Exo Schedule September 2017

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September 2

[Perf] KBS Music Bank in Jakarta (KBS 뮤직뱅크 인 자카르타) - 20:30 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.7-11 Broadcast Marathon on PC - 22:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.7 ‘Improvised Trip in New York: Kai TV’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.8 ‘Improvised Trip in New York: Suho & Chen & Sehun TV 1’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.9 'Improvised Trip in New York: Suho & Chen & Sehun TV 2’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.10 'Hola, Mexico City!’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.11 'Second Stop of North America Tour: Mexico City’ - 23:00 KST

September 3

[BroadcastT] Go Fighting Season 3 Ep.9 (极限挑战第三季第九集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[Broadcast] MBC 'It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’ Ep.2 (MBC 이불 밖은 위험해 제2회) - 23:15 KST - (Xiumin)

September 5

[Release] 4th Repackaged Album 'The War: The Power of Music’ 18:00 KST

September 6

[Meet] HotTracks + KTown4U mini fanmeeting - 20:00 KST

September 7

[Broadcast] Mnet M! Countdown (엠넷 엠! 카운트다운) - 18:00 KST

September 8

[Broadcast] KBS Music Bank (KBS 뮤직뱅크) - 17:00 KST

[Other] Madame Tussauds Beijing wax figure unveiling - (Lay)

September 9

[Broadcast] MBC Show! Music Core (MBC 쇼! 음악중심) - 15:50 KST

[Other] 2017 Harper’s Bazaar Star Charity Night - (Lay)

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.12-16 Broadcast Marathon on PC - 22:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.12 'The Delivery: Mexico City’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.13 'Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Mexico City’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.14 'Suho & Sehun Tour: LA Santa Monica Beach’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.15 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Experiencing LA Circuit Race’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.16 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Las Vegas 1’ - 23:00 KST

September 10

[Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo (SBS 인기가요) - 12:10 KST

[Broadcast] Go Fighting Season 3 Ep.10 (极限挑战第三季第十集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[Broadcast] MBC 'It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’ Ep.3 (MBC 이불 밖은 위험해 제3회) - 23:15 KST - (Xiumin)

September 12

[Broadcast] One-night Trip to Gapyeong 1 - 09:00 KST - (Kai)

September 15

[Perf] Lotte Duty Free Family K-Pop Concert - 19:30 KST

September 16

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.17-20 Broadcast Marathon on PC - 22:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.17 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Las Vegas 1’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.18 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Las Vegas Activities’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.19 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Las Vegas Hotel Tour + Le Reve Show’ - 23:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO Tourgram Ep.20 'Suho & Sehun Tour: Las Vegas Limousine Tour’ - 23:00 KST

September 17

[Broadcast] Go Fighting Season 3 Ep.11 (极限挑战第三季第十一集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[Broadcast] MBC 'It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’ Ep.4 (MBC 이불 밖은 위험해 제3회) - 23:15 KST - (Xiumin)

[Broadcast] [GIFT VOD] EXO LA Live concert footage 1-4 - 22:00 KST

[Broadcast] EXO members’ EXO-Love Letter - 22:10 KST

September 19

[Boadcast] One-night Trip to Gapyeong 2 - 09:00 KST - (Kai)

September 20

[Award] 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards (제1회 소리바다 베스트 케이뮤직 어워즈) - 18:30 KST

September 21

[Birthday] Chen’s Birthday

September 22

[Perf] KCON 2017 Australia - 19:00 AEST

September 24

[Perf] 2017 Asia Song Festival - 19:00 KST

[Broadcast] KBS ‘Andante’ Ep.1 (KBS ‘안단테’ 제1회) - 10:00 KST - (Kai)

[Broadcast] Go Fighting Season 3 Ep.12 (极限挑战第三季第十二集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[Broadcast] MBC 'It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’ Ep.5 (MBC 이불 밖은 위험해 제3회) - (23:15 KST) - (Xiumin)

September 30

[Perf] Fandom School 2017 Korea Music Festival - (EXO-CBX)

New Years Drabble #1 // Hanbin

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

I wish you all a happy new year 2017! may y’all stay happy and healthy ♥ for this year, the only resolution i have is to update more and i will try my best to do that. 

honestly, 2016 has been one of the toughest years i’ve been through but i’ve grown and learned a lot and i hope if you feel the same way that you can turn it into something positive instead! to start with the new year, me and kaz will try to write a drabble for each member with the new years theme yay! 1st is hanbin and i’m already working on bobby right now! i hope you like it! <3

- your dearest moyo who will try to keep her new years resolution lmao 

It was almost 10 when you left the house with a ruby colored dress, a pair of black high heels (that really hurt by the way, who even invented them) and a little bit of make up to not look like a potato at the party you were about to attend. Well, they’d be all drunk at some point anyway but it was a little too late to think about that now. The moment you had entered the door, you already regretted coming there. It would have been much better without all the noise and the mass of drunk people replaced by your loved ones. However you family lived far away and the only friend you had was throwing this big ass party.

