k-chanlovesanimexd:​ IdaTatsu or SameWada with number 19. 
19: Underwater Kiss

Short something-something.

- Instigate

The first time they kiss, she is the one who initiates it.

After countless times of being in one anothers company, and growing closer, there had been many instances of ‘almost’ and 'nearly’s regarding their lips meeting. However, each and every time, just as she was certain he would close the gap, Idate would gain a twinkle in his eye and turn his head aside to take a drag from his cigarette instead.

She was embarrassed to admit it, but it was highly frustrating for her, and it was quite ridiculous to feel jealous of a cigarette since it had touched what she had yet to.

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I wonder which rpg maker games I love the most ahahaha

I was so happy to see so many Wadanohara and The Gray Garden cosplays I wish I could of caught all of them.

also got to meet my favorite youtuber and messed up when taking a pic with him curse my dumb face why can’t I smile like everyone else I look so bored while in reality I’m internally screaming

Please tell me if you’re one of these amazing cosplayers I’d love to tag you and possibly talk maybe


Samekichi / Kcalb: ManlyBadassHero

Female Kcalb: Blindfoldmemory

Normal Outfit Wadanohara: lapinquin

Yosafire: Memoryprince

Etihw:  k-chanlovesanimexd

True End Wadanohara: sweetsugardrops

Red Witch Wadanohara:  complexies

So I hopped onto the bandwagon and made this! I love you guys uwu
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Wadanohara related phone selfies are up from Holiday Matsuri. It was lovely meeting all of you! You’re all such cuties~! I apologize for such the low quality, that’s what I get for trying to be cool and taking selfies on my potato. uwu;