Only 50 more days until the November 18th premiere of J.K. Rowling’s next round of wizarding adventures, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the folks behind the project have teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to premiere the final trailer for the film. In this new footage we see …

anonymous asked:

chanbaek!!! for both admins pls

(disclaimer from kimchinii: I don’t freaking know anything about them so it’s purely biased, they are defyooten’s otp :)) )

Who puts up the holiday decorations?
k: Chanyeol because Baekhyun made him.

Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?
k: Chanyeol because I kinda see Baekhyun as an picky eater.

Who always forgets to pick up their wet towels in the bathroom?
k: Chanyeol again.

Who talks smack while playing video games?

Who watches Jeopardy and calls out the answers?
k: Baekhyun, but his answers are always wrong.

Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?
k: I will say Chanyeol bc he just seems like a big cry baby.

Who sings along with the radio?
k: Both of them. Chanyeol starts it and then Baekhyun joins.

Who falls asleep on the other?
k: Baekhyun because Chanyeol’s big and comfy.