k's kitchen

  • sun woo: okay, what i am going to show you is classified information: i have powers, ah ro.
  • ah ro: uh huh...
  • sun woo: i trust you'll keep it a secret between us?
  • ah ro: *rolls eyes* pinky promise.
  • sun woo: okay, watch closely.
  • sun woo: *touches pan on turned off stove*
  • *pan immediately catches on fire*
  • ah ro: WHAT THE FUCK?
Some of my Korean notes that I'm going to share


🐾 8 pronunciation groups

1. ㄱ, ㅋ , ㄲ = as K (when the word is not followed by another vowel

ex: 속 [so"k"] inside 부엌 [bu- eo"k"] kitchen
밖 [ba"k"] outside

2. ㄴ = N (always the same)

ex: 눈 [nun] eye, snow
편지 [pyeon- ji] letter

3. ㄷ, ㅅ, ㅈ, ㅊ, ㅌ, ㅆ = T (when the word is not followed by another vowel)

ex: 곧 [go"t"] soon 숟가락 [sut-ga-rak] spoon
빗 [bi"t"] comb 꽃 [ggot] flower
빛 [bi"t"] light 끝 [ggeut] end
옷 [ot] clothing 낮 [nat] daytime

4. ㄹ = L (when word ends with ㄹ )

ex: 달 moon
딸기 strawberry
얼굴 face
가을 autumn

if ㄹ is followed by another ㄹ = both of ㄹ is L also

5. ㅁ = M (same always)

ex: 봄 [bom] spring
밤 [bam] night, chestnut
점심 [jeom-sim] lunch
마음 [ma-eum] heart

6. ㅂ, ㅍ = short P at the final syllable

7. ㅇ = -ng

8. ㅎ = silent (when it is end of syllable followed vowel

9. ㅎ + ㄱ = K 놓고 [no- ko] put and
ㅎ + ㄷ = T 좋다 [Jo- ta] to be good
ㅎ + ㅈ = Ch 좋지 [ jo-chi]

In 앉다 , ㅈ is not pronounced (sounds like 안)

In 읽다, ㄹ is not pronounced (sounds like 익)

In 없, ㅅ is not pronounced (sounds like 업)


I made this summary about the correct reading of certain words/letters from a book I’ve read before. I hope this would be helpful to you guys and if there are some mistakes, you can just tell me and I’m going to change or edit this one.

화이팅!!! 😄😄😄


Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin invites his talkative, slightly rebellious boyfriend over for dinner.

Jongin fixes his rectangular rimmed glasses for the nth time with shaky fingers.

“Babe, calm down,” Kyungsoo says as he throws an arm around Jongin’s shoulders. His leather jacket rises along with his white v-neck shirt as he does so. 

“Y-you don’t k-know my parents Kyungsoo,” he says fidgeting with his fingers and his head hanging low. Currently, they’re standing on the front porch of Jongin’s home not moving an inch. Jongin’s fear stops them in their tracks and Kyungsoo tries to pacify him with words of reassurance but it doesn’t quite work. 

They’ve been dating for five months now and it’s finally time for Kyungsoo to meet his parents. He’s held off this day for as long as he can in fear that they wouldn’t approve. After all, Kyungsoo is someone who he isn’t. Where Jongin wears khakis and blouses, Kyungsoo dons leather jackets and holey jeans. Where Jongin is a straight A student, Kyungsoo’s record is decorated with a spectrum of letters, ranging from B to Fs. 

Complete opposites, they are. But even with their differences, they’ve managed to come this far and the next step is to convince Jongin’s parents that Kyungsoo is someone worthy to date. 

“Jongin,” Kyungsoo looks at him straight on, moving both palms from Jongin’s shoulders down to his wrists, “Everything will be alright. I’m just going to be myself. That’s enough for you isn’t it?” Jongin nods his head. “Then I wouldn’t see how that isn’t enough for your parents.” he lopsidedly grins. “Look at me, babe.” Jongin raises his head, his glasses resting on the tip of his nose from the tilt, “Let’s get in there.” 

“O-okay,” Jongin clears his throat and removes the house keys from his pocket. After unlocking the door, he steps inside. “M-mom, dad, I’m home.” 

“Welcome home sweetie,” comes the customary call from his mother who is busying herself in the kitchen. 

“K-kyungsoo is here for dinner,” he informs her, and not two seconds later she emerges from the kitchen, concealed surprise in her features. 

