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i mainly focus on multiple neptunes (as in the usual neptune, purple heart, and the older nep from VII), nepgear, and blanc, but!

i’ve got…

plutia (i refuse to acknowledge Victory’s incarnation of iris heart, though), peashy, uzume, histoire, iffy, compa, b-sha, noire, uni, kei, k-sha, vert, ram, rom, and last (but not least) the ultradimension version of blanc-

Jill's comments on Brynn

In tonight episode of DM we hear Jill say, ‘why can’t Brynn have a brain?’ Oddly enough, today in class we had to do an essay about double speak. If you don’t know what doublespeak is, let me break it down to you and explain why I have a problem with Jill and her extensions little outburst tonight.

Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Their are four types of doublespeak but let’s focus on the one Jill used which is euphemism. People use euphemism to soften a statement so that their message does not sound harsh and unrelenting. So Jill saying, “Why can’t Brynn use her brain?” Is basically her calling Brynn stupid.

The reason Jill didn’t outright say stupid is to make what she said sound less harsh than what it actually was. So that people might think Ashlee was in the wrong instead of Jill. So we didn’t compare her to Abby. Honestly, what Jill said is right up on the list of Abby mocking Chloe’s eye, Maddie’s teeth, and Kalani’s weight and Kira mocking Ava’s appearance. What Jill did was blow something little out of proportion and use it as an excuse to call out Brynn.

I’ve stated multiple times that I don’t think any of the moms are jealous of any of the other girls even Jill. I think a lot of times they were frustrated with Abby’s treatment of certain kids over their own over their kids (like when Maddie forgot her solo and Abby seemed to be crying more about it then Maddie was or when Abby have Chloe the solo for nationals despite Chloe not winning the week before) and it sometimes resulted in them blowing up. But I sincerely believe Jill is jealous of Brynn because Brynn poses a threat to Kendall. Brynn’s not gonna replace Kendall but Abby will spend more time with her over Kendall.

Jill is desperate to have her daughter be Abby’s number two girl and Brynn being there makes it more difficult for Kendall to hold that position. And that angers Jill. She wants Kendall to be like Brynn dance wise and Kendall isn’t. That pisses Jill off. I tire of Jill’s shenanigans. She either on a rampage in cowboy hat or yelling at children. I’m gonna need Jill to have a tall glass of shut the fuck up.


Full group dance. My favorite group dance of all seasons.