Wiing Wiing (위잉위잉)
Hyukoh (혁오)
Wiing Wiing (위잉위잉)

Artist: Hyukoh (혁오)
Song: Wiing Wiing (위잉위잉)
Album: 20 EP

“Wiing Wiing (위잉위잉)” is the title song of Hyukoh’s debut album, 20, created by Oh Hyuk. The song has similar riffs and musical style to Thornapple (쏜애플) but is more calm and soothing. With Oh Hyuk’s smooth vocals along with the bass, drums, and electric guitar, it’s a song that you can relax to and find strangely addicting as you’ll want to keep it on replay.

Click here to watch the MV.


Proud of this one. 
1 - 0:00 - ideadead - 써
2 - 3:56 - ideadead - Ariel
3 - 10:08 - corduroymusic - 창문
4 - 14:07 - DARIN MUSIC AREA - 새벽빛
5 - 13:12 - DARIN MUSIC AREA - 니가 잠든 사이에 나는
6 - 19:43 - Jiye Kim - In Your Love
7 - 24:08 - The Klipp - Portland
8 - 28:59 - Lovewave - Somebody
9 - 32:17 - Shlovesyou - Cure
10 - 35:51 - CIKI - 시월
11 - 36:57 - CIKI - 넌 클럽이니 난 집인데

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Your Song with 이진아 & 정승환 & 권진아
샘김 (SAM KIM)
Your Song with 이진아 & 정승환 & 권진아

Artist: Sam Kim
Song: Your Song with Lee Jin Ah & Jeong Seung Hwan & Kwon Jin Ah
Album: My Name is Sam

Korean American Sam Kim (runner up in season 3 of K-Pop Star) has released his debut mini-album through his record label, Antenna Music. ‘My Name is Sam’ is comprised of three songs and features some of Antenna’s other artists like Lee Jin Ah, Kwak Jin Ah, and Jung Seung Hwan. The folk-indie-ballad mix of the songs is really pleasing to the ears.