“Hello, Kyungsoo.” she offers her hand for Kyungsoo to shake, however, he goes in for a hug, taking her off guard. “Oh!” she gasps, “Thank you,” she pulls back from the hug, awkwardly patting her apron down. 

“A handshake is so formal,” Kyungsoo shrugs, sticking his hands inside his pockets, “I mean, you’re Jongin’s mom, so…” he clears his throat, “Quite a lovely place you got here, I quite like the colors,” he points to a painting, “I’ve seen this at an exhibit not too long ago.” 

“Why yes, it was for sell and we bought it,” Jongin’s mother says. 

“Nice.” Kyungsoo throws a glance at Jongin, who responds with a small bashful smile. 

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some chase headcanons! ((i am sO trash for this boi)) falls asleep with his kids on the couch a lot; has the softest morning smile ever; will tango around the living room very badly with you for no real reason; likes big silly doggos; always looks SUPER smug after making a good pun; likes playing with your hair; has a really good internal metronome; likes rubbing his nose against yours; comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist when you're doing stuff in the kitchen [k]

these are so cute, i swear i’m loving him more and more now 💚

  • your first date with chase is probably to an old arcade place, where chase proudly shows off how skilled he is at pacman. you guys go out for ice cream afterwards.
  • gets massive bedhead, that’s why he wears hats pretty much all the time.
  • usually when he can’t sleep, he’ll talk to you about rather philosophical questions, which usually end up with the two of you laughing when things get too deep.
  • loves holding hands and when you’re constantly out with him, he’ll hold your hand. he’ll ask before hand, of course. 
  • it’s obvious just how much he loves his kids and how much he wants to give them a good future.
  • enjoys going out to burger joints and will tell you the best ones to go to.
  • sends you a lot of flirtatious text messages, followed by a bunch of memes. especially ones about your current favorite show.
  • is actually a bit of a hopeless romantic?? despite his ‘dude bro’ stance.
Kasperi Kapanen - The notes.

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So I do not see nearly enough about Kasperi. Could you maybe write a fluffy Kapanen thing? Love your blog. Thanks!

Warnings : cancer talk, failing school work.

Normally, you loved Friday, but this Friday you were anything but in love.

Your week had been awful. You had failed your History test, You had lost your keys and ended up being late to work for the first time ever. To top it off your Uncle had been told his cancer had came back. You wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed and not get out until it was Monday.

“Kasperi?” You yelled out as you walked into your house. You had just gotten done placing your keys and shoes into there right spots when you smelled a sweet smell to your left.

Looking over you were face to face with a big vase full of red roses and a note. Smiling to yourself your grabbed the note and began to read it.

     I know you haven’t had the best week, and I wish I could take your pain away, but we know that can’t happen. However, I can make you smile. So, I have placed little gifts around the house for you. Your last gift will end with me. So, when you’re ready go into the kitchen. ;)



You made your way into the kitchen like Kasperi said. That’s where you were greeted with a bottle of your favorite wine, some chocolate and a new note.

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine baby girl, and then make your way into the living room -K  

Smiling you poured your glasses of wine, stealing a chocolate from the box then made your way to the living room. Your smile got ten times bigger when you saw about twenty new books on your coffee table. A note placed on top.

Books are your hockey, and if I know one thing it is that your can read everyday if you could. So, here are some of your books on your “Must read list.” Along with some books from your favorite authors. Next, make your way to the bathroom. - K

Smiling more you made your way into the bathroom. Sitting, on the ground was a big basket full of face masks, bubble bath, candles and sprays. Along with a note. Plucking the note out of the basket, you opened it and began to read.

I hope you’re smiling, because I love your smile. If not here are somethings I know that WILL make you smile. Now, go into our room. ;) -K

“What are you up too, mister.” You spoke to yourself as you made your way into your bedroom only to find the most beautiful dress you have seen, along with some new shoes. Along with a note.

New stuff always smells so good. I saw this dress last week when I was on my trip to New York. It made me think of you. As for the shoes, I know you’re not a big heel girl so here are a pair of your favorite shoe brand. Sadly, we are coming to an end, so make you way down to the Kitchen again. -K  

You ran down the stairs and into the kitchen only to find a smiling Kasperi with a box of pizza in his hands. Without saying a word you placed your glass of wine on the table and hugged Kasperi.

