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[anon voice] what is ur favorite thing about yoonseok

oh boy

1. the shoulder touches

2. clingy hobi

3. hands holding

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4. making each other laugh and being dorky together

5. hoseok doing this thing and yoongi just going along with it

6. hoseok picking yoongi up

7. this photo

i can go on and on: about how sassy they are and supportive of each other, how they always hype up each other etc i love them bye

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Idk if you've done this before so sorry if you have, but what yoonseok moments made you ship them so hard??

it’s okay, i haven’t done this before. and even if i had i’m always happy to talk about them! 

1. when hoseok was freaking out before getting on the banana boat and yoongi was trying to comfort him 

2. when they fell off that banana boat yoongi was the first one to find him

3. when hoseok was freaking out (again) in the amusement park yoongi was trying to comfort him (again)

4. when hoseok was freaking out (again) before bungee jumping and yoongi started freaking out too but was still encouraging and hyping hobi up

yoongi was like ‘of course hobi has no choice but to jump now that everybody else has jumped!!! J-HOPE FIGHTING!!!’

Lestrade needs Sherlock and John to go undercover at ski lodge as a couple to solve a double homicide. He explains that it is a gay resort, the killer is super flamboyant, and therefore they both need to be very campy. Sherlock is excited- he loves the dramatic. Although, he won’t admit it to Lestrade, he really is thrilled at the prospect that he gets to kiss and hug John in all kinds of public displays of affection…..
Kissthemgoodbye screen cap, texts from last night