You sighed before you fought yourself through the crowd to get a cup of coke. You didn’t really feel like drinking alcohol, in fact you never did. What was so good about it anyway? Even though it was so tempting to escape the reality you were in right now.

Not even 30 minutes later you found a way upstairs to the roof and you inhaled softly, smiling to yourself. This felt much better.

“Please let 2017 be better. Please, please, please.” You whispered into the night, somehow hoping that it would reach the stars and universe when you looked up and met the beauty which extended itself in front of you.

“Alright.” It suddenly whispered back and your eyes widened, believing for a second that they were really talking to you.

However a pretty laugh resounded beside you and you whipped your head to the side, meeting a beautiful pair of eyes. If he wasn’t so handsome, you would have probably punched his face.

“Thanks, if you can really make my 2017 better, I’d be more than thankful to you.”

He chuckled, “I’ll call Santa and ask him if he can bring some belated presents. I have this kind of connection with his elves, you know. But don’t tell anyone.” Handsome winked at you and just then you noticed that he was even more beautiful when he smiled like that. It automatically made you smile too. (Even if he was lame af)

“So what do you want?”

Your smile vanished slowly when you remembered all the tragic things that had happened this year. It wasn’t like you were negative about a lot of things but 2016 had been really a tough year.

“Nothing really. I’m happy right now.” You lied but you didn’t really feel like telling this stranger all about it. It was easier to lie, he didn’t care anyway.

“You know, you look very beautiful,” he paused and you suppressed a blush, letting your face sink into your scarf. Usually you would have rolled your eyes at guys who said that, however he sounded so genuine and pure. “But there’s some kind of sadness in your eyes. Maybe I’m wrong but it makes me wanna make it go away.”

You were taken aback by his words. It hurt how much he knew just by looking at you and that he was so freaking right about it. But at the same time you were touched in way that he noticed and cared.

“It’s a shame pretty eyes like yours have so much sadness in them.” The boy sighed deeply, pulling at each string of your heart. Maybe he was just good at luring girls to like him yet you couldn’t help but do exactly that.

“2016 has been the worst year I’ve been through,” You suddenly blurted out in a faint voice, “the only thing I want is a moment of calmness. A moment where I don’t have to think about all the shit. Just a second…where I can be happy.” Tears gathered in the corner of your eyes and you felt so unbelievably stupid for crying.

There was a moment of silence before he spoke again.

“I’m sure my elves can do that much for you.” He said and you laughed a little.

“I appreciate that but Christmas is already over. I don’t think they would do that just because a whiny little girl from the other side of the world is having a hard time.”

“Oh they would. If I tell them they’re a friend of Hanbin then they will.”

“Who’s Hanbin?”

“I’m Hanbin.” Hanbin finally told you, your heart melting at the sound of his name. It was just as charming as him. “What about you, pretty girl?”

“You’re really bad at flirting,” You rolled your eyes at him, actually blushing and reacting exactly opposite to what you were saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“I never called a girl pretty. It’s a first for me and I never believed I had the guts to say it to a girl I liked.”

“Of course, that’s what they all say.” Your heart was racing so much, resounding in your ears, afraid he could hear it as well. He just said he liked you and yeah, even if it was weird and you’ve known each other for less than 2 hours, you kind of felt the same way.

“Y/N, you don’t have to believe me just yet but would you allow me to try granting your wish?” Hanbin’s gaze was so intense that it felt like the whole universe stopped for a millisecond.

“10…9…8…” The people cheered the countdown, making you realize that it was almost midnight.

“Are you really sure you can do that?”




“Then do it.”


The moment the clock stroke 12, everything went blank. Hanbin’s lips had just met yours, his fingers resting in the nape of your neck to pull you closer. It felt sweet, soft…gentle. In the distance, you heard the fireworks but what you could hear the clearest, was the sound of your heartbeat.

You felt…happiness. Even if it lasted for a few seconds only.

“I will try to make your 2017 better, Y/N.” Hanbin whispered against your lips after you parted.

You sighed in response.

“You already did.”