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Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

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Okay, hear me out for a bit, Midoriya wearing that virgin-killing sweater. *BOOM*

Was that sound of Katsuki’s hands letting off an explosion at the end there? ;)
Ochako put him up to it. It was a dare of some sorts– ‘if he couldn’t beat her at a karaoke battle, then he had to wear the sweater for the rest of the night!’

Ochako, Izuku, Iida, Todoroki, Denki,Ashido, and Tsuyu were all the ones who got together for that night of fun. They were all the judges
(And they may have rigged the results because they had a need  to see Izuku wearing that sweater.)

So there he was, in his room now, changing out of his comfy shorts and t-shirt to put on that embarrassing article of clothing.  A shy blush dusted over his cheeks as he slid it over his head. It was completely open in the back, his legs felt too exposed, and he was pretty sure that his ass was showing, despite his attempts to hide it.

God, he couldn’t wait to model it then get out of it.

As he left the room, he hurridly (pretty much ran)  back to Ochako’s room, where the karaoke was taking place. 
He slowly made his way in, hearing that Denki and Ashido were singing some duet from a Disney track.  Maybe he could go unnoticed for now.

But oh- he was wrong.  Very wrong. 

Todoroki noticed him first, and his dual colored eyes went wide. 
“Izuku.. wow.” Was all he said.

And Izuku felt he wanted to die at that point.  If a villain broke into their dorms right now that would be okay! Or would it?  He didn’t really want to die wearing the darn thing. How could he explain that to his mother?!
The freckled boy threw a hand over his face,  while the other stayed behind him in attempts to hide his behind from being exposed.
“D- don’t say anything..!”

“Yo! Midoriya! Looking hot!” Denki practically yelled over the microphone, which of course, caused everyone to look.

All eyes were on him now,  followed by 'oohs’ and 'aaahs’ and then… cell phones. 

Everyone except Iida tore their phones out to photograph that glorious moment of Izuku in that virgin killer sweater.

“N- no!  No pictures!!” He lifted a hand up in protest,  but his woes were drowned out by the loud music that still played and the laughter of his friends.

Ochako and the girls got a photo for laughs. Todoroki got a photo to keep for confidential reasons. He couldn’t admit how attractice and cute Izuku looked.

Denki made sure he got a photo from all angles.
“Work it Midoriya! C'mon! Show me that ass!” He woo’d out jokingly, but he had said it at the wrong time.
Because in that moment, the bedroom door swung open and there stood Katsuki and Eojirou beside him.

“Sorry we’re late– holy cow!” Eijirou called out,  then his reddened eyes widened at the site before them. Denki with a camera aimed right at Izuku’s ass. Izuku wearing some exposing sweater. The red head could already feel the anger fuming off of Katsuki, who stood in silence for a few moments to take everything in to account.

Katsuki’s hands clenched, then unclenched. Then proceeded to continue doing that. Izuku looked quickly, his blush growing darker.

“Hey, Denki.  The hell you takin pictures of my Deku for?” Katsuki growled, and a spark emitted from his palm.

“I-it was just for fun!  He was modeling it for–”

“Its too exposed!  Who the fuck put him up to this?! Who else’s got a damn picture?! Delete'em. Deku’s body and ass is mine,  and mine alone! ” The explosions started erupting in his palms then, as he charged his way into the room. Eijirou tried his best to coax his friend to relax, but it was no use.

The hang out was cut short, once Katsuki accidentally lit Ochako’s bed on fire, and everyone was headed back to their rooms.

Izuku was being personally escorted by Katsuki.

“Kacchan, you overreacted..” he muttered, holding the sweater up to cover as much as he could, despite how revealing it was.

“Like hell I did! Who the fuck made you put that on, and what the hell do they think they’re doin taking / pictures/?? They can’t see you like this. Its all /mine/.”

Izuku figured Katsuki had a point. Perhaps the joke went a bit too far.
“Hm.. we just thought it’d be fun,  but I understand.. I’m sorry Kacchan. ”

The blonde male pondered only for a moment before he shrugged it off, then smirked. 
“How 'bout you make it up to me and let me fuck you while you wear that sweater.” He leaned over and bit roughly at Izuku’s neck. “Because you look sexy as hell in it.” The last words were mumbled thanks to the fact that his mouth was still occupied by the others soft flesh.  Katsuki ’s hands made their way down to cup Izuku’s ass as they walked.

A dark blush formed on the freckled boy’s face, and he pushed his bedroom door open.

“…Okay, Kacchan. Then I’m all yours.”
The door shut behind them rather quickly  then, as they made their way into the room.