I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!

Kylie out in West Hollywood


Quentin Tarantino

Sinemanın dahi, çılgın ve fetişist çocuğu o. Gücünü aldığı kara mizahla, müzik zevkiyle, aykırılığıyla benim için herkesten bir adım önde olan bir usta. Filmlerini kendi zevkleri doğrultusunda çeken, bu nedenle herkesin sevemeyeceği Quentin Tarantino’nun 52. yaşını kült filmlerinden unutulmaz sahnelerle kutluyoruz.

Kendisini anlatan bir belgeselde Dünya’ya geliş amacını şöyle belirtmiştir:
"Tanrı’nın beni Dünya’ya mükemmel bir film yapmam için yolladığına inanıyordum ve o filmi yapmadan beni öldürmeyeceğine o kadar emindim ki Los Angles’ta depremler olduğunda apartmanından dışarı bile inmiyor, depremin tadını çıkarıyordum. Evet, beni öldürmeyecekti. Tabi Pulp Fiction’u yapana kadar. Artık yolda rahat yürüyemiyorum. Her an öleceğini düşünmek korkutuyor insanı." 

1) Reservoir Dogs (Rezervuar Köpekleri) / 1992

2) Pulp Fiction (Ucuz Roman) / 1993

3) Kill Bill / 2003

4) Inglourious Basterds (Soysuzlar Çetesi) / 2009

5) Django Unchained (Django Zincirsiz) / 2012

Seyirsiz kalmayın…


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ok but here’s an idea. my two year anniversary with this blog is in may. i may or may not actually reach 2k followers by then. but what if i had a day late-may/early june (obviously a day i wasn’t working) where i stream Mary Poppins and make it like an all day event? like just steam the movie a bunch of times so people in a bunch of timezones can all get together and watch it

like would that be a thing people would be interested in??? like a livestream kind of thing and we can chat and you can hear all my awful (wonderful) dirty jokes about the movie (and a certain nanny and her chimney sweep boyfriend) 

it’d be fun but would anyone be interested? i know some people havent seen it before and it’d be fun i think?? 


A/N: It has been a week or more since we didn’t post any fics because of exams T^T this fics is when you’re get jealous on a girl in his first movie debut « how I feels lately. Enjoy~


“Jagiya~ let’s watch a movie tonight!” I said as I placed two cups of hot chocolate at table in front of us and sat beside her.

“Okay, what movie will be?”

“JangSoo Shop! My movie!” I said in enthusiasm.
Suddenly her eyes widen as she was shocked. I furrowed my brows in confused.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Uh.. Nothing. Let’s watch it!”

I turned on the television and start picked the movie. I saw her not comfortable in her sat position.

“Do you want to go to bathroom first?”

“No, I’m fine” She smiled. I just nodded.

As the movie started. I was so excited and there was so many ‘whoa~ woah~’ escaped through my mouth while she was just sit beside me, hugging a pillow.. quiet. What’s wrong with her?
Then came my scene where I danced with the actress, Moon Gayoung. It felt awkward actually to watch a movie with my own girlfriend when I have to act as Gayoung’s boyfriend. Suddenly I turned into quite person. I saw her hold the pillow tightly and biting her lips. She looks really tense. Oh no.. I bite my lips in nervous. Then a kiss scene on the cheek came up…

“ANDWAE!!” She yelled towards the tv


She accidentally kicked her glass of chocolate out of the table and its broken into pieces on the floor. I was really shock, Oh please it’s not a horror movie.. Or it is?

“Omo! I’m sorry Chanyeol, I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to. Sorry.. sorry I’m sorry” she said in trembling voice as she gathered the pieces of glass with a little sob. Did she cried? I stay quiet until I saw a blood on her hand.

She’s bleeding..

“Jagiya!” I jumped out from sofa towards her with the pieces of broken glass.

“I’m so sorry Chanyeol, I didn’t meant to kick the glass like this. I was.. I..” She didn’t breathe normally and her hands trembling. She didn’t realize that she had a cut on her hand caused by a piece of broken glass.. Jagiya..

“YOUR HAND IS BLEEDING!” I accidentally yelled at her. She shocked and take a look at her hand.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I’ll wash this” She said as she stood up but I stopped  her. I let out a deep sigh.

“No, wait here. I’ll take the antiseptic”

I went to our first aid kit box and took a bandage and an antiseptic. Then I went back to her, I saw her sobbing while hissing in pain.

“Hold on, it may hurt a bit” I hurt your feelings more, didn’t I?
I kneel down in front of her. I held her hand and start give her wound with antiseptic. She hissed in pain and squeeze my shoulder. Finally, I bandaged the wound.

“Thank you Chanyeol” she was still sobbing and didn’t dare to look into my eyes. I lifted her face to my face and caressing her wet cheek.

“I’m sorry jagiya, I really sorry”

“No, I’m sorry, I ruined our movie night. Especially on your movie. Let’s watch it again!” She forced a smile and tugging me to sit beside her to watch the movie.