“Thank you. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I love it and I love you.” You smiled as you pressed a kiss to his lips.

“There’s that smile.” Kasperi laughed. “I love you too, babygirl. I know you have had a shit week, but no matter what I’m here. Always.”

“Thank you.”


Up next: Morgan Rielly 

Smut Headcanon Game

I’ve adapted these from @niall-hor-man‘s headcanon game I found!  Feel free to send me a member and whichever era/au you’d like! Though I request you keep it to two letter maximum in an ask. In order to avoid vague replies, please be sure to include a respective era or AU. 

A: Aphrodisiac (What encourages or entices them to make a move?)

B: Birthday (Describe birthday sex)

C: Compliments (Mid- and post-sex compliments)

D: Dancing (Describe when dancing gets a little dirty….)

E: Experimenting (Trying something new)

F: Firsts (First time having sex together)

G: Gentle (Describe gentle/loving mid-sex gestures)

H: Handsy (When they can’t keep their hands to themselves)

I: Initiator (Who initiates most of the time? How?)

J: Jealous (“Claiming” a partner)

K: Kitchen (Describe a sex scene in the kitchen)

L: Likes (What they like in the bedroom)

M: Morning (Describe morning sex)

N: Never (Things they would never try)

O: Orgasm (Describe coming–who comes first? What do they say? How does the other person know it’s approaching?)

P: Playlist (A playlist for getting down and dirty; will probably include a lap dance song, a song for making love, and a song that represents their sex life)

Q: Quiet (Reaction to a quiet partner)

R: Ruttish (Signs that they’re horny)

S: Safe Word (How often is the safe word used? Why?)

T: Teasing (Who’s the tease in the relationship? What do they do? How often?)

U: Undressing (Strip teasing a partner)

V: Videos (Sending NSFW videos to each other)

W: Wedding Night (Consummating the marriage)

X: XXX (What kind of porn does the person watch? How often?)

Y: Yawn (How they sleep post-sex)

Z: Zoo (Their animalistic qualities in the bedroom)

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Can you do an imagine where k is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for r when she comes in wearing k's shirt and the only thing k can do is kiss her and tell her how cute she is?

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“Something smells good.”

Kara turned away from the sizzling pan in front of her at the sound of your voice, which was still groggy from sleep.  Her eyes practically lit up at the sight of you wearing nothing but one of her old high school t-shirts.

“Good morning,” she beamed.  The blonde hurried to make you a cup of coffee and set it in front of you at the kitchen counter, accompanied by a chaste kiss.  “I love the way you look in my shirts.”

“What?” you chuckled.  “This old thing?  I just threw it on.”

