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anonymous asked:

So. Mod V. If the lords were maybe possible into roleplay what would they like mc to dress up as? Like the librarian fantasy, nurse outfit... give me a reason to kinkshame the lords pls

“give me a reason to kinkshame” i’M LAUGHAA;SFKDMAS;DF LMFAOOO

alright here’s the second half of lords–pictures included! the rest are under the cut ofc

consider this like. modern au or something. u know for maximum kinkshame capacity

  • Hideyoshi: Think sexy librarian or something. It’s all about the glasses and the pencil skirt–looking all professional and straight-laced, but then he gets to mess it all up. Disheveled shirt and misplaced glasses are choice and he’s a sucker for the black stockings to complete the look. 95% Kinkshame bc he probably actually would do it in a library.

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