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Many of our wildlife rehabbers use knitted or crocheted nests for the very young wildlife. These nests act just like nests in the wild, to secure the young, allow them to snuggle together and to maintain body temperature. 

Please use yarns that are not too “snaggy”, double up your yarn and stitch in very tight stitches (so that tiny arms and legs can’t slip through). Colors do no matter! The babies do not care what their nests look like.

To begin, chain 3, join (with a slip stitch) to form ring. 
Round 1: Chain 2 (this counts as your first “stitch), work between 10 – 15 single crochets into th ring (depending on what thickness yarn you are using). Slip stitch the last single crochet to the top stitch in the chain 2 that started this round. 
Round 2: Chain 2. Single crochet into each of the next two stitches, then do 2 single crochet’s into the next stitch, single crochet into the next two stitches, then 2 single crochet’s in the the next stitch. And on and on around the circle. Slip stitch your last single crochet into the top of the chain 2 that started this round.
Round 3, 4, 5, 6, and on: Repeat Round 2 over and over, until your circle is at least 3” big. You can make your nest with a bottom as small as 3” big, up to maybe 6” big.

Once you have made the bottom of the nest from 3” to 6” big, from all rounds thereafter, crochet ONE single crochet into each stitch. You will see your “sides” begin to form. Crochet until the sides are about 2 – 3” high. Bind off and weave in loose ends.

On size 5 dpn’s cast on 54 stitches (dividing up into 18 sts/needle). Work in knit (stockingette is automatic on dpn’s) stitch for approximately 3 inches. Begin decreasing for the crown as follows:
Next row: *K 7, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 6, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 5, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Nest row: *K 4, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 3, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 2, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 1, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Clip of yarn leaving a tail of about 6 inches.
Using yarn needle, slide yarn needle under all stitches on needles, and draw tight to close up the end. Knot

Drop off or Mail to: 
If you would like a mailed acknowledgement, please include a note with your name, address and quantity of nests sent.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Thank you for your generosity.

Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program
Attn: Wildlife
3040 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

These instructions were written by our volunteer exclusively for the VBSPCA Wildlife Program.  

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