My type | Lee Taeyong

Hi! I want to request a f*ckboy type scenario with Taeyong! Thanks~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ reader pov This was not my style. At. All.The party was in full swing, bodies dancing, sexual tension, alcohol circling, and loud music-all provided by Odessa aka the nct frat boy house. The house itself was impressive and it wasn’t a surprise that it became a party house frequented by the boys who called themselves nct. I wasn’t close to many of them, but I knew of them. The infamous group was all the gossip among both gender groups. Of course not one, but two members from the group had begged me to join them at this party, Johnny and Doyoung were those two idiots. Of course there’s the rest of nct consisting of Yuta, WinWin, Jaehyun, Taeil, Hansol, Ten, Kun, Lucas, and Lee Taeyong. Now I say Lee Taeyong because he’s probably the most infamous one of them all-at least in my opinion. Lee Taeyong, 21 Years old, with the worlds most intimidating gaze, and sultry eyes that can have any girls or guys knees weak with one look. He was definitely hot and he also knew it and used that to his advantage. Girls through themselves at him from left and right. He was with one girl one day and another the next. He’d text multiple girls the same same cliche ‘sweet’ messages. I guarantee if I looked up fuckboy in any dictionary a picture of Lee Taeyong would show up.Don’t get me wrong each boy is the same way. They’d probably all be stacked in the dictionary under the fuckboy definition as well. Even Johnny and Doyoung. Both boys were odd beings of course. Under the charismatic character of the two, there was the giant squirrel and the adorable bunny boy’s that had become my best friends at this school. So how on earth did they drag me here?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was currently 8:32 and I was very very bored. As soon as Johnny and Doyoung had dragged me into the house the two boys disappeared within two seconds flat, I’m not joking. Poof, gonzo into the crowd of sweaty college students attempting to get it on. I was more on an observer rather than and engager and I’ve got to say many of these dance moves were quite….interesting. I’ve seen the dances go from swaying to jumping up and down to gangnam style to a twisted version of dance dance revolution. It was wild and I wanted no part of it. Currently, I was perched against the wall, watching amused as Johnny bounced around from group to group, greeting everyone in such an eccentric action that only belonged to Johnny. I had my arms crossed as my right leg was propped against the wall just watching said boy have an unlimited supply of energy. “Yah! Come on y/n don’t be a loner come dance with me!” Speak of the devil.I shook my head a smile playing at my nude covered lips. I watched as he pouted. I quickly covered my eyes shouting, “Not the pout!” Next thing you know Johnny bounded up to me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me out into the crowd and began dancing to Jay Parks “Mommae”. I laughed as Johnny pulled his ‘swagger’ moves out and motioned for me to do the same. I sighed dramatically before breaking out into dance just in time for the chorus to kick in. People all around us cheered and began to mimic our moves as I twirled laughing. After a few songs I felt my body begging for a break. “Yo seo-squirrel!” On cue his head snapped toward me.“I’m gonna go get a drink from the kitchen k?” I shouted and he sent me the okay sign back before I spun around and made my way into the kitchen. I wrinkled my noise at the obvious spiked punch bowl and spun toward the overly large nct fridge in search for something that wouldn’t cause me to regret every decision from tonight.“Okay milk? Nah. Orange juice? Maybe. What’s in the jug? Oh! That’s sick! Okay so water it is then-”“Need some help? I snapped upright so quick jumping with a small yelp before snapping my head to the source to my left only to see the one and only Jung Jaehyun smiling cheekily at me with his arms crossed as he leaned against the wall conveniently next to the fridge.

“Don’t do that.” I muttered hand over my heart, feeling it beating wildly under my palm. Jaehyun chuckled. He. Chuckled. The freaking nerve of this boy. I huffed glaring at him before raising my hand, balling it into a fist and throwing a jab at his body part closest to me. Whcoh happened to be his arm. “Ow! Jesus okay sorry sorry. Note to self don’t scare y/n ever.” He hissed rubbing his arm. I huffed at him before I scanned the contents of the fridge again with distaste. “Hey y/n I got a delicious drink just for you.” I would’ve believed him if he didn’t have the smallest mischievous smirk playing on his lips. I glared at him and he pushed me back and reached into the fridge pulling out the mysterious and disgusting looking jug from just a few minutes ago. He held it up cheekily as my nose wrinkled did I leaned away from it as if it was the plague, probably was.“Oh come on y/n! Just try it! I wouldn’t poison you you know.” Sadly I didn’t believe him and neither did the other person who just walked into the room. “I wouldn’t be too sure Jaehyun. Now leave the girl alone she obviously isn’t into you. There’s plenty of other girls in the den why don’t you go on the prowl for one?” Of course Lee Taeyong just had to appear. “What if I want this one though? Ever thought about that?” Oh please even I knew I wasn’t Jaehyun’s type. Sure he’d taken a liking to me as friends. This marshmallow considered me his sister and nothing more. Taeyong chuckled as he pushed off the doorway and sauntered further into the kitchen. “Jaehyun everyone knows you aren’t interested in her in that way. Besides she’s more of my type anyway so shoo.” Taeyong’ eyes followed Jaehyun’s form until he disappeared through the doorway and then he sauntered to the fridge and dug around before pulling out a single punch of Capri-sun.

He spun on his heel and held it out to me with an eyebrow raised. I slowly took the drink from him with a quiet ‘thank you’ before he nodded and dug around some more, turning his back to me. Taeyong was dressed in a pair of black ripped jeans that outlined his legs perfectly. He matched a gray muscle tank, showing off his muscular, tanned arms and his messy black hair was covered by a SnapBack put on backwards. I admit he looked good. Hella good. And it was in that exact moment that he turned around, his own Capri-sun in his hand, to catch me staring at him.