“No.. We shouldn’t” I said firmly


“You will break another glass again” I joked. But she’s frowned.

I knew she’s jealous. She’s really a kind hearted person who has a really sensitive feelings too. I should know from the start. I just want to show her my first act. I pulled her into my embrace. She leaned her head on my chest. I stroke her hair.

“I do really sorry Chanyeol. I want to watch the movie and see your acting skills. But, I can’t see you kiss her in front of me, even it’s just on a movie. I’m sorry” she sobbed again.

“It’s okay, I understand. Maybe I will do the same thing if I see you kissed by another man even it’s just a movie. Maybe I will kick the television this time”
She giggled and gave me a warm smile. I wiped off her tears and kiss her forehead. “You’re my only one”

The next morning, I woke up in empty bed. Strange. She usually still cuddling with me. Then I smell a fried eggs from the kitchen. Hmm.. breakfast.
I got up and went into the kitchen, I saw her preparing us a mini breakfast. I hugged her from behind and kiss her neck.

“Good morning handsome”

“Smells good”

“The fried egg? Yup, I added some new ingredients”

“No, I mean.. You” I kissed her neck again. She giggled and blushing as usual.

“Quick! Take a bath and have a breakfast before it turns cold”

“Okay. Today I’ll have an appointment with Mr. Kang. Come with me and we’ll have a date afterwards”

“Really? You let me come with you?”

“Yes, now dressed up. After breakfast we’ll go to meet him”

Then we went to a restaurant to meet Mr. Kang. I didn’t know why he called me to meet up with him in all of sudden.

“Good Morning, Mr.Kang” I greet him

“Oh, you’re already here Chanyeol-ssi, and this is?” He took a glance to ______

“This is _____ My girlfriend.” I introduced her to him. She bowed and smiled at him.

“Ah I see.. So, miss ____, did you enjoy your boyfriend first movie? I’m the movie director”

Oh not this again..

She just nodded and give her forced smile. Awkward..

“Jagiya, I heard this restaurant had rabbits in their backyard. Go see them, I’ll meet you there when this done”

“Really? Rabbits? Okay” I kissed her cheek and she went into the restaurant’s backyard. She really likes rabbits.

“Young lover~” Mr. Kang said in amusement. I blushed and rubbed my neck in nervous. Then I took a seat n front of him.

“Why did you want to meet me Mr. Kang?”

“Ah yes, I almost forgot. Chanyeol-ssi, I planned to make a new movie again next year. I would offered you as main cast. Would you take it?”

Movie? Main cast? Woah~

“What genre it will be?” I asked

“Romance” My eyes widen. What?! I stay silent.

“Come on Chanyeol-ssi. You’re a famous idol and you have a very good potential. So.. why not?”

I took a glance into her who holding a white rabbit through a window glass. No, I can’t hurt her feelings again. Even it will be just acting. But it will hurt her feelings again.

“well, Chanyeol-ssi?”

“I appreciate your offer Mr.Kang. But I really sorry, I can’t accept this. I’m still not ready for romance movie. It will hurt my fans’ feels, even my girlfriend’s feel. Besides, acting is not my passion. I prefer music. I really sorry” I looked down into my coffee. He chuckled.

“Well, how about you composing the soundtracks of my movie? I heard you good at composing songs”  

My face were light up of a sudden.

“Really? Sure! Sure! I really like composing songs”

“Okay then, you will be the composer plus song writer of my next movie. Nice to work with you Chanyeol-ssi”

“Thank you so much Mr. Kang. Thank you so much” I bowed a hundred times. Hahaha.

Then I went to the backyard to pick up her. I saw her talking to the rabbits while holding it in her arms.

“Mr. Rabbits, Do you think what will happen between Chanyeol oppa and Mr. Kang? Is he will be casted on a movie again? What if it’s true? The actresses must be a lot better than me. I’m afraid. I’m afraid he will get attracted to them”

Silly, she’s talking about me with a rabbit

“Do you think he will understand what you said?” I said as I hugged her from behind. She jumped off in shock.


“Sorry my loove~” I ruffled her hair.

“So, you will be casted in a movie?” she asked as she put down the rabbit


“As a main actor?”


“Romance movie?”

“Correct!” She frowned.

“Congratulations” she whispered.

Aigoo this girl..

“I didn’t say I accepted it, didn’t I?” She looked up

“What? What do you mean?”

“It’s true that I was offered by Mr. Kang to be a main actor. But I didn’t accept it. Then he offered me to be a song writer plus composer of their soundtracks and I accept it. Because I prefer music than acting” I smiled to her. She blinked a few times and then hug me tight.

“Oh My God! I’m so proud of you Chanyeol! I’m so happy! Thank you!”

“I love you so much ___-ah, don’t talk to a rabbit again ok?” I chuckled

“Rabbit is so cute! Can we keep it?”

“Jagiya, I have an allergic, don’t you remember?”




“Haha.. No”


“Let’s get you an ice cream~”


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good