This is it. This is the moment when I’m too overwhelmed to even say anything. Normally I would be screaming and shaking, but I’ve been reduced to silence. I’m just sitting here, at a loss for words. It’s all too much for me. I love Harry so much and I’m so incredibly proud of him. 


[eng subbed] 160926 Star Show 360 - EXO (yt)

I’m not against Kai in any way, but I feel like he’s a bit too overrated at times. I mean, he’s a good dancer, and I acknowledge that. But if I look at it closely, Lay is just as good. And to be honest, I prefer Lay’s dancing style better. Yes, Kai is a GREAT dancer, and he’s one of the best dancers in the industry, but I think people should also look at Lay and appreciate him because he’s just as talented and precious.