving me to finish curling my hair, & I could hear a car pull up outside. It was my ride, because I still couldn’t drive myself. I wasn’t really allowed to after I’d been diagnosed with panic attacks as a teenager. They were usually brought on by stress & it would be kind of dangerous if I had one while driving. So I would never be one of those totally independent people. Which I was annoyed with.

I ran out to the car, swinging my bag in first & giving my driver friend a smile. She was another person I’d met through jobs, but she wasn’t on set as much as my guy friend. She was more behind the scenes. Like getting coffee for people & running errands. She gave me a weird look when I got in & I raised a brow. She waved it off but something said she wasn’t telling me a pretty serious detail. I tried asking about it a few times while we drove but she’d just change the subject. It was starting to bug me, especially when she’d look at me while we were at a red light. I’d catch her just eyeing me intensely like she was trying to tell me everything through her mind. I couldn’t read minds. I’m pretty sure she knew that. But she still tried. At one point I managed to break her a little bit & all she would say was “I’m not supposed to tell you.” then she’d look at the road & not even glance at me for a few more minutes. It was very odd.

We got to work in almost record time, she’d been slightly speeding which told me how anxious she was for me to find out what was going on. I really had no idea what to expect. Was there a party? Or was I going to get fired? What?! I hated surprises. It wasn’t very easy to surprise me in the first place but right now I was seriously clueless about everything. I wanted to know but then again I didn’t at the same time. If it was bad then I’d really be upset. I didn’t need bad right now. I needed good, easy, simple, anything with positive connotation. If I’d managed to fuck up, then I hoped it would be discussed in private but if my friend knew about it then it was obviously not private at all & there might be some kind of confrontation. I wasn’t good with confrontation. Especially with my temper. I had a tendency of getting carried away or yelling when I got too worked up or if I felt cornered. I had an overreacting kind of spirit. 

I walked into the building with my hands clenched into fists, mostly just to brace myself but I was at the defense if I needed to be. My boss was waiting at the front but she was smiling so that made me relax slightly. She looked at me with a big grin, almost looking nervous & she pointed to the back room.

“The clients are here, they’re in the back. They are very high profile so try not to scare them. Also, no one can know they’re here.” She whispered, trying to make sure most of the other employees didn’t hear. I was her favorite. Mostly because she thought I was funny & had a passion for makeup that the others seemed to lack. She liked to pick me for the bigger client jobs because I wasn’t a freak who screamed because they were famous or bothered them for autographs. I just did my job & moved on. That’s what I’d do today too. I wasn’t going to let anyone mess with me & my job. I needed this in my life. I nodded to her, giving my best genuine smile to tell her that I’d keep everything to myself, & walked off into the back. The back was the biggest set so I figured it was probably going to be a pretty elaborate shoot.

My hand was barely even able to get the door open all the way when my eyes caught site of something & I froze. It would definitely be a big shoot. But not in the way I thought. No props or fancy lighting. Just a lot of people. Twelve of them. Twelve. All guys. Some Chinese. Some Korean. Twelve Chinese & Korean guys. All looking at me. Then there I was, staring at them like the potato I was, unable to say anything. There were other people in the room, photographers, stylists, etc, so I tried to keep from passing out or losing my shit too much. Even though I never did that anyway. I just couldn’t let myself think this was really happening right now. I was dreaming. I had to be. It wasn’t real life. I had created a dream land in my head that somehow felt very vivid & real. I tried to shake my head & blink a few times to make it stop but it didn’t.

One of them walked up to me with a smile & stuck his hand out. It was that one that I’d bumped into from before. He looked more handsome than I remembered. It was kind of dazing to be that close, even though I already had been. There was that hand again, trying to force mine to take it. I didn’t want to. I remembered the last time. I didn’t want more hand sex. I wouldn’t. But then there it went, my hand decided to have a mind of its own & meet his right there. I was so mad at myself but I couldn’t stop it. I took his hand & I felt a shudder. Soft. Very soft. Almost too soft. Softer than mine. My fingers were doing a little dance around his which was not my doing. I couldn’t stop. He laughed & pulled me with him to join the rest of the group. I wanted to die. I just wanted to fall down onto the floor & die right there. This wasn’t happening.

