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(How I got the name.. well I just mixed their letters and that’s what seemed pleasing to me which is cool x3 ) 

Well this is what I came up with and I like to get creative with designs but not too crazy however I should of asked Golzy and Jakei first on the designs but seeing as their both busy and all so I just went ahead and made the design. @magnificentcandygalaxy

Don’t know what they’d think but the three fused.. 


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little-red-witchy-wolf  asked:

How do you think the UT/UF/US skelebros would react to hearing their S/O singing?


Sans is stealthy enough that you don’t realize he’s watching you until you turn around in the middle of your third song.  By now, you thought you were totally alone, so you were comfortable enough to incorporate some of your own dance moves into your singing, and you find that your skelebae is mirroring your dance behind you.  Your song gets cut off with a shriek, and he chuckles and winks.  

“ya'know, if you were trying to hit the high c’s, we could find a boat.”

Is he.. making some kind of joke?  You’re absolutely mortified.  He’s grinning like an idiot.  "c'mon, don’t stop now.  that was really making my soul sing.“  He keeps making jokes and puns about the situation, and you better believe he’s going to be copying your dance moves for the next week straight–or until you finally cave and sing for him again.  The next time you sing alone, you better look over your shoulder because he’ll be there.


He’s so excited to hear you sing that he whips out his phone and records some of it.  When you turn around, he’s got his gloves clasped to his face, and his eyes are shining.  He showers you with so many sincere compliments that you aren’t even as embarrassed as you thought you’d be over him finding out.  If there’s anything he specializes in, it’s bolstering confidence, and he doesn’t let up until you believe in your singing as much as he does.  

He doesn’t pressure you into singing, but he does spend days searching for the perfect duet song.  Casually, he mentions that he’s going to start singing one of the parts, and it would be amazing if he had someone to sing the other part.. and you know, if that person happened to be in the room and sitting next to him, well that would be even better!  WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.


Sans discovers you singing when he teleports into your house one night because hey, if you didn’t want him to randomly shortcut himself in, you shouldn’t have given him a key.  That’s a green light to practically live there now–but that’s an imagine for another time.  
He thinks your singing is lovely.. and there isn’t much that he finds beautiful in his world, to be honest.  He’s going to listen in the shadows for a while, and when you finally stop, he’s going to make his presence known by asking you to for an encore.  

If his sudden presence has startled you, he’s going to start laughing and teasing you, and there may be a fight about boundaries that makes him forget about the singing, but.. he’ll remember later and try to coax you into singing for him.  


Edgy may come across as crass on many occasions, but when he hears you singing.. he’s actually struck silent.  He watches you from the doorway, and his usual scowl starts to soften.  If you start to turn toward him, he hurries away, but from now on, he’s going to be trying to catch you singing.  He doesn’t want to admit to spying on you, so he doesn’t know how to bring it up.. because he really, really wants the chance to hear you sing again.  

One night, you’re going to be lying in bed with him, and he’s going to suddenly start to blush, his cheeks faintly glowing in the dark.  "I.. I’VE BEEN HAVING TROUBLE FALLING ALSEEP LATELY.. WHICH IS TROUBLING BECAUSE I CLEARLY DON’T HAVE TROUBLE WITH ANYTHING!  BUT, I WELL.. NEVERMIND.”

His blush gets brighter.  If you choose to drop it and sleep, he’ll never bring it up again and he’ll go to sleep kicking himself.  But, if you press him, Papyrus will mumble in an uncharacteristic soft tone of voice, “Would you.. sing me a lullaby?”

If you deny that magnificent bastard, then you clearly have no SOUL.  


Blueberry had no idea you could sing!  He’s so excited when he hears you that he burst into the room immediately, cutting you off in the middle of your song to shower you with compliments.  His eyelights are shaped like stars, and his bouncing in his excitement.  If you insist that you’re shy, he’s going to tell you that it’s NONSENSE!  YOU SHOULD SHARE YOU GIFT WITH THE WORLD!  DON’T EVER BE NERVOUS BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING!  Let’s face it; you’re going to end up singing to him, and it’s going to become a daily treat for him.  After a while, he even starts singing along, although he sings pretty off-key and way too loud.  


Stretch isn’t going to hide the fact that he was listening in on you singing.  The moment he walks into the room and sees you, he might pause to enjoy your voice, but the next thing you know, he’s going to have his arms around you, and you’re going to be pulled against his chest.  "heh, keep going.  i wanna hear the rest.“  He shuts down any of your insecurities with simple reassurances and little touches, like petting your head or resting his chin on your shoulder.  If you’re embarrassed still, he encourages you to sing facing away from him, and he’ll even try to hum the music for you.  

If you refuse to sing, however, he’ll just shrug it off and claim "it’s a shame you’re keeping that to yourself, honey.”


He straight-up kicks the door down in his haste to get to you when he hears you singing.  You’re startled, he’s startled–hell, if Papyrus is in the house, he even teleports up there, eyesocket flaring with magic and ready to brawl.  When the commotion calms down, Sans demands you sing for him.  You’re embarrassed?  WHAT?!  Why in Toriel’s name would you be embarrassed around him?!  He informs you matter-of-factly (and loudly, sheesh) that he finds your voice soothing and pretty, and he would very much like to hear more.  

Should you still refuse, he thinks you’re playing hard-to-get.  

He starts to blush and actually gets on his knees and begs you to sing for him.  


Papyrus doesn’t let on that he heard you until later on, when he casually starts calling you his songbird.  If you get embarrassed, he’ll just smirk and keep using the pet-name, adding that he overheard you and thought you had a lovely voice.  He’s going to casually mention that you should sing for him over the next few days, and he’ll try to find catchy songs that he knows you know the lyrics to in hopes that you’ll sing along.  Even if you don’t sing for him, he’s going to be humming the song you were originally singing under his breath until you either give in or his attention wanders to something else you do.  

Whether you sing for him again or not, Papyrus is going to start singing for you, in an effort to make you feel comfortable singing around him.  This is especially going to happen during the night.  More than once, he sings you to sleep.  And hey, he’s actually got a really relaxing voice.  


Altertale!Reapertale (AlterReap)
AR!Toriel and AR!Sans



a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 3

The Beginning - Chapter One

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* You felt your sins weighing on your neck.


Was listening on “Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars” Like a several times & this happened…

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“ Brah? Bein’ silent eh? That’s alright, I don’t mind bro~ “


Now while this doesn’t exactly look like a shipping pic, Error does like Fresh, but he just doesn’t want that 90′s crayon touching him. An OTP that I kind of ship, mainly because the duo would probably be hilarious together~


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Little bitty baby Yusebi? Anyone?

School began again today….needed some art to calm me down, didn’t feel like using my computer so have some crummy traditional art…..pencil crayons used to be my friend….