A smirk crawled onto his lips and his tongue ran over his lips slowly. “We’re you checking me out?” Holy shit his voice was so husky and dare I say, sexy. I gulped slightly as I watched him sip at his drink before I scoffed. “Oh please in your dreams.” I snapped back watching as he raised an eyebrow and set his Capri-sun down and pushed off the wall and stalked closer to me. “You are in my dreams and this must be a dream because you most definitely checked me out.” He whispered his voice dropping an octave. “Admit it you think I’m hot y/n.” He whispered inches away from me, like a predator stalking his prey, aka me. I gulped before standing up straight meeting his dark brown irises. “You are just a player who has slept with half the girls on campus. You don’t seriously think that will roll with me do you?” I hissed. He cocked his head to the side, eyes darkening. He took another step forward, large palms resting on the cool surface of the counter trapping me between. “You think I’ve slept with all these girls? Baby you have no idea what I do or who I do, but I’d gladly do you.”~Nik
Something you need / Rick

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REQUEST: 17, 24 and 50 please :)  with Rick or Negan. Or surprise me :’) by @cozyjaws

A/N: Oh god, that was challenging xD I hope you like it, I allowed myself to take some freedom! I haven’t written for Rick before and I decided to skip Richonne, hope that’s okay :)

17. “Stop laughing and help me!”
24. “Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”
50. “I fucked up.”

Warning: Mentions of death, embarrassment, awkwardness, kissing

You had a mixture of anger and uncertainty in your guts when you entered Alexandria in your car. Ever since you needed to gather supplies for the saviors, the overall mood had sunken to an all time low. You were taking shifts whenever you could and so you just returned from another run. People would be mad at you for going alone but most of all your boyfriend Rick would be furious.
Gabriel greeted you at the gate. “Y/N, you’ve been out by yourself? Who should have gone with you? Are you alright?“, he asked and you brushed it off while exiting your vehicle.
“It’s really nothing, I wanted to go alone“, you answered. The look he shot you reminded you of your mom, when you didn’t come home before curfew as a teenager.
You opened the trunk and proudly presented him two dozens of canned beans. “I’ve been pretty successful nonetheless.“
He patted your shoulder. “Is everything alright between you and Rick?“
“Yeah sure!“, you said a bit too fast. You were a little insecure since you tried to call him via radio earlier. You thought everything was fine until he just didn’t answer.
You spotted him down the street, coming out of your shared house.
“Good luck“, Gabriel wished and you started going up to your man with large steps.
“Hey!“, Rick greeted you on the porch and pulled you in for a kiss. “Hey“, you replied and looked at him expectantly.
He furrowed his brows. “Who was with you on that run?“, he asked and you could already hear his angry tone.
“Nobody?“ It was more like a question because you had already told him earlier, when you called him.
He leaned back and shook his head. “Y/N, you can’t do this, not now.“
You knew everything was pretty messed up since you had to meet Negan and the saviors, but Rick seemed out of his mind. Didn’t he remember?
“Yeah ehm… are you mad at me?“, you asked and your boyfriend crossed his arms.
He sighed. “Please, don’t go out there alone. What if you had an accident or met the saviors?“
You mirrored him. “That’s what we have the radios for, remember?“
He went inside to not make everyone else hear your stupid argument and you followed him, closing the door behind you.
He brushed his hands over his face and through his hair. “What if they don’t work, you can’t rely on them!“
You were furious by now. “I can’t believe you’re turning your own fear into such a stupid lecture!“
Rick looked at you with his mouth open, he didn’t know what to respond. “Wh…what?“, he asked and slightly shook his head.
“I can’t believe you ignored me the whole day, just to make this clear!“, you exclaimed, ready to storm out and wait for him to get back to normal. Your rage died, when he said: “I didn’t ignore you, I didn’t get any call.“
You stared at him blankly. “B… but that’s your frequency!“, you stated and pulled a little piece of paper out of your pocket.
He came to stay close to you and grabbed the dirty snip. He chuckled. “No, it’s not. You must have copied it incorrectly.“
You exhaled and stared into nothing.
Rick cupped your face and kissed your cheek. “I’m still mad, but I’d never ignore you. I love you, Y/N!“ He hugged you but turned to look at your face, when you didn’t react. “You alright?“, he asked and you just shook your head, still in shock.
“I fucked up“, you said and were close to bursting out in tears. Rick didn’t say anything, he waited for you to speak.
“What if it was someone else’s frequency? I…I’ve said some things over the radio…“, you tried to explain.
Your boyfriend chuckled. “What things?“
You stared at him. “Like… inappropriate things.“
Rick couldn’t help himself but to bust out laughing. You haven’t seen him like that in a good amount of time and it made you happy to see tears of joy forming in his eyes but it happened at your expense. “W…what did you say?“, he asked through his flash of laughter, but all you could think of was how you needed to be sure.
“Goddamn, Rick! Where’s the stupid list?“, you slightly punched his arm.
“K…kitchen!“, he slowly recollected himself.
You ran through the door to your right and found it lying on the counter. You forcefully grabbed the snippet out of Rick’s hand, who followed you and leaned against the table.
The names were quickly found and you aligned the paper to compare the numbers. No, this couldn’t be. You drew a line with your finger between all of the numbers and Rick started to realize something was wrong.
“Please, what did you say?“, he repeated himself and you sunk together, hiding your face in your hands.
“I called someone else!“ You prepared yourself to be the number one idiot in Alexandria for the next weeks and you earned the immediate reaction from your significant other. Rick had a hard time to remain slightly serious. “Who?“, he asked between giggles.
You stood up again and faced him dead serious. “I just told Jesus how he wouldn’t see me in this nice underwear, if he didn’t stop ignoring me.“
That was it for Rick, he completely lost it. He held onto the table, otherwise he would have fallen over, laughing.
You stepped in front of him and looked at him with pleading eyes. “Stop laughing and help me!”
Some moments passed until he recollected himself enough to grab the radio from his belt. “Jesus… are you there?“, he said in between giggles.
You wrapped your hands around Ricks arm to not fall apart from embarrassment.
“Eh… yes, Rick. I’m here“, Jesus answered.
Rick pinched the bridge of his nose to contain himself. “Do I have to worry about you and Y/N?“
“Rick!“, you whispered and punched his arm again. He kissed your cheek.
“Ehm, it was kinda interesting… I might reconsider“, he replied and you could hear the amusement in his voice. Rick shut his eyes and muffled his laughter on your shoulder.
You took the radio. “Jesus, I’m so sorry. Please, can that stay between us?“
The cracking noise was supposedly him losing his shit as well. “Don’t worry, Y/N! But you owe me.“
“I can live with that“, you stated and placed the speaker on the table.
Suddenly, Rick pulled you into a tight hug. “I needed that!“
You hugged him back, inhaling is scent, which made you feel all good and safe again. “I love you“, you said and it was all forgiven. You would do anything for him and if you had to make a fool out of yourself, you gladly accepted that.
He pulled away and looked you directly in the eyes. “I love you too, Y/N!“
You swallowed. He still took you aback from time to time, you just couldn’t believe how lucky you were.
He smiled. “Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”
You chuckled and wasted no time to claim his lips.

