spacehelmetforacow  asked:

Are the non-K'mir people in Saren white? Specifically, do we have canon evidence that Thayet's father was white and not just a different non-white ethnicity than the K'mir? I'm not asking to be facetious or anything, it's just that I'm having trouble finding evidence one way or the other in the books or online and I wondered if y'all might be able to help.

You’re not being facetious at all! This is definitely the kind of thing we can help with.

There is absolutely no evidence (of the in-text sort) to go either way, because we never actually get a decent description of anybody Saren in SotL. We know that they are pale-skinned compared to the golden-brown of the K’mir, but that doesn’t mean much. Tammy said she pulled inspiration for Sarain from Cambodia and Vietnam, so there’s a strong argument for Sarain being non-white, but that’s word-of-god vs. textual evidence, so idk how much it’s worth. All we know about the non-K’mir Saren comes from Thayet’s features - Daine tells her she doesn’t “look” like she could be K’mir when she first meets her (although Daine’s experience with anyone K’mir up to this point is limited to Onua and Buri), so at the very least we know there are some strong visual differences between them and the rest of the people in Sarain.

Edit: Found some in-text evidence!