So Teen Nick is doing their 25th anniversary of their original Nickelodeon animation thing where they have the voice actors and creators and shit talk about the cartoons and all that and this weekend, they’re on Ren and Stimpy. It’s pretty telling that in addition to Billy West and the dude who voiced Muddy Mudskipper and George Liquor, they have an executive producer most people haven’t heard of instead of Kricfalusi.

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Can you talk more about fushimi and awashima (serisaru?) in a relationship? It's been interesting me ever since that first person mentioned it, thanks!

I tend to see them more in a sibling-type relationship, but I can do romantic too ^^ I like the idea of Awashima being sweet to Fushimi but also stern and then he’s all awkwardly kind to her, like she probably catches him overworking himself and has to order him to quit it and go to bed but then she walks him all the way back to the dorms and maybe lets him lay his head on her shoulder all tiredly. Then one day post-ROK they’ve been super busy taking care of all the fallout and Awashima especially has been working extra hard due to Fushimi and Munakata both dealing with injuries and Fushimi walks in to find her asleep at her desk. He kinda huffs a little like ‘and you’re always yelling at me’ but he puts his coat around her shoulders anyway. Awashima wakes up and sees whose coat she’s wearing and she smiles a little, later on when she gives it back to him and thanks him Fushimi just looks away and clicks his tongue, telling her not to overdo it either.

Also imagine them on cute dates, I think Awashima would enjoy more traditional ‘girly’ dates and Fushimi doesn’t even know how you do those. Like they go to some kind of cute cafe and Awashima’s ordering sweet things with anko on top while Fushimi just goes down the menu vetoing everything because too sweet, not sweet enough, too sticky, too much glaze, etc. Awashima finally puts on her superior officer voice as she orders him to eat some food and Fushimi eventually ends up having to eat a nice slice of cake or something. Awashima offers him some anko and Fushimi’s just like 'no thanks.’ Awashima is determined to get him to eat tasty healthy anko at some point though, like she knows her boyfriend is an unhealthy little shit and she is determined to get him into shape by any means necessary – oh, imagine her inviting him to the dojo to like practice kickboxing with her and Fushimi can’t even make more than one round because he’s not good at that type of fighting. Actually it’d just be cute in general with them since Awashima could probably snap his skinny nerd body in two, imagine them getting into some situation like what happens in Case Files and this time it’s Fushimi who gets to be princess carried by Awashima, blushing slightly and grimacing the whole time.

Random Asks

Posting a bunch of asks like this because I’m so bad at replying and they just keep piling up. Most of these are anon, some are not. Sorry for not replying straight to you but a lot of them are kinda old so you probably forgot you wrote me anyway.

-   Do you do commissions?’

-   Love love love your style! Do you ever do commissions?

Nope, sorry, I’m too busy for commissions! I might do some in the future but I don’t really plan on it. we’ll see what happens.

-   How do you skan your sketchbook drawings? Ps I LOVE YOUR STYLE OD DRAWING ITS SO AMAZING 💕

ok, I don’t understand this question. I put my sketchbook in a scanner and it scans? usually at 300 or 600 dpi. and then I use “levels” in photoshop to adjust the white/black ratio, is this… what you wanted to know?

-   can we use your art as icons if we give credit? its very cute i love your art so much!

yeah sure! I feel a bit weird if ppl use my self-portraits (like my ootd drawings) for icons though. just because, that’s me. but if you credit it’s all good I guess, ha.

-   Hi sorry to bother you but I was wondering how do you go about drawing? Do you use any kind of guidelines? I would really appreciate if you could give an example but you don’t have to if it’s too much. I love your style by the way<3

-   You’re art is so nice and awesome! Please, will you teach me how to art?

I’m not a tutorial kind of artist, sorry! and I think my technique is pretty regular too. I sketch my drawings out in coloured pencils and then I ink on top of that. I don’t have any examples on how I sketch but I try to capture the whole thing before getting into details…?  @veesdumpingrounds has some good art tutorials. as does Norman Lemay @grizandnorm

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Cute Little Monsters - hybridau

Suho got a cute little lamb from China. Kris got a sassy wushu panda. Sehun got a pretty hyperactive deer that drives him crazy. Kai got a squishy fluff ball of a penguin. Chanyeol got one hell of a diva puppy. Chen got an adorable sneaky cat. [P.S.K]: just……just read it’s so worth it

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@aliveria replied to your post “*goes to the kink meme for the first time in months*”

i have big hopes for your solas sub week though

@aliveria replied to your post “*goes to the kink meme for the first time in months*”

poor solas lmao. he doesn’t deserve this ok!!! just let us solavellans tend our crops in peace

As my good friend @frillyorlesiancakes once said, our crops are all watered by the power of our solavellan tears. 

And thank you I am hoping sub solas week makes up for the apocalyptic wasteland that is now the kink meme. 

Ok so, I just noticed while reading the goblet of fire:
Ron and Harry while they’re making shit up for their divination homework, Harry makes up:
I will be in danger of burns
I’ll lose a treasured possession
Get stabbed in the back by someone I thought was a friend.
Each prediction represents each task in the Triwizard Tournament.

  • me:hello sir what is your opinion on harry’s behaviour in the order of the phoenix?
  • random person:well I think he was totally acting like a whining girl on her perio—
  • me:unfollow, block, report, delete, send to church to atone for their sins

ok but like story time so this huge guy that looks like he could fucking work at my school but he’s just a senior came up to me and said in like a super deep voice but that was just his normal voice k but so i’m just sitting there reading cursed child and he come up to me and says “yo is that cursed child”and i’m like

“… yeah…”

so he asks me how it is and then next thing i know we are haveing a huge harry potter conversation till the period ends 

never judge a book by its cover they could be trash just like you

when  u  think  a   rel a tion s hip   might be  leaning towards iffy but ur also paranoid  &  jad ed  from previou s  experiences

what do you love about him

sharing this piece of descriptive emotional bullshit with you that i wrote earlier tonight
cause people showing physical love is cute, but the afterthoughts and longing for that physical love is cuter imo

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Wondering if anyone else's "M.O.D.O.K arrives" timer is busted? Mine now just continually reads arrives in 4 days 4 hours... Is there an update I'm missing?

Nope, no update missing. TinyCo is just behind in rolling out the next phase of everything. I would expect it to show up later tonight. The timer was most likely programmed to start counting down at 3pm PST, so that’s why it switched before everything.

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Not gonna lie after reading your post of Eren and Armin, I'm scared for their friendship later on..

Yeah I am pretty scared as well. When I first read the translation of the interview in which Isayama says that they are not always going to always be as good friends I was quite sad about it. 

I refound the links to the translation of that interview in case anyone is interested:




And for completeness sake, I’ll also link to the new interview in which Isayama states that they (and Mikasa) will go into different directions:



ALSO, thought that I should mention that in the Bessatsu magazine - Q&A section, Isayama was asked:
“Q: Has Armin and Eren ever fought before?

and he answered
A: I’ll be writing about that part of their relationship one day.”


So it does look like they will have some sort of disagreement at some point, but I wonder if they will grow apart or if they will still remain good friends afterwards?

In the most recent chapter we really see how much Eren really cares about Armin, so it seems so strange to imagine them not being close friends in the future.


I do wonder what will cause them to have a disagreement. I have a few ideas:

  • Eren and Armin having different ways of thinking as described in the newest interview.
  • Armin’s belief that “in order to surpass monster’s you have to be willing to throw away your humanity”.
  • Disagreements about the events that happened in chapter 84.
  • The “memory theory”.