I just reached 15k. Love y’all. ;v;

Also, I wanted to inform that I’ve been working on PDF versions of my translations. As in the whole Violet Evergarden novel, the last volume of Kagerou Daze and K SIDE:GREEN. This is both because a lot of people prefer to read in PDF format and because I needed to do proofreading. There’s also the fact that people make my unrevised and unedited translations into PDFs and distribute them without my permission despite me asking them not to do it. -_-’

That being said, I’d like to ask for opinions regarding the font. I’m going to use Verdana because it’s one of the easiest fonts to read, but I’m not certain about what font size I should use. I’m thinking 11, but I wanna know what you guys think. Should make it bigger or just change the font type altogether?


一  Miyano Mamoru ✧「宮野 真守」✮ June 8

To the one voice that has captivated my heart by far
For the only seiyuu who is my sun, moon and stars
Wishing you lifelong happiness, wherever you are

         ❤ Happy 35th Birthday Mamo-san! ❤

Why is the default always “straight” when it comes to characters? From now I’m assuming every character isn’t 100% straight unless it’s specifically addressed multiple times.

Like sorry honey, that character isn’t straight…it’s only a headcanon until it’s 100% confirmed in show and the character says “I’m straight” and then the creators also say the character is in fact straight…jeez don’t know why this is so hard for some people understand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Entering a new fandom like

Who’s this?

Who’s this?

Who will I ship today?

Who’s this?

Who’s this?

Will it be lesbian or gay?


「 梶 裕貴 」Vivacity. Variety. Versatility. Vitality. Yuki Kaji.

Thank you for all the characters you’ve brought to life & all the characters that’ll captivate our hearts in the future.

Happy Birthday Kaji-kun! ⭐ (Sept.3) 💗 💗 💗


New K Seven Stories Trailer


ㅡ To include all your roles would be impossible 

From ‘yes, My Lord’ to ‘IZ-A-YA’

Your voice is a work of art…

Timeless & Unforgettable

Happy Birthday Ono Daisuke! ☆ (05.04.78) ❤❤❤


New teaser