The K'Miri

It’s well known that Tamora Pierce has based her fictional worlds off our world. It’s also known that she’s gone on the record before as to what countries and based off of what areas. It’s been brought to our attention that we (A & H) have conflicting headcanons about the countries in Tortall. So we’re bringing this discussion to you.

Throughout the day, we’ll be posting our headcanons about each of the Tortall-world countires. But we want to hear from you on your headcanon.

Tamora PIerce has said“they’re based partly on the Mongols in that they’re riders, partly on the Montagnard tribes of the central highlands of Vietnam, and a bit on the Maya at least in their facial bones. Their language is cobbled from the Montagnard. You may have some trouble tracking pictures of them down, but they come from similar aboriginal stock to the Laotian Hmong and Meo tribes and the Thai hill tribes.”

A views the K'Miri as Native Americans.

H would cast actors from Southern Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc). She also wants to know if it’s K'Mir or K'Miri and if it’s both, when do you use K'Mir and when K'Miri?