I’ll be your idol and your rival.

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko

ph @wecanchangenow

Sometimes the memories come
Like yellow honey droplets
The night I loved you
Walking among tulips on a sunny spring day
Our hands intertwined
Lips never separated long enough to taste of anything but each other
Sometimes it is swallowing glass
Dark storm clouds over the sun
The night you wished it was her
Lied in bed next to me
But dreamt of her
It surfaces the way night does
After a warm summer day
Unwanted but unstoppable
It feels inevitable
Like loving water and fire all combined into one
Meaning you must accept the rain clouds and fervor of wildfires
The passion of the ocean pulling others in
Only to drown them, spit them back out
The way the sparks of a fire sometimes stray
From the pit it was kindled in
It is an act of love to enjoy the stars the darkness brings in summer
To find contentment in the sounds of the storm while next to the fireplace
Loving you
Is an exercise in balance
Finding the beauty in the remains of pain
Finding the new growth after a wildfire
Finding seashells after a hurricane
—  Athena Kay