• riley starting high school:my whole world's changing. this is where i'm shaped and made, this is where i'm defined. these final moments are the true end of my childhood, and the beginning of something much greater. i need to change, i need to be ready. i've changed so much over the past two years, who knows what'll happen? mark this the end of an era, and the start of an age.
  • me starting high school:i guess i need to get more binders

@ Vancouver EXO-L’s: I hope all of you are happy with what you did. Not just at the concert but at the airport as well. The fact that EXO had to ask you guys 3 fucking times to take a step back in the pit is just sad. You put them and other fans in danger. Their first impression of the city must be horrible. 

To the other cities: Please be better behaved. We want them to come back don’t we?