Maggie Sawyer has lived through traumatic experiences all her life, she was outed, kicked out of her own home, she was told she doesn’t deserve to be happy, that she’s hard-headed, insensitive, obsessed with work, sociopathic. Despite all that, she came out stronger, she turned into a better person. She’s the human version of “be the person you needed when you were younger” and Alex brought out the best in her from the start, without even knowing it. Maggie met this girl and instantly grew fond of her, tried to protect her from bad experiences, lied about her own trauma not to scare her, because “i wanted it to be better for you.” Maggie was always the first in line to make sure Alex was happy, despite her knowing she didn’t deserve that happiness herself. It was with a “you deserve to have a real, full, happy life” and a “it’s called being happy, get used to it danvers” that Maggie made sure Alex knew exactly how much she deserved that happiness, because once again she only wanted the best for her. She didn’t want her to question it for even one second. And Alex knows, she knows how bad Maggie is damaged by her past, and she wants to show her that with her it’s different, with her is better, that those wounds can be healed, that she can be vulnerable with her, that she can trust her completely not to break her even more but to heal her instead. And Maggie is slowly letting her get past her walls, past the facade, and they make each other better, and they make each other whole, and they save each other daily.

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why you draw archie so fat? in cannon he has a fit muscular build and he is a guy who would care about his appearance so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

Is this forreal? Is this something a real person typed and decided to send????

Okay then

1) why you draw archie so fat? 

I should have stopped reading after this line. Why are you trying to policy the way others draw fanart of their faves when it’s not offensive in any way, for starters? Fat/overweight people are vastly underrepresented, and when they do exist in media, they’re used as comic reliefs. 

Is it really hurting you that I want to take one (1) character and re-imagine him as overweight while people around him still like him and consider him hot and he is also complex? If the answer is yes, please reconsider how you view fat people/fat representation.

2) in cannon he has a fit muscular build

In canon art he doesn’t have a nose or nostrils either, nor does practically everyone in the pokémon world. 

You can argue that’s a stylistic choice. fine. Then let me tell you about how drawing him with more chub is my stylistic choice because i like to represent many different body types and not stick to the same-ness build that many characters in this game are depicted with. I also draw maxie more skinny than how he look in offcial art, I also draw lillie taller and skinnier, too, but i don’t see you complaining about that.

Also….. fitness =/= how many muscles you can see on someone’s body??? Honestly it’s an old argument that has been disproved many times (to mind comes that one overwatch post dicussing zarya, but I can’t finid it so I’ll paraphrase the gist of it)

When people think of strong, fit people, usually the picture of bodybuilders with big shoulders-small waist and lean, defined muscles pop into mind. I’m talking about this body type:

when, 90% of the time, these people are bodybuilders with little to no practical/useable strength. They’re just for show. This, on the other hand:

is the body of someone who wrestles elder whale gods in their spare time. All these people are powerlifters/weightlifters. They don’t have a tiny waist or defined abs. They are thick, they have fat and muscles, they’re endomorph.

 The way I draw Archie is not that thick (after all, he is not a professional athlete but just a regular guy who works out), but he is in that zone. I try to consistently draw him with his good share of stomach fat (meaning little noticeable abs), thick thighs, and a broad waist. Is he fat? Maybe to your standards. It depends from person to person, and also depends to what extent “fat” is considered a slur/insult. Is he not in good shape? Hell no. 

3) and he is a guy who would care about his appearance

……..Implying that fat = doesn’t care about their appearance??? No. This is blatant fatphobia, and I won’t tolerate it because, well, I’m fat. I’m overweight, I have a big stomach, large tighs, arm flab…. and I’m so fed up with the idea that fat people need to be dolled up 24/7 or overperform feminity/masculinity (make-up, beards) for them to not be considered lazy or disgusting, specially when thin people wearing some old pyjama tee-shirt are worshipped as fashion deities to hell and back.

4) so you should respect that and stop drawing archie like that

He just gained a stomach roll and three new stretch marks after this comment :)

Now seriously, outright offering criticism to an artist without them asking to is, hm, how do you say it, rude as fuck. 

You don’t get to decide what I draw in my spare time, and how I draw it, since hey, I’m doing it for free as a hobby. 

I don’t have to cater to anyone else’s view but mine. I draw fanart for the fandom to see and to like/reblog if they want, and i do love the feedback and the positive comments, but ultimately, it’s me who I’m making happy by drawing my faves.

tldr; fuck off and don’t come into my inbox trying to impose your fatphobia on me and policy my art 

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What do you feel about the boys paired with either Yachi or Kiyoko? Like. Who out of the two and some headcanons maybe. Tbh I think UshiYachi is my rarestpair.

Sen: tfw roleplayers mess up your opinion of yachi. I still love her immensely but I can’t think of her without remembering some cunt lmao. 

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Honestly, I see this pairing working more but UshiYachi is also an equally awesome ship.

- Their relationship is basically just them being awkward with each other and other people being threatened by them. Their own struggles with socialising is worked upon though because they find it easier to relate to someone who knows the struggles of being placed on a pedestal and isolated.

- He’s very protective of her after learning about how nervous she can be around people. Her comfort is of the utmost priority and if someone were to even make her feel tense at all, he’ll be sure to call the person out on it straight away - though, most of the time the person doesn’t actually mean any harm and Ushijima just misread the situation.

- Ushijima always wants to show off in front of her, since so many guys have their eyes on her. Whether it be his cooking or showing off his little plants to her. Showing off doesn’t always come off in the form of his athleticism but rather his domesticity and calmness. He’s not a wild animal after all.


- Goshiki’s first attempts at flirting with her were just really cheesy pick up lines, the kind you’d search and find on the internet. Though, most of them really didn’t work because Yachi would just get too flustered upon hearing them and Goshiki thought that he’d said something that offended her.

- Goshiki is always begging to hug Yachi, though she isn’t always comfortable with it when they’re surrounded by others. However, when they’re alone, she’s just as affectionate as he is. Mostly, it’s her anxiety talking to her about how she’s not good enough for him but Goshiki makes sure that he can reassure her in anyway he can.

- Being on opposite teams doesn’t stop them from being a couple. When either one of their teams are playing, they’ll try to come to each others’ matches. While of course, Goshiki doesn’t need to come since Yachi isn’t actually playing, but it’s nice to spend time with her and bond over what brought them together in the first place.

I love powers going haywire. It shows that they aren’t a possession, but a part of you

Intense paranoia should make things go crazy

I wrote this stuff up for my storm warlock who has a lot of force of personality spells

He naturally hovers and doesn’t touch the ground, usually hovering with crossed legs or hugging his knees into his chest. Electricity sparks around him whenever he jitters, which is often. He has a distinct taste of metal in his mouth. He blinks and you can see blue light pouring out from behind his eyelids. His voice is shaky and his vocal cracks feel like knives against your soul