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NCT Reaction(older members) - “You play with the lie shock detector(on a gather together with other NCT members) and they find out you are a pervert

Note: The anon did not specify which members she wanted the reaction for, so I choose the older members because I wanted to do it naughtily again (that’s how all this started and I can’t change it sorry :D) Have fun reading! xoxoxo

Taeil: He gets taken aback when you just answer you are not a pervert, but instead you get a literal shock which makes you scream out loud! “Oh gosh, I wish I could knew that earlier, cause you know…hm hmm” he clears his throat, realizing he’s been thinking out loud about the whole situation and his members stare at him instead of you, because he just assumed he liked perverted girls??

Hansol: He looks at you in disbelief “Eiiiii, I know these things can lie too!” but he still can’t get off his mind the fact you presumably might be an actual pervert. “So tell me more about it? Do you have any specific thing you’d like to try with me? I’m all ears and…body for you!” 

Johnny: Does this thing says the truth? Oh my god! Are you really a perv..girl?” He’s a bit surprised by the fact you answered confidently “no” but then you screamed like someone beat you when you got shocked. In a matter of distraction he approaches you and says “To tell you the truth, I am bit perv too…should I tell you more about it?” 

Taeyong:  “It’s okay girl, that thing only prickles a bit, you are not a pervert for sure!” but be prepared to be teased a lot later when he’ll throw you sexy glances and hints about it. He loves playing with your heart and make you embarrassed of this situation…

Yuta: No one can stop his laughing, the whole situation is just too funny. He thinks “When did a shy girl like her become pervert? This machine is lying for sure…” but then he remembers the well famous quote “Never judge a book by its cover!” and starts to visualize you in ways…you better not imagine!

Kun: He’s quick to react and change the truth into a lie “I heard her saying yes, guys, you misheard no! She’s obviously not a pervert…” While his plan succeeds in fooling his members, he won’t leave you rest assured “Looks like someone will have to give me an explanation later…and repay me for saving you out of this! You…know…how…” 

Doyoung: “Oh guys, why do you have to ask her this stupid question? It’s not like it’s true…” but well it looks like the lie detector proves it otherwise. He can’t defend you anymore, now he is troubled because everyone will joke about how “not innocent” you both are (he’s been talking often about 18+ movies too) - stop trying making it so obvious!

Ten: He gets worried because you just got exposed in front of his members…and who is going to be teased later it’s actually him, not you! He did well lying, how could you get caught like that? Now he wonders what kind of pervert you are, because he’s never seen that side of you before…but he’s eager to find it later!

Jaehyun: When you answer “no” at the question “Are you a pervert?” followed by out an “auch!” reaction, he immediately bites on his lip, murmuring: “I knew it!” His teasing won’t stop, when other members will get distracted with their own truth-time game, he’ll approach you and whisper ”I’d like to know more about your pervert mind. My place or your place? Guess it’ll have to be yours since mine is always pretty crowded!

WinWin: Deep inside he feels shy, because he found out for the first time in his life he’s been around a pervert girl, but he fakes it and says he did not understand what kind of question did you answer. He’s going to fool everyone, except you, because licking his lips every time he locks his gaze with yours is one clear sign - he understood everything about it!

Abnormal Summit [Promotion^^- Updated till Ep. 14]

It’s a korean talk show with foreign members who represent their countries and different guests who represent Korea every week^^

MC: Yoo Seyoon, Sung Sikyung, Jun Hyunmoo

Cast: Sam Okyere (Ghana), Enes Kaya (Turkey), Robin Deiana (France), James Hooper (GB), Alberto Mondi (Italy), Tyler Rasch (America), Zhang Yuan (China), Guillaume Patry (Canada), Terada Takuya (Japan), Julian Quintart (Belgium), Daniel Lindemann (Germany)

They actually talk about serious topics but in a so funny wayXD

in first few eps you could sense an uncomfortable mood because of the prejudices… It was so fascinating how fast they could get along so well^^

It’s a funny, smart, creative, sometimes serious Show based on real life experiences… So good… I just fall for it… Can’t stopXD

If I could persuade you, Watch it here!

Or here:

Episode 1 (Guest: Jang Dongmin)

Part 1 | Part 2

Episode 2 (Guest: Jang Sora & Lee Gukjoo)

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Episode 3 (Guest: Shin Haechul)

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Episode 4 (Guest: Soyou & Oh Nami)

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Episode 5 (Guest: Haha & Skull)

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Episode 6 (Guest: Jo Seho)

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Episode 7 (Guest: Hong Sukchun & Ahn Youngmi)

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Episode 8 (Guest: Rose Motel)

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Episode 9 (Guest: Kim Gura)

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Episode 10 (Guest: Sam Hammington)

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Episode 11 (Guest: John Park)

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Episode 12 (Guest: Jo Kwon)

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Episode 13 (Guest: Yoo Sang-Moo)

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