Tea Mugs & Tear Stains

A little blurb to share with y’all while I work away at HALF. Sorry it’s taking me so long to write this update, I wanna get it perfect! In the meantime I hope you like the little blurbs I set out! Xo.

* * *

You weren’t always the best at staying calm. 

You were usually pretty good at it. You had a level head and could keep your stress under control ninety-nine percent of the time.

But every once in a while, things would pile up and spin out of control. Every once in a while things would become too much to bear even for you, and that’s when the one percent came out.

You were making yourself a cup of tea to try to calm your anxiety. You weren’t a frequent tea drinker, Harry was usually the one to drink it and often remind you of all the health benefits, but tonight you needed something to bring you back down and ground yourself. Harry had been at the studio all evening and you didn’t want to bother him with your problems if there wasn’t a solid solution to them.

You grabbed ahold of the handle of the mug and were about to walk over to the couch when your hand betrayed you, trembling suddenly and causing a significant amount of tea to fall onto your wrist. Hissing quietly at the sting, your first instinct was to release, which sent the glass mug to the floor with a loud shatter.

The rest of the hot beverage was now spilled across the floor and sprinkled with shards of the broken mug, and that was the tipping point. 

You felt your tears well up in your eyes as kneeled onto the ground to try to clean, but you were suddenly overcome by a wave of stress and settled for sitting down in the kitchen tile and hugging your knees to your chest, curling up as small as you possibly could.

You had a laundry list of things that had to be done in your head, not to mention everything that had gone wrong or unlike you’d planned. Work had been hell this week and you’d been trying to fix everything but the universe really just seemed to be against you. You’d overworked yourself so much that you hadn’t had time to unwind, especially with Harry recording so much lately and spending less time at home. He was often the one to remind you to eat or to take a few minutes to yourself, so without that reminder you’d often forget to eat breakfast or work until you fell asleep at your computer. It all added up to this moment: you, sitting on the kitchen floor, eyes puffy and red as your cried quietly, sitting beside the broken glass.

