TOP 20 Spotify Charts Korean Boy Groups

1. Bigbang - Fantastic Baby
2. Bigbang - Loser
3. Bigbang - Bang Bang Bang
4. EXO - Call Me Baby
5. Bigbang - Bad Boy
6. Bigbang - Blue
7. Bigbang - Bae Bae
8. Bigbang - Monster 
9. EXO-K - Overdose
10. EXO - Growl
11. Bigbang - If You
12. BTS - I Need U
13. Bigbang - Still Alive
14. EXO - Love Me Right
15. Bigbang - We Like 2 Party
16. Bigbang - Sober
17. Bigbang - Tonight
18. Bigbang - Love Song
19. BTS - Danger
20. Bigbang - Let’s not fall in love


So, today in class, I was discussing the DW 50th Anniversary Special with my friend, let there be british, and how it won’t be the same without Jack or Martha or Mickey. Then it hit me. 

There will be no Sarah Jane. 

So, we both got really sad and quiet. And we both agreed on something. It just won’t be the same. 

SO, I think that we should all have a moment of silence for OUR Sarah Jane. 

Reblog this. Please, please reblog this. 

K-9 Returns in Stargazing LIVE! on BBC Two (UK)

via the BBC Doctor Who Blog:

K-9 returns to our screens this week as part of the new series of Stargazing LIVE. The Doctor’s faithful metal friend will be appearing in all three ‘Back to Earth’ shows as the new question master, posing a ‘space brainteaser’ to a number of special guests…

Stargazing LIVE is back on BBC Two for a third three-night series from tomorrow (Tuesday, 8 January) and aims to encourage everyone – from the complete beginner to the enthusiastic amateur – to make the most of the night sky.

Professor Brian Cox (who many will recall from his cameo appearance in The Power of Three) and Dara O Briain will broadcast from the control room of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, interacting live with the audience and calling on a starry collection of the country’s finest astronomical minds to explore the wonders of the cosmos. You can find out more about the series at the BBC’s Stargazing LIVE pages.

Immediately after each episode of Stargazing LIVE, Brian Cox, Dara O Briain and their guests return for an extra half hour of chat, debate and audience participation in three shows called Back to Earth. And that’s where K-9 will be on hand to give the benefit of his experience traveling amongst the stars!

Scooby Who by robotrobotROBOT.

When you think of famous canines there’s a few that come to mind - Lassie, Benji, Inspector Rex, Bouncer from Neighbours (for all the Aussies and Brits reading) - but none are more famous or loved than those which can talk: Scooby Doo and Doctor Who’s K-9.

And what do you get if these two were to have a love-child? Scooby Who - the time-traveling, crime-solving,  canine robot companion.

Scooby Doo meets Doctor Who in this canine mash-up.

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