Exo is talented. They come from a big 3 company, but they’ve worked their asses off just like any other group. They deserve those awards just like any other group. So please, ik your fav didn’t win but dont say exo got it handed to them because they didnt. They made their own records and they broke their own records and it didnt happen over night. They’ve been through a lot of shit so there is no reason to antagonize their fans just bc they want to give them the awards they believe they deserve

I think Kai’s voice is really underrated. If you listen to him perform ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ he’s actually got a lovely voice, but I don’t think he has a lot of confidence when it comes to singing. It’s a shame because I think if he worked on his vocals more he could actually be a great singer, and he has a really unusual quality to his voice that would make him stand out.