Prompt by the Tumblr user @a-kabby-k;

“AU Post 1x09, After the Exodus’ disaster, about 150 people survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decided to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive and edicts a new law: Each person between eighteen and fifty years are obliged to have a new child.”

Much thanks to Lydia @charmingly-evil for all her help.
Unbeta-d. So beware.

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“Hello Jaha. Yes, our consummation date is scheduled for today.”

“I know, I was just checking in to make sure you have everything you need. How are you feeling?”

“How do you think?” Abby rolled her eyes and balanced the phone between her ear and shoulder before grabbing up her plates and taking them to her makeshift kitchen. Her room was devoid of any sound. Her husband was floated first then her daughter was sent down for a suicide mission.

“I know that we’re asking a lot from you,” Jaha spoke from the other end of the line. “But I would like to thank you for doing this. I know how difficult it must be for you, especially with Kane….”

“I’m not doing this for you Jaha, I’m doing this for our people, for the Ark.” she mumbled as she turned on the faucet and watched the cold water rain down on her dirty plates in the sink. “I can’t believe it’s come to this. It’s funny, isn’t it? Our ancestors had fears that we would over populate the ark. Never would they have imagined that we’d have the opposite issue.”

“You’re right, that’s why we’re all doing it.” Jaha, the voice of the reason, kept talking. “I should be seeing Callie tomorrow.”

“I just find it idiotic how I’m stuck with Kane.” Abby sighed and leaned back against the counter. “When there are plenty of other men on the Ark…”

“Abby, we’ve been over this. You two are-“

“Genetically compatible, yes I know.” She looked down on the ground. Did she even have a choice?

She swallowed before making her way to the bathroom, switching the phone from her left ear to the right. On the other end of the line, Jaha continued. “It is necessary for the survival of the human race.”

Abby had heard these words before. Yes, she had been hearing the Chancellor repeat them over and over again for the past couple of the days, ever since the Exodus Accident. Too many people were lost, thanks to Diana. If they weren’t careful, the humanity was going to become extinct. Abby understood the consequences. This was Jaha being careful.

“We need to repopulate the Arc.” Jaha spoke.

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