happy birthday to the light of my life, the most talented and beautiful vocalist i know. son seungwan may this day be so full of blessings for you and may you spend it with your loved ones doing the things you enjoy and eating to your heart’s content. i’m so happy to have watched you grown in the past 2 years and with each passing day you become more and more beautiful and my love for you has grown exponentially. may your heart never lose it’s 6 year old roots, may your beautiful smile never fade, and may your love and passion for music stay constant. happy birthday again love and may you have a wonderful 24th birthday!


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿  Happy Birthday Angel  ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

You are the most beautiful and kindest person to ever grace the earth and thank you so much for blessing us with your godly presence! Thank you for blessing us with your more than fantastic voice, thank you for loving us, thank you for everything and more!! May you always be happy and achieve all of your dreams!! #happywendyday 💖💖


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! We got to see many sides of you this past year, your smarts, your baking, your laughter, your tears. Thank you for being my precious baking angel whose heart is so big it’s ridiculous! You are so so considerate and funny and dorky it hurts me sometimes :/ I love you so so so much you have no idea; I would write paragraph after paragraph about why I love you but I have to stop before I get carried away~

 Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Son Seungwan, Red Velvet’s beautiful power vocalist and hamster! All I wish is for you to be healthy and happy, alongside your members always! (Because I am sure that is what you’d wish as well)



[170221] happy birthday, son seungwan!

wendy, you are so passionate and kind. you are caring and understanding and you take time out of your day to make sure other people are happy. you’re inspirational because of your heart warming personality and powerful vocals. it’s your birthday and the world would be different without you in it, so let’s celebrate the day that gave us such a special and talented human being. thank you for showing us how easy it is to be humble and friendly on a daily basis, no matter how well known you become. please continue to be yourself, but do not forget to focus on you every once in awhile. people will understand if you allow yourself to be selfish because you deserve to be selfish from time to time. take care of yourself because we appreciate and love you as much as you appreciate and love us.

have an amazing birthday, seungwan. you deserve it 100%.