“Baby, I’m home!” 

The sound of his voice breathed air into you for the first time in what seemed like forever. You couldn’t see him from where you were in the house and it took you a few moments to build up your voice enough to reply, but you finally replied, voice trembling.

“I’m in the k-kitchen,” you called out softly, your arms and legs beginning to shake. You suddenly got cold, and you weren’t even sure that Harry had heard your reply. But you then heard him enter the room, and it took a minute until he found you, huddled up within yourself behind the island.

“(Y/N)!” He called out your name, his eyes widening with unabashed concern as he rushed to you and got down on the ground beside you. He was on his knees, his hands on your shoulders as you began to shake more violently, your teeth chattering at this point. You didn’t remember it being this cold in the room fifteen minutes ago. 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He tried to reach you again, his large palms caressing the length of your arms in an attempt to warm you up as he caught sight of the goosebumps on your skin.

“It’s so c-c-cold and I can’t stop c-crying and I don’t know why, I’m so sorry this is so stupid, I dropped and broke the mug, oh God, I’m so stupid I broke it I broke it I broke it,” you rambled quickly and almost incoherently, your voice coming out between short breaths and the tears still streaming steadily down your face.

You’d only ever had one panic attack before, and it was such a long time ago that you couldn’t even remember, but if you had to guess you’d say that this was another one. Your breathing was short and shallow and your frame didn’t stop shaking, no matter how hard you tried. Everything in your mind was piled up like a garbage dump, all the things that loomed above your head finally collapsing onto your shoulders.

“Oh, baby. Shhh, com’ere,” Harry cooed softly, and he situated himself behind you. He stretched his legs out on either side of your frame so you could lean against his chest, and he wrapped his arms tightly around you; one slipped firmly around your waist to hold you against him, and the instance your body was met with the warmth that radiated from his own, you immediately felt a bit more at peace. His other arm was wrapped around you across your chest, in a way that he could lay his palm flat over your chest where your heart resides.

“Breathe with me, love. You can do it, c’mon. Take all the time y’need,” he murmured against the shell of your ear in a tone so loving that you almost broke. Your own hands immediately grasped onto his that was resting atop of your heartbeat and you squeezed softly, your lids falling shut as you tilted your head back against his shoulder.

“Breathe in…breathe out…stay with me, my beautiful girl,” he guided you patiently, his voice never faltering in strength nor tenderness as he sat with you. You followed his instructions, matching your breathing to his words as best you could. His voice filled the room as he repeated himself over and over, and there was never a hint of impatience in his tone. There was only ever love and perhaps a little bit of worry here and there. 

Harry grounded you. He was the anchor that pulled you back together when everything fell apart. In every other aspect of your life you felt like you always had to be put together, because others depended on you. You didn’t often get anxious to this degree, and since you always looked like you had it together people just expected you to always be put together. But never Harry. He accepted you as you were, and he didn’t have any of those expectations. He was happy to just let you be and be there with you along the way.

About ten minutes later you were laying calmly in his arms with your eyes shut. You had finally stopped shivering, and you felt exhausted from all that crying. When the room was filled with nothing except for your quiet sniffles here and there, you heard his voice again. 

“How’re we doin’, princess?”

You exhaled a shaky sigh and gave his hand a squeeze, lifting it from your chest to your lips so that you could press soft kisses to each and every knuckle, including the ones that had been decorated with his signature rings. 

“Better…thank you, my love,” you whispered, your voice raspy from it all. You felt his lips pressing against the top of your head and staying there. You counted seven seconds until he pulled away and gave your frame a little squeeze.

“Mm, I’m glad…but you weren’t jus’ crying because of a broken dish, beautiful,” he prodded gently, settling his fingers beneath your chin to lift your features up so that he could get a good look at them. “Wha’s going on?”

You looked at his face for a long moment. You didn’t know what you would do without this man. This man, who despite being hard at work the entire day, dropped to his knees and held you for who knows how long. He had a knack for being there right when you needed him, and some days you could swear he was an actual angel.