I felt stupid for the millionth time in my life. They were all looking at me like they wanted me to speak but I couldn’t think of any words. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say. I just looked at each of them with glazed eyes & a vacant expression, waiting for something to happen. At this point, I guessed it was okay to use their names so I suppose that’s what I’ll do from now on. Kai looked at me intensely, our hands were still wrapped together & I had to avoid his eyes. They were too much. I heard a laugh & I couldn’t help but make a face when it rang in my ears, which made the rest of them laugh too. I wanted to die. Please. Jesus. Oprah. Someone kill me now. 

“So?” Kyungsoo spoke suddenly, forcing my head to whip in his direction. I didn’t expect to see him smiling but there it was. That cute little squishy smile that I wanted to pinch. He took my hand from Kai’s & pulled me over to stand in the middle of all twelve of them. I was surrounded. 

“Surprise.” Luhan said from behind me, looking at me with those eyes. I wanted to punch him. But like… for being so cute. He was a lot prettier in person & that wasn’t fair. Also, he was still staring at my ass…

“Well, it’s not really a surprise since the three of you let her catch you… We had to lay low for a week to manage this.” Kris said with a small scowl, sounding bitter but he smiled at me when I looked at him. I wanted to punch him in the face. He was so handsome. 

“It wasn’t our fault. We didn’t know she’d be there.” Kai whined, smacking at Kris’ shoulder & making an adorable sound. He winked at me though, probably trying to suck up to me so that I didn’t want to punch him in the face. 

“You still got caught.” I hadn’t even noticed Chen standing behind me until he spoke, making me jump. I wanted to punch him in the face for scaring me. He laughed, being so close to me that I felt his breath tickle its way into my ear.

“We have a bigger surprise though, one that she doesn’t know about.” Baekhyun said, looking directly at me. His hair looked so soft in person. I wanted to punch… forget it. I just wanted to run my hands through it. 

“We have to do the shoot first.” Xiumin’s voice came from the back of the group. He was standing behind Tao & Sehun so I barely even saw him. I felt my heart sputter in my chest when his eyes connected with mine & his held the hint of a smile. I didn’t want to punch him in the face. I wanted to smoosh his cheeks & kiss him passionately until there was no life left in his body. Or you know, just talk all night long about anything, whichever one was cool with me. 

But they’d said they had something else planned… like what? I wasn’t going to be sacrificed to some weird Korean/Chinese demon, was I? I didn’t want to be sacrificed. I really realized something was wrong with me when my mind automatically jumped to ritual murder when twelve hot dudes told me they had a surprise for me. I had also realized I’d been making faces while thinking about it & they’d all began watching me like I was about to start spewing bees out of every hole in my face.

I heard my boss’ voice from behind me, she didn’t sound happy but she didn’t sound too upset with me either. I wasn’t supposed to be just hanging around talking to “the talent” like this. I was supposed to be doing their makeup. Which gave me tingles. I’d get to touch their faces… But in a totally non-stalker type way. I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t going to start making out with them or anything. 

“We should let you get to work… so we can get to work.” Kyungsoo said from my side, where he touched my hip. I felt his cold fingers through my shirt & it made my skin crawl. In the best god damn way possible. 

They all walked off, each giving me a cute smile as they filed in order to the makeup chairs. I stood in my spot & watched them go. I couldn’t move quite yet, I was still frozen slightly. But as I looked up from checking my phone, I saw Xiumin staring at me from his chair. The corner of his lips turned up, not showing teeth but he managed to give me the most genuine smile I’d ever seen. His eyes pierced through me too, which was enough to make my knees buckle. A set of hands caught me before I fell & I looked up to see Sehun grasping onto my arm. I hadn’t noticed that he was still here. But he was wearing a different shirt so I figured he must have ran off to wardrobe & just came across me while I was having my moment. I felt his fingers gripping gently at my skin & nodded as he asked if I was okay. He let go, still keeping close to make sure I wouldn’t do it again & when he was sure I was fine, he smiled at me. I watched him walk off to join the others, enjoying the site of his glorious backside as he went. It was quite wonderful in person too, if I’m being honest. 

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