k this was the last

L̕e͟t҉ me̵ ̶s̢h̀ow̕ ̷them͟ h̶o͜w͞ ͞w̡eak ̶a̡n̵d p͝at̀h̵et̛ic ͝you ̧ar̀e̢… 

Another thing inspired by a tumblr post, this time, a short fic by @fear-is-nameless , enjoy!

“… D̀o̧n’͢t ͞yo̷u w̵an̸t ͡t̀o le͜t th̸e̶m̡ kn̵o͏w th̕is ̢i͝s͢ a͜ll̀ ̴t̕h̛eír̕ ͢fau͞lt͞?”

music tag game 🎵

tagged by: @oeruki​ and @krshima​ ; thank you guys so much~~

rules: spell out your url with songs and tag some people!

  • knock knock - twice
  • as if it’s your last - blackpink
  • imagination - spyair
  • jiyuu no tsubasa - linked horizon
  • ocean and atlantic - mayday parade
  • here we go again - paramore
  • signal - twice

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1. nickname: Vic, Tori, bluey, Bubbles, *insert every blonde tall video game or movie character ever and I have been called that*

2. gender: Femaalle

3. star sign: Aries

4. height: 5′9

5. time:  2:30pm

6. birthday: April 9th

7. favourite band(s) (not kpop): DNCE, or Panic at the Disco!

8. favourite solo artist: Dean, the Weeknd, Jay Park, Rich Brian

9. song stuck in my head: Iffy by Sik-k, Ph-1 and Jay Park

10. last movie watched: The Grand Budapest Hotel!

11. last show watched: White Collar (would recommend, holy mollllly)

12. when did i create my blog: umm, I think February 2014? I was LITTTLLE haha

13. what do i post: Bangtan, a few girl groups, and the occasional opinion whoops

14. last thing i googled: “easy vegan desserts pls help google”

15. do you have other blogs: @spaghettipoems is a messy spam blog that is all miine

16. do you get asks: in the season of kpop valentine yes, otherwise not frequently.

17. why did you choose your url: I wanted to make a pun off of baepsae and tae, but then that was taken, and hyyh is my favorite album/concert series so I just added that! (Also Freya was involved and there was so much screaming)

18. following: don’t publicize this, mainly for my own shame lmao

19. followers: i don’t publicize this! ;)

20. favourite colour(s): blue and white!

21. average hours of sleep: 6/7

22. lucky number: 64

23. instruments: piano, drums, and guitar (the last two to some extent)

24. what am i wearing: a huge t-shirt and shorts!

25. how many blankets i sleep with: ….4……..

26. dream job: Lawyer, or Pediatrician!

27. dream trip: either a loong hiking trip through European mountains, or a general trip through Italy and Greece!

28. favourite food: Quesadillias!

29. nationality: American

30. favourite song now: 즐겨 (enjoy) by Reddy ft Chancellor

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“I’m one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. And I just want you all to know that if you’re ever on the highway behind me, uh… I hear you honking, and I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing.”

I’m watching La La Land and it’s ok but it could be a lot better!

  • Ryan Gosling didn’t seem suited to the musical aspects of the role, maybe cast a different hearthrob with more experience in the genre, like Zac Efron
  • Emma Stone similarly didn’t seem to thrive with the singing and dancing, so maybe cast someone again with experience and heck why not someone with proven chemistry with zac efron.. maybe vanessa hudgens
  • Maybe if the male love interest was into something a little more relatable than Jazz? Like maybe basketball? 
  • Female character seemed a little flat, maybe if she was also incredibly gifted with math and science? 
  • Setting of LA wasn’t particularly relatable, maybe if it was set somewhere universal? Like High School? 
  • Just watch High School Musical