Happy 25th Birthday Marc-Andre ter Stegen! 

Happy Birthday Sunshine🌞🌞

“[…] • Let’s talk about the ‘Remontada’ against PSG. Your play, recovering the ball in the opposition’s half and provoking a foul will be remembered forever. 

 It cannot be explained. It was something so unique.. At the end of the day, you play and dedicate yourself to football to be able to live things like that. It was very special. In that moment I didn’t think that things were going to go our way. Sometimes, trying is the most important. 

 • But what were you doing there?

 I don’t know (laughs)…Being up there does not fit my position. 

 • Did you ask to go up or did the coach tell you to? 

 The boss gestured at me like he was trying to tell me ‘go on now’ and Unzue was saying ‘no, no, no, no, stay, stay’ and I tried to not look at him.Later on Luis (Suárez) asked me ‘what are you doing here?’. I told myself ‘come on, there is only one minute left’, ‘you have to take advantage of these moments, they rarely happen’. […]

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berndleno1 it’s his birthday tomorrow and I’m giving something for him…and he gives me THIS! Got to give something special tomorrow…😘😜

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mterstegen1 I’m happy you like it. I wonder what will my present be and I can’t wait! 😜

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i hope neil is having a good soft birthday with his family and sharing lots of kisses with andrew and cuddles with the cats i hope hes so happy and taking care of himself and being taken care of i hope hes smiling into his hand bc hes so happy to be neil hes so happy to be alive and hes so glad he chose this life hes allowed to live and love and be loved