“I’m…I’m just overwhelmed. I have so many things to do at work, and I’m so TIRED, I can’t remember when I got a good night’s rest…” you admitted, a bit shamefully. You didn’t want Harry to think that you couldn’t function without him, and you knew it was possible he’d feel a little but guilty that he wasn’t around as much this week.

He was silent for a few seconds, and you were about to speak again when you heard his voice.

“Why don’ we make a list, hm? You like lists, right? I see you writin’ them down all the time,” he offered as he began pressing soft kisses along the side of your neck and down your shoulder. You exhaled a happy little sigh. He was right—the first thing you always did when you were overwhelmed like this was to write down everything that was on your mind and tackle each thing one by one. It touched you that he’d payed attention enough to notice.

“That sounds like a good plan,” you said with a soft smile, the first one since you’d gotten home that day.

“Perfect. But you’re gettin’ a good couple hours o’ sleep first. No fightin’ me on it, either,” he threatened, his voice stern yet loving at the same time.

“But— ”

“No buts, (Y/N). You need your rest—I jus’ found you in pieces on the floor, for God’s sake. Not tha’ I mind holding you, but I’d rather do it without the tears,” he declared, nuzzling his nose softly against the smooth skin of your cheek. “Y’know it breaks m’heart to see you in pain…” 

You closed your eyes again and nodded, his words striking a chord with you. You knew it hurt Harry to see you in pain, maybe even more than it had hurt you.

“Alright,” you agreed.

He seemed content with your response, and gave you a final tight squeeze before unwinding himself from your frame.

“Off t’bed you go, then. I’ll get this all cleaned up,” he offered. You stood up off of the ground and turned to look at him. He had already picked himself up as well, and he looked down at you with such love and unshaken admiration that it was hard to not throw yourself at him and live in his arms the rest of your life.

“Are you coming, too?”

“Of course,” he reassured. Satisfied with his answer, you turned and headed towards the bedroom. 

About ten minutes later, when you had gotten yourself settled into bed in your (Harry’s) sweater and a pair of sweatpants, you heard him enter the room. You slowly opened your eyes and watched him as he peeled his shirt off of his torso and wiggled himself out of his jeans. You knew you were supposed to be sleeping, but you couldn’t without Harry’s warmth. So when you finally felt his body shift the mattress and his arms wind around you, you exhaled a soft sigh of relief. You heard him chuckle softly in response, his legs playfully intertwining with yours. 

“Better?” He mumbled, pressing you tight against his chest.

“Much,” you whispered, already half asleep. “I’m sorry I’m such a crying, panicky mess.”

He stayed quiet for a long time, and for a second you thought you’d said something wrong, until you felt his lips linger against the back of your shoulder, followed by a low whisper.

“If you’re gonna be a cryin’, panicky mess…well, I’ll be here t’hold you every time.”

Smut Headcanon Game

Inspired by this amazing A-Z headcanon game! I really loved making them the first time so I decided to make my own as well. Please send a boy and a letter and I’ll write the hc for it. Enjoy!

A: Affair (Describe an extra-marital affair)

B: Birthday (Describe birthday sex)

C: Compliments (Mid- and post-sex compliments)

D: Dry Humping (Describe a dry-humping scene)

E: Experimenting (Trying something new)

F: Firsts (First time having sex together)

G: Gentle (Describe gentle/loving mid-sex gestures)

H: Handsy (When they can’t keep their hands to themselves)

I: Initiator (Who initiates most of the time? How?)

J: Jealous (“Claiming” a partner)

K: Kitchen (Describe a sex scene in the kitchen)

L: Likes (What they like in the bedroom)

M: Morning (Describe morning sex)

N: Never (Things they would never try)

O: Orgasm (Describe coming–who comes first? What do they say? How does the other person know it’s approaching?)

P: Playlist (A playlist for getting down and dirty; will probably include a lap dance song, a song for making love, and a song that represents their sex life)

Q: Quiet (Reaction to a quiet partner)

R: Ruttish (Signs that they’re horny)

S: Safe Word (How often is the safe word used? Why?)

T: Teasing (Who’s the tease in the relationship? What do they do? How often?)

U: Undressing (Strip teasing a partner)

V: Videos (Sending NSFW videos to each other)

W: Wedding Night (Consummating the marriage)

X: XXX (What kind of porn does the person watch? How often?)

Y: Yawn (How they sleep post-sex)

Z: Zoo (Their animalistic qualities in the bedroom)